Coffee, Crime & Crafts Episode 19 – Fugate & Starkweather Crime Spree

This week we discuss the crime spree of Caril Ann Fugate and Charles Starkweather. Their spree across Nebraska into Wyoming took the lives of 11 people and ended with Caril Ann being the youngest female in the US to be given a life sentence for murder and Charles Starkweather being executed.

This week’s craft is knitting. I am working on a second Jessica Fletcher Sweater for my sister.

Some notable sources for this episode:
*the Lincoln Star newspaper (1959)
*the Washington Post

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6 Responses

  1. Ruth Beickert says:

    Love the video. I do enjoy these stories. Love the sweater and hope to see you and your sister wearing them. Happy knitting and stitching.

  2. Peg Page says:

    Thank you for your coverage of this crime – very interesting. For some reason YT is not letting me know why you upload any videos- so frustrating as your videos are one of my favorites. Have a good week.

  3. Minnie Gray - All XXs says:

    I think with all of the craziness happening now she would have been given the same sentence that he got by being charged as an adult ,even at 14. It amazes me sometimes, the cruelties humans commit each other.

  4. Elizabeth Pierre says:

    I love the sweater.

    I wonder what motivated these two, and find the age and gender aspect makes the whole thing more horrid. At 14 I was still playing tag, dodge ball, red rover with my friends. If he was so desperately in need of credit for a toy, what did they survive on through their spree?

    Thank you for another great episode.

  5. Brenda Migl says:


  6. Sharon Frampton says:

    Great coverage of this story Pam. Thank you.

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