CM Punk Shoots On WWE's "Boring Formula" Creative | WWE Says NO To Del Rio | Pro Wrestling News

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Time Stamps:
00:00 Show Starts
02:07 WWE On Del Rio: NOPE
03:59 AEW Battle of the Belts
06:07 CM Punk Shoots On WWE Creative
18:17 AEW & Smackdown Ratings
19:30 WWE Raw Preview
20:32 Friendo Mailbag


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25 Responses

  1. Jon Adams says:

    Steve and Larson both seem like they got some extra juice lol

  2. Fiend$layer24 says:

    that fkn painting xD lmaooooo

  3. steve2275 says:

    thanks gents

  4. RockEye Punk Covers says:

    The painting is great, but it should have been Lex Luger.

  5. REZ LIFE Enterainment says:

    Skankfest weekend

  6. Joshua Ralston says:

    Idea for Bobby Roode: break up the dirty dogs. Rename him “Bobby Breaker”. Team him up with Bron Breaker in new tag team “The Breaker Brothers”. I can literally be a WWE writer.

  7. ProjectCMR says:

    At this point the only way I see anyway of salvaging Bobby Roode is a Beer Money reunion. It doesn’t necessarily need to be in WWE, but I personally would love to see them tagging against teams in WWE or AEW. He had a great legacy with his top champion runs in TNA and NXT, ending things as one of the greatest tag teams really seems like a fitting finale for both Roode and Storm

  8. skiwlkr says:

    Of course the guy at the rival promotion will call said other promotions creative boring not news tbh guys

  9. Scott Shaffer says:

    This aew could be champion vs champion, aew vs impact, world champion, tag team, women's, and tnt champion vs x -division champion

  10. Danny Alves says:

    One thing I noticed for AEW is that, let's say there's a run in, they'll play the entrance theme from the BEGINNING. Judas take a good minute before it drops and same with Darby.
    Imagine Balor running out but it had the heartbeat and the gasp thing while he was running down the ramp.
    Just so odd lol

  11. Joe Momma says:

    Battle of the Belts is a NWA ppv from the 80’s, where champions from different NWA promotions would face each other. There was 3 of them

  12. Manuel Ramirez says:

    Title Titans

  13. Scoot Bonds says:

    Bobby roode would need an authority like HHH or Seth Rollins heavyweight championship run, which wouldn't work now, bcuz roman reigns is using it at the moment!

  14. roshand matabick says:

    I said it first. Punk will take away that FOX deal from WWE. This will kill vince.

  15. Justin Thomas says:

    He's literally been doing the same thing for months tho

  16. Scoot Bonds says:

    28:08, I was just about to comment that!

  17. Jason Jimerson says:

    That painting of you guys with Sid is amazing!

  18. Scoot Bonds says:

    Honestly, I'd be more worried that my wife had Steve's portrait in the bedroom! Why waste time with sid, when I'd be more worried with the real skyscraper known as Steve Here!

  19. destronia123 says:

    Isn't Jimmy Del Rio dead?

  20. Travis LA says:

    AEW presents Hussle for the Tussle Championship

  21. Deep Voice Dude says:

    If CM Punk came to WWE instead of AEW, would Punk be the betting favorite to win the 2022 Royal Rumble?

  22. Deep Voice Dude says:

    I wonder if CM Punk is gonna come back to WWE to get a Hall of Fame Induction.

  23. mandana ebiram90 says:

    AEW 4 LIFE

  24. TheSpektrum says:

    so early, it's only in 360p!
    also Punk has WWE there. Punk is relearning how to wrestle, Goldberg never learned the first time so he just gets a No Holds Barred Falls Count Anywhere so he just has to do finishers and spots.

  25. TDOT BEAST MODE says:


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