Civil rights attorney speaks after 19-year-old dies after fight in Harris County Jail

Civil rights attorney Randall Kallinen and the family of a 19-year-old man with special needs who was recently killed in the Harris County Jail cried out for justice Wednesday at a press conference held on the steps of the facility.


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  1. Kristina Lozano says:

    Omg poor baby. Yes they've been abusing the disabled people they mistreat them so much. It's the saddest thing in the entire world to go to the infirmary in harris county jail.

  2. K. Rich says:

    Way to go lawyer!!! He's breaking it down for the ppl. He has a case, u have to classify ppl correctly and not leave vulnerable ppl in with violent aggressive convicted offenders. Harris County has the money. As having worked in the cj system I know depts will not proactively spend money unless they have to or until made to. Hire more ppl, give the workers a raise and implement better safety measures. It's not that hard

  3. James St. Patrick says:

    Where were the other inmates? Why did the other inmates just allow this to happen? You cannot just put this off on the detention officers. I am praying for this young man and I pray that he pulls through.

  4. Walter Berger says:

    Don’t commit a crime don’t go to jail parents should of taught him better he wanted to play crook and got knocked out so what

  5. exwilliams100 says:

    if Fred was so kind, sweet, and loving, why did the cops arrest him?

  6. V S says:

    That young man should’ve never been sent to that jail in the first place. His court appointed lawyer, did a terrible job on his behalf. This is just a Sad Sad Sad situation.

  7. florida island says:

    Democrat Mayor administration in Houston is corrupt as hell.

  8. Gloria Bocanegra says:

    Bring peace to this family $$$$$

  9. Hxxti says:

    I knew fred he was a great man when i was in elementary he used to come visit us

  10. Bruce Smith says:

    How come the lawyer can make accusations but the police can’t

  11. Eric Lovell says:

    Iam always with you bro, call me when u need me, Praying fo u always,in Lord Jesus name, your bro, Eric Lovell,. Boody Love

  12. Dee Howard says:

    Harris County jail = Institutional Dysfunction: some of the jailers are just as bad as the inmates. Common knowledge.

  13. Patty's Hobby World says:

    Sadly ot was set up like this so they could once again kill a black man

  14. Nidia Luccioni says:

    Law And Order Enforcement To Obey Our Laws To Serve And Protect Our Country Our Communities Our Cities Our Streets Our Citizens

  15. Samon Mich says:

    I can’t believe they would be stupid enough to put him in with a psycho! The woman who had been taking care of him earlier this year said he’d been living on the streets since May. we need more help for disabled!

  16. 1 2 says:

    Fred was ARRESTED FOR AGGRAVATED ASSAULT WITH A DEADLY WEAPON… do you feel for the victim he assaulted? He shouldn’t have attacked someone, this he wouldn’t have been arrested & thrown in jail, PERIOD.

  17. Brown Sugar says:


  18. The Quintessential says:

    This scream racial discrimination. White prisoner attacking a black vulnerable inmate who was special needs who didn’t deserve to be in jail

  19. Gr8fulnomad says:

    Defund the Houston police already! Everyday there's some messed up case that comes out whether it's them racial profiling, mistreating and killing the vulnerable residents, failing to investigate the smell of a child's corpse, one of your own being arrested for sexual assault on a minor and giving him paid leave. It's obvious y'all need to be investigated, retrained, and/or replaced by professionals educated to handle your special needs residents. You can't even handle the basic aspect of your job to serve and PROTECT. Not saying you do not have a difficult job, because you do. So why not get help?
    As a mom to a young son, my heart goes out to these and all parents of black sons, especially those with special needs. They are treated like criminals before they open their mouths. The constant worry the parents have to just let their child step out of their home and in some cases in the home. Black Lives Matter, people!

  20. Barbara Walsh says:

    This is something that should anger every law-abiding adult in the community. I have personally organized, and been involved in protests many times against the ineptness of the police. Sheriff Ed Gonzalez has done his job impeccably well, numerous times when dangerous criminals needed to be brought to heel. This young man was NOT one of those types of individuals. He needed to be protected from those individuals- he was not just an ordinary inmate in the jail. It is my hope Sheriff Gonzalez does a thorough investigation of this matter, as it doesn't really matter how understaffed the jail is. Precautions should have been taken for this very vulnerable young man, that obviously was not. If there is a responsibility on the dept's head, I hope those involved are dealt with.

  21. Anita Robinson says:

    I am so sorry for this mother and her family. I have a special need son too. How could this happen shame on all those involve they will be judge if not on this earth there is a Higher Power. They hearts was cold and black and these type of people do not need to work with any human being or animals

  22. Gacha Sis says:

    Why did the mother put her disabled son in a group home!!! She was his protector! Those group homes are just as bad a prison!

  23. Le F says:

    It is sad that problems we've dealt with years ago we are dealing with today! Talking about doing something is doing nothing!

  24. Pat Andersen says:

    R.I.P. innocent Angel, it's a shame how incompetent cold and, uncaring the police and the system is, they DID NOT provide the special care and protection this young man deserved The money will not bring that womans' child back no matter how much they will pay her. My condolences to the family.

  25. DebbieCake Dummy says:

    Who is taking theses dudes seriously? You need to show up every time, not just some times

  26. Don't Care says:

    What was yr son doing with a Knife threating people in a rest home?

  27. Rocquel Jackson says:

    He shouldn't not have been there so sorry for your loss

  28. Xanthe Bullock says:


  29. Monique Broadus says:

    Bloody thirsty police department

  30. Monique Broadus says:

    Video parents need to see wickedness System

  31. Kenny Wayne says:

    They dont care! Fire the booking people! 19 wow wtf

  32. Monique Broadus says:

    Racist System keep killing Blacks Enough is Enough is Enough its Time is Now

  33. Keeana Rainey says:

    Because of his special needs alone he should of never been in jail. My heart goes out to his mom and family. The laws are very very flawed when it comes to people with special needs. Once their adults the law pretends all of their disabilities go away. They ignore what their family members say. They just want a body in jail to feed this corrupt system. How many companies benefit from people going to jail? You'd be surprised. The mom was lucky the police even talked to her. But as you can see what ever she said went in one ear and out the other. This mother is going to have nightmares about her son and all he went threw. I pray she makes it threw this.

  34. Urban Interpreter247 says:

    They knew what they were doing when they put him in the cell with him. No doubt in my mind!

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