Citron Research Exposes Ubiquiti Networks???

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Citron Research Exposes Ubiquiti Networks???

I have some thoughts to share on this so I made a video. Citron Research has made the claim that Ubiquiti Networks finances are completely fraudulent to which I can not speak much to because I am not a finance or stock expert, but what he gets really wrong is the lack of understanding of just how passionate the tech community is about the products we use.

Links referenced in the video

Report from Citron

Ubiquiti Forums

Ubiquiti Forum Discussion about this topic

Cisco Meraki Pricing


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45 Responses

  1. Jeffrey Ruppert says:

    If we like a product we like it Look at apple they are pooping on ther customers and have every sense tim cook took over but the prodct went form the best to junk broken keyboards after a week and people still like them. Ubiquity is something that makes stuff that is made better and workes better. Cutting edge tecknology too.

  2. Techguy says:

    I love how straight forward ubiquity is, you buy the hardware and plug it in and it just works. There aren't any licensing fees or subscriptions to worry about and their equipment is priced fairly.

  3. Christopher Siler says:

    21,000 given to ubnt this month alone. Fu citron!!!!!!!!-

    I got the sauce!!!!

  4. Ghost Dog says:

    I'm a proud Ubiquiti evangelist. Don't try pissing on me and tell me it is raining.

  5. Ghost Dog says:

    This dumb guy is trying to blow smoke up people asses. This guy is full of shit and he really needs to shut up and take a seat. I've been using Ubiquiti products for my home and clients for many years. I never had any issues with them.

  6. Jeremiah Putnam says:

    Ubiquiti customer for life here!

  7. Dan Woods says:

    This Citron Guy reminds me of the “Analysts” that say ‘Apple is Doomed!’,
    He makes his money by shorting stock of companies he is reviewing, if anyone is committing Fraud, I don’t think is is Ubiquiti…

  8. MIT 151392 says:

    Loyal evangelist my anus

  9. RJ Cuthbertson says:

    When you can buy a tangible product with functionality comparable to products 5x times the cost… how is this fraudulent?

  10. Ryan White says:

    Instead of slating Meraki, you could use Aironet rather than "Unifi".

  11. Matt Molloy says:

    These guys come up with these stories and try to get companies like Ubiquiti to pay them off "hush-money" all the time. Citron Research is no different. Just trying to create FUD to drive stock prices down. I read his entire article and it is cleverly crafted to never actually say anything one way or the other. All or most of the things he points out as negatives are actually positives and shows that he does not understand tech and how people in the tech industry think and act. These guys cast a very wide net and make all sorts of claims about lots of companies. That way when one turns out to coincidentally be even close to accurate, they can say "I told you so" and get some semblance of legitimacy…. and charge more….

  12. Amit Budhraja says:

    I agree completely on the licensing front. CISCO and other old school companies like to suck our blood on an annual basis but then Ubiquiti doesn’t offer much in the UTM arena. It will be interesting to know their licensing model whenever they are capable of delivering a UTM…

  13. Master Chief 00117 says:

    Well I do know Economics. The guy must have got his off the back of a cereal box! As I been making trend line charts. Using the Ubiquiti app. To see where they are deployed. Damn near every McDonald, Taco Bell, etc.. Small fast food chain uses them. They also been popping up in huge numbers in homes. SmallMedium business As people learn about them. Lets not forget rural deployment. As they really taken over that market. As they can span 40 miles at the 25ghz range! At speeds that make fiber look old school!

  14. Kirk Eby says:

    I'm watching this video over wifi provided by a unifi AC pro. But no. They don't make real devices. Lol.

  15. Jonathan Pompies says:

    A similar fake called Viceroy Research pulled a similar scam on a bank here in South Africa this week…

  16. Joe says:

    This guy sounds like the guy who made a channel specifically to attack Purple Mattress. He ended up working for their main competitor 😛

    Maybe this guy is Cisco? Lol

  17. M Lester says:

    How does Ubiquiti generate over 30% profit margins vs. less than 10% among the industry they operate in???

  18. M Lester says:

    You people understand Left is not attacking the product this company makes? He's correctly pointing out its a commodity business with low profit margins. But somehow Ubiquiti manages to generate 30% operating margins before tax whereas as Netgear is less than 10% along with everyone else in the industry. Not to mention they are one of few publicly traded companies that does not have a CFO. Their product is the same as Netgear or Cisco but they are lying about their accounting.

  19. Sean Walker says:

    Left is a corporate hit man

  20. Sean Walker says:

    is he paid by Cisco??

  21. Alex Teha Bagheri says:

    If you bought Ubiquiti after the citron report, you are up almost 50%

  22. Aaron Crawford says:

    Dude is getting paid under the table by Cisco. Maybe Ubiquiti scares the pants of Cisco.

  23. Jason Blade says:

    I <3 my Ubiquiti home network. I'm satisfied with everything from router, poe switch and ap

  24. Ron Laws says:

    I got a Unifi AP on recommendation over the cr** fest consumer grade wifi AP I had before, and it's performance is flawless? I don't see what's fraudulent here lol It is what it is and I got it because it works well, if that wasn't the case then i'd not swear by it, simple as that. – Also yes, the Miraki business model sucks. You can run the Ubiquity Managment Software on a Raspberry Pi just fine if you're willing to tinker with the Java install" (it does work on the bundled java too but it's a bit slow due to the lack of hfp)

  25. Primary Ignition says:

    This Citron guy is shady. The physical security industry buys the crap out of this stuff and unhappy customers are rare…

  26. Audio Video Connection says:

    I am using Ubiquiti AP for last 5 years. They are absolutely amazing. Citron Research must to be paid by Netgear.

  27. jgould30 says:

    Love ubiquiti gear and constantly praise the products/price. Great people that support their product with new features and fixes all the time. And as someone that does deals with this stuff every day of my life, yes I do get very enthusiastic about networking equipment. Sounds like this person doesn't know or respect what the means to even the daily life of a normal person thus his stupid telsa comment. This guy sounds like someone who shorts stocks or something. Pathetic

  28. Gabriel Rodriguez says:

    Ubiquiti Evangelist here. Couple points Latvia is killing in the tech space, clearly this guy knows nothing of what's coming from there, take MikroTik which has become a player out of nowhere, Ubiquiti and MicrokTik are killing the other Wireless competitors. Also yes the Ubiquiti gear is awesome. I threw out a free Cisco Meraki Access Point in favor of deploying Ubiquiti in my Home Wifi.

  29. Hertizch says:

    Netgear hired him

  30. wakes inc says:

    Didn't Ubiquiti wire $40 million to someone posing as an employee? Seriously, how can you trust a firm which just sends out wires without confirming the details. Good products, terrible company.

  31. Mum Blic says:

    This guy has published two videos on his channel. I don't think he deserves the attention you are giving him. 😉

  32. WeirdScienceX says:

    "What are you nuts" I think that about sums up this guy

  33. J J says:

    Some misinformation about Meraki in this video. I deploy both Ubnt and Meraki so I can speak to both. Will elaborate if any interest. Not trying to be inflammatory; I generally like the content you guys put out so please keep up the good work!

  34. Greg Thomson says:

    Citron Research is a short seller. If the stock price didn't go down then he wouldn't make any money. Left uses his very public blog to influence market opinion. The lower the price goes the more money he makes. It's a pretty despicable practice but legal for some reason.

  35. LukeBares says:

    I did some research after buying their stuff.. It seemed to me to be the best system for that price.. And when I talked to other people, all people (that were actually using their devices!) were quite happy with them. So I brought them. 
    Honestly: They work just perfect! I added a Cloud Key and a USG to the setup and I am still more than happy with it! Absolutely reliable. 

    Why shouldn't I tell other people about this?
    I also recommend software I use, or a phone, or some tools I brought, even clothing shops. So for me this is quite natural behaviour.

  36. Alex says:

    Not traditional company structure? IMHO, that will be why they’re successful and not gouging customers on licenses or overpriced hardware!

  37. Neil Greene says:

    How did the Apple evangelist test pass his review?

  38. Philip Dijkstra says:

    After many accespoints and signboosters i replaced all that garbage with one ubiquity LR-AP and i never had wifi problems again and my wifi range has never been so great. Hell yes i am a Ubiquiti evangelist, i tell everyone that wants to hear it: buy Ubiquity if you have wifi trouble.

  39. Green Neptune says:

    Been using ERL and replaced it with ER-X and was happy with both in my simple home setup.

    BTW, love your Suricata setup/config video!

  40. bleeieve says:

    Thank you for making this video. I was going to reach out and ask you to make it, but then there it was. Boom.

  41. vgamesx1 says:

    I mean seems clear to me that he disabled comments because he wants to dish it but he can't take it and/or doesn't want people refuting what he's saying to make him look bad.

  42. roozbeh18 says:

    I have installed UBNT on many sites. never had an issue. umm.. The guy is full of air because UBNT doesnt fit his model.

  43. Skye Renard says:

    One thing you missed is the software on ubiquity is open source. Being open, someone else can take over the software and keep it patched too. Also I never trust videos where comments are disabled. Makes the whole statement of the video sound shady and that the person doesn't trust the statement they make to be strong enough. Just makes it all seem weak and untrustworthy. If it's factually correct, wouldn't having comments open be a way to show that others see it too? Wouldn't it be stronger if comments were open and people don't agree can be given something firm as a rebuttal?

  44. archades says:

    Who knows. Maybe he did it to drive the stock price down so he could buy some

  45. rotaryconvert says:

    You hit the nail on the head Lawrence … we are loyal evangelists. I install their gear all over, love it and constantly talk it up to my colleagues / competitors.

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