Cisco Ramon DIES IMAGE? Nora BIG Mistake Could Cause This? – The Flash Season 5

Within This Video I’ll Be Covering The Following
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►Cisco DIES Revealed! MAJOR Death ALREADY CONFIRMED! The Flash Season 5
►The Flash Season 5

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30 Responses

  1. barry allen says:

    Reverb causes this Not NORA

  2. barry allen says:

    Nora why did you even think your big mistake will lead to this RF did this before

  3. barry allen says:

    Make Ralph tell barry to read the book getting scared something dark could happen to make him die that way all nighter read it and weap if you have too Ralphie got u

  4. barry allen says:

    Wells : your part of the multiverse Cisco found out he is a meta and a villain on earth 2

  5. barry allen says:

    if Barry turns to a villain and become vengeful and Evil then yes he battles kf this way thats why his hands are still bleeding

  6. barry allen says:

    yes we want Reverb

  7. DS2 says:

    Thats just rehashing lase season. Barry saves a Bus meta.. bus meta gets their brain eaten by the Thinker…repeat plot for 6 episodes

  8. Aminata Sillah says:

    Joes gonna die

  9. Sarah G says:

    Hope Cisco don't die

  10. Solo Mac says:

    Nobody wants to just see the flash iris and joe Cisco is the 1 who creates all that cool tech plus his powers are dope as hell so i don't agree with this guy

  11. Vinh Bảo says:

    Joe is gonna die. I don't see his actor in any recent Flash team interview.

  12. passion maximoff says:

    I kind hope it is Cisco because he been on the team since day one and the beginning of flash season 4 the team was out with Barry and catlin so it will be cool to see how team flash do without him and I believe 100 that a character needs to die

  13. Carlos Perdomo says:

    Could you like not put that in the title? i literally scroll down my recommendation and i see that cisco dies. like seriously bro wtf, why ruin the show for me

  14. Paul Thomas says:

    These other characters in the flash. Are very crucial to Barry's story arch, as far as cicada is concerned, he won't last the entire season as the thinker did! He will be replaced with a new threat half way thru the season with another enemy to close out season 5

  15. DLD Daruto says:

    If Cisco dies I’m punching a screen

  16. Augusta Tufts says:

    Cisco has died once on Earth 1 and evil Cisco on Earth 2 and he came back. What if Catlin's mom is killed over something dealing with her father.

  17. Paul Thomas says:

    Season 5 needs to show Barry creating Gideon, I have no problem with the other characters having screen time everyone plays a part in the show! Not just one character? killer Frost will return in season 5 This new villain will only last maybe 5 or 6 episodes, he will not last the whole season. Another. Villian will come to finish out season 5


    Guys dont freak out it could be like a news or an article of cisco saving the city or someone or giving Vibe an award


  19. Patrick Gaming says:

    Fk you for wanting one of the main characters to die

  20. Logan Byrne says:

    If you saying this about side characters, why was Smallville such a massive hit to get 10 seasons. Cause it not only included the Main character, but those of whom were his "team" mainly because with out the others, he is a shell. Look at Arrow seasons 1 and 2, Oliver was recluse and alone, just a vigilante. Get a team, flesh them out and you have a story worth watching for the past 7 years. Same with the others. Each is making a place for a future JL. And who do they all come back to, Team Flash. And picking Sighn is useless. He already died before Flashpoint, by the Weather Wizard. What about bringing Patty back cause he saved her from King Shark. Be nice to see how she treats Barry after the wedding, comes back to be a mark on Cicada.

  21. Drebin says:

    No I like the other characters

  22. Kris Smith says:

    Barry killed his brother with time travel and now nora kills him them dam Allens.

  23. DisJugo says:

    cisco keeps on dying

  24. Bessie Scott says:

    Thank you it is called the Flash, we need to see Iris and Barry and see Barry being a hero without anyone's help. He is the FLASH, does he always need a team to get victory, makes no sense. Let Barry Allen be The Flash and win on his own/

  25. Chris Falcon says:

    Damn Stu. You really earned the WAR in your name with your crusade against The Flash. I agree with the majority of your thoughts on this. That's the sad part for me. I'm a Fanboy of this show. And I went to prison for a few months. Then everything went to shit in the Flashverse. PSA: Kids, don't grow pot. It will land you in jail. Even though it's the mostitrary illegal substance ever!

  26. Hankins_05 says:

    They might kill the next Harrison Wells

  27. Lara E says:

    Some theory that every week or two that we will deal mistake from the future death that was suppose not happen. I believe this season of Flash is were we correct some items like newspaper might go away where Flash disappear and we losing main characters like Cisco and Joe an may be even Cecilla or possible

  28. Shaw says:

    I did not create this

    Savitar: I am The FUTURE FLASH

    Reverse Flash: So Your Barry from the new timeline

    Savitar: YES

    Reverse flash: THEN IM REVERSE SAVITAR

    Savitar: ……

  29. Jassy Jones says:

    If the show didn't have other characters then it would get boring

  30. Warstu says:

    What Could The Image Mean? Hey WarHedz Who Could Die This Season?
    Like Always Comment Below Guys Peace

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