Chris Rock: Who Wants To Change Places? | HBO

Chris Rock wants to know who the angriest race is.

#HBO #Classic

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29 Responses

  1. Highlesshippie says:

    Talking about racism while being racist

  2. Allegory says:

    I was raised by an Indian.

  3. Chris Hayden says:

    Look at this dude .. Wore a rain suit to a show

  4. Shane’s Toy reviews says:

    I will trade yo Chris.. let’s go.. give me all your money and fame, along with your skin.. you can have my poverty

  5. David Barlow says:

    Native Americans all live in Oklahoma I know because I live here it’s the Indian capitol

  6. J Riley Cain says:

    No one makes me laugh more than Chris Rock!

  7. the doctor says:

    i would trade places with him

  8. TheLoneTerran says:

    This was what, 1996ish? I've still not seen any Native American families just chilling at Red Lobster. Or any restaurant. That hit me from a direction I wasn't expecting.

  9. Jason Lee Brantley Sr. says:

    I'll trade when uu ready

  10. Donna Shinall says:

    One legged bus boy; "I'm gone ride this white thing out." LOL!

  11. Jewel Howard says:

    Wait, I didn’t know that

  12. Alex Ludavertigo says:


  13. Laida Taylor says:

    It's us cause they love everything we do. With all their money they're still the biggest haters

  14. sharpen flat says:

    is this guy supposed to be funny?

  15. fosgate3 says:

    and yet there are no "Indian Lives Matter", riots, violent protests, cities burning down, or anything else like that. our Native Americans have a far, far lengthier history of being abused, enslaved, poisoned, killed, forced to work, lied to, and everything in between than any African American does. yet there are no marches for them. there are no celebrities speaking up for them. people should think before choosing sides—especially when the side many people have chosen is that hatred, mistrust, angst, and division. Any thing that focuses emphasis on one race over others creates more and more separation. There is no unity when one group is held at a higher level or with a greater focus than other group.

  16. EastCoast Paper says:

    this was prime chris roc… why he look like a mixture of meek mill and chadwick bosmen

  17. clay jack says:

    “Who’s winning?”
    The rich people.

  18. Martin Aslake says:

    My wife is Cherokee and her family hates black people with a passion but they love white people.

  19. Free Wheel Burning says:

    the only active racists are Marxist clowns

  20. Andrew Black says:

    if being black is so bad, why is the NFL and the NBA comprised of 90% black men?

  21. Kirkland Purified says:

    The helpful song gradually suspect because journey serendipitously polish forenenst a fine window. tedious, robust fight

  22. Brando says:

    I'd a got thrown out when he said no white person would trade places with him.

  23. Vince g says:

    Bruh if I could speak and sound like Marty all day fuccccc take my whiteness I’ll trade in a sec

  24. James Holbrook says:

    Even in 96 that wasn't true that none of the white people in that room would change places with him but definitely today but aside from people that like their lives you know family and good job and stuff

  25. Vincent crown says:

    Do you know the hall illegal alien thing like I’m Mexican but that affects us Mexicans and black people more than it affects white people. So white people making an issue about illegal aliens isn’t about the rich they know it’s effects us poor.

  26. Black Thought says:

    Indians were givin disease horses shot—-slaughtered by the millions—-

  27. Jeff Mckee says:

    I thought Mike Epps was the best. Now I'm not so sure. Chris Rock is hilarious.

  28. Alex Ludavertigo says:


  29. Mich John says:

    2021 still true

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