Chip Shortage Update + New Toyota Prices Are Up 15% YoY & EV Tax Credit Update

The latest data on the chip shortage:

Toyota Tundra price increase for 2022:

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Daily News You Can Use from YAA. Today Ray and Zach provide an update on the ongoing chip shortage. It appears as if we’re seeing a plateau, and that maybe things are getting better? Also, Toyota released pricing for the 2022 Tundra, and it’s 15% higher than last year! Oh, and we have an update on the EV tax credit. It’s an action packed Monday!


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31 Responses

  1. 1curlynurse says:

    Just bought a new car this week. Worst time to buy a car. I would have waited if I hadn’t gotten in a car accident, car was totaled. I went to multiple dealership, they have lots of used cars. Hardly any new cars. They are also selling new cars 5-15k above its value. They tried to sell me a Kia sedan for 45k out the door. 36k for a basic model of a Kia sedan and that’s before tax/interest etc. I told them I would not be paying that. Dealership told me I can’t buy a new car for low 30k. They tried to sell me a used car I did not care for, I left. I found one dealership trying to sell me a car 2k above value and I was able to negotiate for 1 thousand below value. They were getting more inventory in a couple of weeks. The car I bought they got in the night before. That’s how fast they are getting bought. I’m probably the last person who is able to get a decent price. Every car is now 5-15k above value. That’s the market now. Imagine paying 40k+ for a regular sedan. My friend went to get her car worked on at Toyota, they had only 6 new cars in the lot.

  2. Mr G says:

    I was told today by a local GMC salesman. "2022 GMC and Silverados wont come with heated seats due to shortage. How can this be true.

  3. Joseph Hartman says:

    About to order GMC Yukon Denali XL with diesel motor. Any tips?

  4. Hunter Fried says:

    I’m sorry but in the defense of the tundra, there is no more work truck stripper model with a base engine. Base is now SR and only one engine choice that explains the huge jump in base price.

  5. Ruben U says:

    War with China will start soon, that is why the USA pulled from Afghanistan, to re-tool the military for China conflict. China is about to take over Taiwan , that is why TSMC is building few Fabs in Arizona. I suspect the USA is paying for those Fabs since China will take over the TSMC Fabs – TSMC for now has the most advanced lithography process (I work in that field) and that's about to fall in the hands of China (China is not allowed to buy the most advanced ASML litho tools – ASML is not allowed to sell those to China). USA is handing over Taiwan to China to minimize the impact of the conflict but in the long run that will not be enough. China will launch their People's Armed Forces Maritime Militia ("Fishing fleet") around Japan and South Korea and that will really mess up supply chain for Samsung semi conductors, cars from Japan will go up 30-40%.

  6. Andrew Medeiros says:

    Everyone’s complaining about the dealers, well stop freakin buying cars and make them lower the prices!! Just stop it

  7. Chris Scaife says:

    Nobody wants to make these 20 and 30 year old chips. Its all obsolete tech. The auto makers either need to buy their own foundry and share it amongst themselves or move over to modern chip sets. But they won't because they are just playing out the string on ICE engines and won't invest.

  8. Snoogmz Snoogmz says:

    What kind of plant are they storing cars? Couldn’t understand you through the laugh.

  9. John LaCroix says:

    WOW very kool great info.,,1st class AAAAAAAAAAA++++++++++++ again great video I liked it a lot keep up the great work.

  10. David R says:

    I would like to know what production numbers are, not how many cars were taken out of production without knowing the base number they were taken out of.

  11. Metal Mike says:

    Tesla can increase their prices because every time the price of gas goes up they're gonna save you more money.

  12. Metal Mike says:

    Where are people going to get all this Extra money for these inflated vehicles. Inflation is in everything now!

  13. Dave Smith says:

    They are taking new ICE vehicles out now so there will be used ones less in the future so people will be forced to buy EV in the future.

  14. Upload Time says:

    I imagine the used cars are going to go up above MSRP. Inflation hitting everything, which also keeps increasing the used car market.
    The best deal would have probably been 2018-mid 2020.

  15. Graham Futerfas says:

    I'm kind of sad. I watched you guys for three or four months in preparation to buy a car after my last one was stolen. Now that I've made the purchase and gleaned so much advice from you, I'm not sure if I'm going to stick around and watch as much, but so far I've still been watching you even though I bought three weeks ago. I enjoy your dynamic.

  16. Cross Link says:

    With all the cars that have been taken out of production in the last few months its no surprise the manufacturers are only taking 30,000 cars out this week – there's nothing left to take out from!

  17. Dick Ritchie says:

    Screw the NFL. I kneel for the cross and stand for the flag.

  18. Stanley Bean says:

    Ugh same stuff over and over on this channel…….they just wanna make money… real info.

  19. Alaeacus McFly says:

    Who the f*ck is expected to afford this sh*t?

  20. Francisco Figueroa says:

    I think there milking cow from manufacturing cause they had enough time to make chips how much time take to make a chip ????

  21. Jay Smith says:

    Lets go Brandon!

  22. killerjhul says:

    So I would say this is fine until we run into the rubber shortages, along with aluminum shortages.

  23. Angel Rodriguez says:

    Right now dealers are making bare bones, less desirable vehicles on the lot. So now the lots are getting inventory that some folks don’t want.

    Folks placing custom orders, are waiting longer times due customizations that require more chips , to shortage of other things like steel, rubber, even paint ( ram has stop making several different colors).

  24. izzy706 says:

    Even when the dealerships get screwed, they find a way to pass the savings on to you.

  25. izzy706 says:

    Biden farted on Camilla…..blah, blah, blah, computer chips.

  26. Chris Johnson says:

    Ford hit $20 a share, something must be up !

  27. Susan Meredith says:

    Noooooo Toyota. And word on the RAV4 hybrids?

  28. 00taohio says:

    They may be just lowering projections so there is less. Easy to manipulate data to keep stock up.

  29. Aaron Conniff says:

    The chips in cars that are in shortage are an older technology than the other items that you mentioned. The chip manufacturers make less money on these chips, so they are less motivated to make them when they can make the newer technology chips at a higher profit. This is why we are seeing the car industry hit harder than other industries.

  30. Victoria says:

    Any vehicle I buy from this point forward will have some electric component. Hybrid at the very least.

  31. Al Foerster says:

    I'm not against EV, I don't believe the Tech is there & for the Government to Finance this experiment on the backs of future Generations adding on to the Nation debt is wrong.

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