Chinese History: 20,291 Opium Chests Destroyed (1839)

In 1839, The Qing Dynasty sought to reason with Britain (“The Lion”), to stop its illegal cartel opium smuggling operations. 1839 was the last year in history that China was completely free of official foreign interventionism.
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29 Responses

  1. Counter-narrative says:

    Nathan, Excellent documentary production, and great rendition of Chinese history.

  2. Doomseraph says:

    Nice history lessen!

  3. Lewis Lane says:

    Great work. We want equality and fairness. Truth is important. Every race have good people. Lets spread peace and truth. Spread goodness.

  4. Dan YSL says:

    This should be become China’s national education across all ages and ensure every Chinese knows how their ancestors were brutally treated. China must now seek retribution from the west.

  5. 慧胜 says:


  6. Felix Tossan says:

    Let there be no doubt based on the facts of history:
    the British Empire was the greatest evil ever perpetrated on mankind. It is however an intellectual people of high scientific and engineering achievement. Yet harbored world greatest white racism, superiority complex, absolute hubris, impunity. It has never respected national sovereignty. It invaded the biggest number of countries in history, committed heinous genocides, inventor of concentration camps. Conductor of the great African slave trade to the New World, killed millions for profit. It is also a well-refined backstabbing people of bastards. That's how it managed to conquer India, extracted all of its wealth for 200 years.

    Therefore it is most fitting the British was dealt an historic accounting:
    – It participated in WW1, WW2 which resulted in a mass destruction and reduction of its population, destruction of its empire.
    – Thus reduced, however, the Brits still have not (and cannot) learn historic lessons. Protected under EU for several decades, it rebelled with Brexit. Therefore, on its own, it will be reduced further into broken disunited Kingdom. Disappear into irreverence, into the dustbin of history. This is good for the world.
    – Every one of British value that made it the empire is today completely rejected by the modern world. There are even no more tourists to see all the statues and relics of empire in England. It still cry 'freedom and democracy' today, but nobody pay attention to the arrogant bastards whose royalty have became subjects of toy and comic ridicule even by its own corrupted press.

    Go away Brits. Your high time in history is over. You are proven an evil. Travel to Egypt and see what it likes after the era of the Pharaoh. But even ancient Egypt have something much worthy of study. You have none. Even King Arthur is fake.

  7. Shihua Bai says:

    The start of the century of humiliation, as painful as it is, it did provide us with incredibly valuable lessons and shaped our ideologies today. I just hope that if those ancestors can see us from above they would be proud an be at peace of our achievements.

  8. Olivia Lu says:

    I enjoyed these videos so much. Thank you so much!!!!

  9. Huazheng SONG says:

    great work, you make everything seems like an epic

  10. arthur Liu says:

    very painful history.

  11. A.E.Y Ppuuttiinngg says:

    UK is evil

  12. Bill Zhang says:

    Very details

  13. Allan Ng says:

    I love to see your episode. It fulfills my knowledge in history of China.

  14. Chenjie Hu says:

    在别人的国家以耶稣之名挑战对方的法律和政策 还是可以看出一神教对西方文明思维方式的影响的

  15. Harry Cheng says:

    Thanks Nathan for the great work, very informative

  16. TigerLZ says:

    A great project by Nathan Rich!

  17. Jeff Smith says:

    their descendants are now promoting human rights in China with their virtue around 1940.

  18. Amri Syafari says:

    Great job Nathan for exposing the history in truth. Thank you.

  19. Chee meng says:

    Great video, please continue your sincere good works. Thank you.

  20. nature aiaiai says:

    evil british empire

  21. Darris Hawks says:

    This is fascinating

  22. Horace Lim says:

    Wow thanks Nathan for such a brilliantly well-told history…

  23. kerry Mark says:

    Love the music and visual clips. Great presentation. Very informative. Never heard that side of the story before. I like when you said this was the largest drug bust in history. That amount of opium was huge.

  24. IIke keII says:


  25. Jean M McDermott says:

    I'd look a little further than the British – I've noticed cozy relationships between the British and Africans. The focus should probably be Egypt where the Israelites were held in bondage during the era of Moses and the areas of Africa where the US "slaves" who were NOT slaves originate from as well with African locations currently having high twin multiple birth rates suggestive of human experimentation as well as suggestive of human cloning and Kenya where Obama's relatives are from including that Obama's ancestor John Punch Bunch Hunch Munch Lunch who was NEVER a slave is a key 1600s milestone marker for the start of the evil perps 400 – 500 year plan including their ruse US slavery laws and their ruse "Civil" War 1860s and their ruse "World" Wars 1900s that were genocides of whites and Asians if you examine the figures for the fatalities. Check out the friends of key British specifically their late friend with the initials JS deceased 10/29/2011 England is a good example and suggests that they've been infiltrated with infilitration including they've acquired some more than unusual atrocious "friends" and these specific evil alliances were planned and then unfolding as the Czar and his family were executed 1918. The people with the same emip atrocious activities as the emip JS are the emip useless useful idiots of the world. When Princess Diana was covertly murdered she was dating the Egyptian Dodi Fayed and besides her despicable ex-husband that connection although not Dodi Fayed himself or the Fayed family would have allowed for key unsavory people to have knowledge and access – and the world is a hot mess in a very evil manner of not only the ultimate mind control programming of MK Ultra but additionally easily perpetrated hypnotic programming. Princess Diana was covertly murdered 08/31/1997 on the 25th anniversary of the date 08/31/1972 that my brother Robert B McDermott Jr was covertly murdered. 08/31/1972 is a cryptic reference to the 1255 murder of Little Saint Hugh of Lincoln who was kidnapped 07/31/1255 and 08/29/1255 – 08/31/1255 his body was placed by a well and a tree with well as emip and emi rhyming malapropism cryptic symbolism for tell and with tree as emip and emi cryptic symbolism for evil emip and emi gang stalkers that are similar to the above mentioned evil man that was from England JS gang stalking and murdering people from the same family trees for hundreds of years with an additional example being JFK who was assassinated 1963 after his vehicle turned the corner from Houston St to ELM St Dallas TX and for Archduke Franz Ferdinand and Duchess Sophie who were assassinated 1914 Bosnia Herzegovina Sarajevo after their vehicle turned the corner with the Bos of Bosnia most likely as emip rhyming malapropism cryptic symbolism for Oz and the Not Much of a Wizard Wizard of Oz mind control programming and the Sara of Sarajevo is the mara of marathon 2013 Boston Marathon and mari of marijuana and Darragh and Pharaohs and Pharisees pattern. 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  26. 潘poon says:

    Bravo! Insightful!

  27. 最强综艺台湾政坛真人秀 says:


  28. Leung Stanley says:

    It is not called Mt. Everest anymore

  29. FlyToTheMoon says:

    You present this historical report to western people, and still they say China is Bad, China is the worse, …
    Those people already have their minds corrupted.

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