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  1. William Scott says:

    They don't report your credit utilization. So no; you're not using 100% credit utilization. They're not including it in the score.

  2. Samanosuke Akechi says:

    So just put in like 200 bucks to credit builder, use it and make sure there's still 200 in there before next month. Wouldn't be a problem if you'll always have funds in the checking right? But using the auto feature?

  3. Jaylen Jones says:

    I put 500 dollars on the card at first when I got it , then I week later I got paid you 50 percent of my paycheck was transferred from my spending to my credit builder 1,500 I didn’t know the “move my paid “ feature was on I transferred it back to my spending account do I have to put back the 500 i initially put on or 1,500

  4. hey says:

    i commented on this video before but im still confused. say for example i send money through my spending account like 50$ to my credit builder and only spend 1$, do i have to just put 1$ back in to the credit builder so it will go back to 50$ or do i have to spend all the money? will it look like i didnt spend any of the money, hence showing i used 0% utilization?

  5. alexis raymond says:

    Does this card work if your deposits come from Mercari, poshmark, market place ? Does anyone use this as a business account as a seller? Thanks for any advice !

  6. Tracy Ready says:

    So then, what date does chime report to the bureaus?

  7. Phoenix Kelly says:

    So let me see if I follow:
    -add $50 to account
    -spend $50
    -add $50 back to account BEFORE chime pays balance and reports (now showing $100)
    -balance shows $50 when they report??

  8. Fumba K says:

    Thank you, very helpful.

  9. Samira Mosby says:

    My score dropped 99 points because of this how can I fix it

  10. Drew says:

    So basically… they are trapping whatever amount you deposit into the credit account and holding it hostage. lol After you replace the credit limit with the initial deposit, then they report it to the credit bureaus, are you allowed to take the money back out of from the credit account? Or are you just stuck in the never ending cycle of having to use that money on the credit account and replace it every single time?

  11. TalkSports says:

    i have direct deposit and for some reason still can’t get the credit builder card , emailed chime support and was told i’m eligible but they couldn’t “verify my information” . my information has never changed tho since the 3yrs i’ve banked with them.

  12. Jason Croft says:

    I’m thinking about opening an account with chime for the APR on savings, but my credit is pretty good and I’m waiting for release from 5/24 jail so I’ll probably skip credit builder card.

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  15. Joy Hawkins says:

    You are awesome!!!! Ive subscribed

  16. It’s Shalece says:

    Ok just to make sure!! I just got my card I put $175 on it.. now I need to spend all of it to prevent it from reporting from the credit bureaus as 100% of utilization.. and then put more money on and repeat

  17. TommyPickles says:

    My scored dropped by 116 points please help! Idk why but it said my balanced increased on my chime credit building card

  18. tariq pryor says:

    Word my shit drop 4 pts

  19. SMITH says:

    ☝☝☝ I took the risk and he made it to my expectation, you're really the best of the best

  20. Sade says:

    Safer credit building has two options should I choose the 1 day or 10 days?

  21. Iammichael says:

    Ok, so let me get this straight.
    If I send $200 to my credit builder card that’s my limit to spend? Right?
    Also, if I’m sending money over from my checking account how am I supposed to pay it off I’m sending money there? Really confused on that

  22. Arturo Guerrero says:

    Okay so I’m expecting my direct deposit to hit this week in order to finally qualify for the credit builder card but I am very worried about the drop in my credit score since the whole purpose of me getting this card is to build it back up. You recommended turning on Move My Pay and the safe, automatic payment feature but can you explain what to do before chime reports to the credit bureau causing them to believe there is high credit utilization?

  23. Eric King says:

    I'm stop used it thank u

  24. Eric King says:

    They don't never ask for there payments

  25. Eric King says:

    Now own them 2.36 because of fees I want in to bank told them take out 45$ which was in my account that's bs

  26. Eric King says:

    Chime with draw fee way to much if I need cash wish they had a land banks smh

  27. Khris says:

    thanks, had to rewatch a couple of times but think i got it lol

  28. MS says:

    Will the SoFi credit card cause the same score drop?

  29. DEATH GAMING says:

    new link place

  30. Mz_Tarzana says:

    I got this card and it dropped my score 73 points. I need to know how I can fix this. I called chime and they stated that they don't report anything until the end of the month but some how after I put 46 dollars on the card and then used 21 bucks for gas then my score dropped 73 points.

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