Chevy Equinox stalling issue FIXED! P0010 P0011

This is a quick video showing how to correct the stalling issue associated with the variable camshaft timing on the 2.4 ecotec engine in a 2011 Chevrolet Equinox. This vehicle was throwing trouble code P0010 for the intake valve but I replaced both solenoids.
Intake cam solenoid-
Exhaust cam solenoid-
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26 Responses

  1. Manny C. says:

    How long after replacing it does the check engine light turn off?

  2. Jose Cardona says:

    Thank you so much for this Video. Help me a lot.

  3. brandon May says:

    Do you know if it would be okay to change the oil while doing this repair as well? It shouldn’t hurt anything right

  4. MrPapakuka says:


  5. Aubrey Iacobelli says:

    ‘11 equinox here. I’ve been aware of the oil consumption issue for years now, and check the levels s very month. just missed the recall in 2019 by a couple hundred miles, so I was (and still am) pissed. The stalling just started with me a month ago (Aug ‘21)—going full synthetic and adding Lucas’ Oil treatment helps her run so much better, but I still stay once per day. Hoping that doing this repair will fix that until I can save enough for a down payment on a new car. Will edit if this is NOT a success.

    Edit: one of the links to the selinoids you provided was wrong, not sure which. Totally my fault for not checking before I blindly ordered. 🙂

  6. Randy Fox says:

    I just changed mine . It did not fix the issue I'm having with it . Got to let it idol down an die before you can drive it . Cause it won't go over 7 miles an hour for a bit then it kicks in an can drive

  7. James Neese says:

    Hey I just replaced mine after the CEL cam on. But I’m getting a sputter and it does die when I hit the gas from a stop. Any idea

  8. diamond says:

    How do you reset the engine codes

  9. Phillip says:

    I have that code pop up today with me. 2015 Equinox. I'm going to order those two pieces today. Hope it works.

  10. Brick N Motor says:

    Im going to go look at 2011 with 150,000 for 1500.00. The person said the mechanic said 2000.00 to fix. Should i risk buying it and doing this fix?

  11. Greenbudzzz says:

    Thankyou so much for this video. I was freaking out! You are the man!

  12. LYB MX-49 says:

    I got this code a couple of months ago out the new part in and everything was fine until yesterday, is this problem very common to repeat after a while ? It hasn’t been 6 months since I put the new part in

  13. david hollar says:

    Thank you so much for this. Helped me save some $$ and not be without my car for a while.

  14. J Massey says:

    Thanks for the video, definitely help me and many. Two errors in your work. 1. Should have placed a rag on the intake manifold that's right in front of you and 2. should have returned the oil cap before any work started. Reason I say that is because with my luck, I probably would drop a socket in the intake and then I am screwed!

  15. Jonny Page says:

    The Chevy equinox is one of the worst vehicles Chevy ever produced it's like they decided to say f*** quality let's just make a piece of s*** car to f*** any f**** person out there I hate these cars and I hope Chevy burns at the stake

  16. Michael Piecewicz says:

    But he used Dorman PARTS. It’ll be dead in a month!!!! Worst parts ever!!!!!!
    Don’t cheap out!!! Buy factory parts it’s cheaper in the long run. Also, how do we know there isn’t a wiring problem on our car? Just asking

  17. Jordan Gillette says:

    Saved us! Did this in a parking lot in 20 min and issue was fixed! Thanks

  18. Life Journey Glory To God International247 says:

    How much would it cost at the dealership to replace those two spark plug. The engine light is not on though

  19. Bradley Block says:

    Took me less than 10 minutes to do this.

  20. james woodard says:

    Nice video help alot

  21. Suzanne Bolyard says:

    What do you do if your getting a P0010,0013,0011and 0014? My mechanic replaced the throttle body and I'm still getting all codes but P0015A

  22. The Restoration Group says:

    We fixed up ours using this video. Thanks a ton!

  23. Jermaine McLemore says:

    Best video ever.

  24. John Kosciusko says:

    Outstanding! Total time of my repair: 22 minutes. Thank you SO much!

  25. Joe Zak says:

    Thanks so much for your video. It explains everything perfectly. 30 minutes from start to finish including 15 minutes to pick up parts.

  26. mike livingston says:

    You just saved me money. I was able to fix it fast. Thanks

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