Chase Reconsideration Line (Tips if Your Application is Denied) 2019

If you applied for a Chase credit card and were not approved or denied, you still have a chance of getting approved by calling the Chase reconsideration line.

But you just need to know what to say and how to handle the phone call.

This video has all of my tips for getting through a Chase reconsideration phone call.

Find out more about Chase recon and the current phone number:

Find out how to check your Chase credit card application status:


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31 Responses

  1. Josh H says:

    I called and they asked for my social. Is that okay to say out loud?

  2. jrod2422 says:

    So if I’m on 2 authorized users Ford that count towards the 5/25 rule. ?? Also. I can’t have 5 credit cards the past 2 years or are they talking about applications??

  3. Ryan I says:

    Thank you for your clear presentation.
    Applied for Chase Freedom Flex today and was rejected outright. FICO is a little over 700. Income is good. I don’t get it. Calling reconsideration line I guess.

  4. Kimberly Jones says:

    i will continue saying it you are the best and savior !

    i never believe i can ever be out of Deep Home Equity Debt i was into. Is this a miracle or what? just like that!

    I FEEL VERY RELIEF, Thanks. He was able to settle all my hard equipment and fixed all bad items before paying all total debt including CREDIT CARD PAYMENT.

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  5. hrlozano10 says:

    Didn't get any of those messages. But the got the following one-What does this mean?

    "We have received your request for a Chase credit card. We'll let you know our decision as soon as possible.

    Thank you for choosing Chase.

  6. Ashley Judd says:

    This totally worked! I watched your video several time, thanks for the tips.
    Chase denied me upon initial application. I called in, first lady said I couldn't do anything about it. Called in a few hours later and got a nice guy. Followed all your tips when talking to him, he transferred me to his supervisor and she called me with a few questions.
    Make sure you say when they ask that you just want a better way to segregate business and personal funds like this guy says. She approved me after only 1 day of "reconsidering me"!
    Thanks so much!

  7. Omar (DB Electronics) says:

    i got 7-10 day message and spoke to CSR who said I was declined, then spoke to rep at lending department next day who said I was actually approved. Weird..

  8. Athlon says:

    I applied for the CSR. I got the 7-10 day review notice. This was on a Thursday. On Tuesday I logged into my account and there was my CSR card with a 15K credit limit. I never received any Email or any other correspondence from Chase. They only pulled from Experian. My FICO8 Experian: 726, AAOA 7.2 years, utilization: 33%. Note that I have had a Chase credit cards for 13 years, never missed a payment. 2 days later I applied for the Freedom Flex. They did not do an inquiry (probably used the old one). Same thing, got a 7-10 day review notice. About 2 days later, I see the Flex in my account for $6,000 limit.

  9. Heavy on the Chai says:

    Thank you! I was not immediately approved, called the reconsideration line. I was approved with a $15,000!!!!

  10. Edwin J.T.P says:

    Glad I found your vlog. Applied for Chase card online and received a message of 7 to10 waiting letter, 1 week letter received a denied letter and decided to call the chase recon line, and line asked for my s.s
    N and it went straight to a message line stating I was approved and should be receiving the card in mail next week. Is this normal to happen after calling recon line and cannot connect to someone human?

  11. david jones says:

    Your video is spot on…I applied for the Freedom Unlimited online and got the thank you for applying We'll contact you with a decision soon" I thought I was declined and didn't even think about it until I saw your video and others talking about reconsideration line ….I called once and got the automated 2 week notice…called
    Again and got the 7-10 day notice called a third time and got 30 day notice .I finally got the nerve to speak with an agent and after verifying some personal info was approved for $4000 cl …Should note Credit Karma said I had a 637 FICO but all my Bill's are paid on time and all other credit cards are paid off no other outstanding debt or late payments but do have 2 chargeoffs 5 years ago …still approved .Thank You for the great advice

  12. Steven Anderson says:

    I’ve called the reconsideration line 2 times now for chance freedomflex and 1st time rep said I’m denied because of my BK 2nd time the rep sent me to the finance department and they denied me because of late payments:( both times the reps where cool and I’m good at talking to people so maybe it’s my bk and late payments that are the issue? My fico is 670 and available credit is $9,000 with discover and capital one

  13. Mikan says:

    I got a 2 week to 7-10 day message. I also got an approved! from the chase status application checker before the 7-10 message

  14. Victor Angelo says:

    My income is 40k plus additional 12k. My credit and fico is between 767 to 790 .They still denied me . Complete joke chase has always been i figured I'd give them another try but ya il stick to AMEX and and my credit union. Low 13% utilitiion and never late.

  15. Tony Nokeo says:

    Uponarrival, I just called chase recon line and I think I’ve made a mistake by telling them I’m not responsible for the authorized card on Amex with 15k limit because I was afraid of it backfiring, he came back and told me that in order to be approve I needed a card with at least same limit or higher so you think I can call back and tell them I do pay my bills on that hi limit card?

  16. Wendy 44 says:

    I just called the reconsideration line and the gentleman I spoke to said he needed to submit the recon paperwork to his supervisor so he can look over it and I would know something in 10 days. That was strange as I expected to get an answer of yes or no right away. Any idea the reason for this? He said that I may get a call asking for information to be sent to them.

  17. Steve Roman says:

    Initially got the 7-10 day message. Called the reconsideration line and got approved for 5.2K. Thanks for the advice!

  18. T Sutton says:

    The letter that was sent to me wants income verification by faxing in W2 or pay stubs. Have you seen this process work before?

  19. Samuel B. Culberson says:

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  20. CrowSHD says:

    I applied for the CSP, I didn’t get instantly approved but got an email stating that they received my request and would let me know their decision as soon as possible. Not sure what that means since i didn’t get the 30 day email or any thing for that matter. 740 across the board, 4% utilization, I opened 3 new accounts in the past year and was added to my wife’s 2 accounts. So I might have hit the 5/24 rule, but Equifax only shows 3 hits. They pulled from Equifax and Experian. But everything seems great on my end. Not sure if I will get it or not, might need to call the beg for mercy hotline to get approved. Time will tell!!

  21. Fearlessly Underrated says:

    What if you’ve applied for and was approved for other cards that place you over 5/24, but these cards have not hit your credit profile yet. Does applying for a chase card at that point place you out of bounds ?

  22. PB X says:

    Thanks for this video. I've been working my way up to the sapphire reserve for the past few months so I really want it. Do you know if going to a branch to apply for the card will increase my chances? I've been hearing people mention that.

  23. Zoro Mendoza says:

    Hey brother. I just applied for the chase sapphire reserve on March 7th. I then get a email saying 7-10 business days they will let me know. 3 days later a chase analyst called to confirm if I’m really applying for the card and not someone else using my information. 2 days later I received a letter stating I was denied to having too many accounts with chase/having high CL on the cards. After watching your video I used the shifting credit limit over from my 30k freedom card and sending 20k to the sapphire reserve. The man later says please wait I will ask my supervisor to take your counter offer. And 4 minutes after being on hold, the analyst says congratulations you have been approved for the CSR at 20k CL!! I was super hyped. Thank you for blessing me with the knowledge.

    P.s I was legit at 5/24 after receiving my freedom card on January 2020. I hit the 5/24 right on the mark.

  24. kingtysonanderson says:

    What’s the recon number to call?

  25. j k says:

    I was denied

  26. Allen Zhu says:

    what if they said

    We have received your request for a Chase credit card. We'll let you know our decision as soon as possible.
    thank you for your help!

  27. Mao Work Shen says:

    What if the screen and email both showed “Will back to you ASAP”?

    I’ll update the result to u when settled.

  28. Apex Predator says:

    I’m so glad I Came across your video this morning while cooking breakfast.
    I applied for a reserve card on Sunday and received an email with no wait time indication. So after watching your video I called the number for credit applications info.
    I was told by the automated system that they would get back to me in writing within 30 days, of course I don’t want to wait that long, so I spoke to a rep. After confirming my ss# address, they sent me a code via text, told them that code, was asked to spell my mother’s maiden name and was approved.
    Thanks for the info!

  29. Jo Jien Lee says:

    Hi great video! Just wondering how long after you are denied should you call the reconsideration line? Should you call the same day or wait a few weeks?

  30. s house says:

    hello, I just put in for the chase freedom card but was turned down. I called the status line and got the 7-10 day message but I never got a email of any status. When I check how many cards I opened in 24 months it looks like I maybe at the 5/24 mark. What should I do at this point or should I just wait until I'm not within the 5/24 rule.

  31. Carlos A says:

    I just applied. I was declined so I called the recon #. And was told that the account will be under review and I’ll get something in the mail between 1-2weeks. I don’t think I’m gonna get it:(. Wish me luck.

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