Central Bureau and Australia’s Code-Breaking operations in the Second World War- 9 April 2018

During the Second World War, Australia was home to a large, secret code-breaking organisation named Central Bureau. The Code-Breakers there cracked the Japanese air force, army, and water transport codes, and in doing so changed the course of the Pacific War.
In this recording, David Dufty talks about wartime code-breaking in Australia, describes how Australians built a large and sophisticated intelligence network from scratch, and reveals how the code-breakers played a vital role in the battles of Midway, Milne Bay, the Coral Sea, and in other operations in the Pacific War.


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3 Responses

  1. lexa harpell says:

    We recently found out that our uncle received that letter from Betchley Park thanking him for his work, just two years before he passed away. We knew he was part of the Australian Special Wireless Group, knew he was in Darwin and New Guinea and his work had something to do with codebreaking, yet he never spoke about what he did during the war. Now I want to learn more.

  2. 1jeepinray says:

    Sorry but your knowledge of Australian code breaking history is very poor.

  3. caretaker foch says:

    This would have been a lot more interesting but for the crap distorted audio. I think with the resources of ANU you could clean this up to eliminate much of the crackle. Right at the end the distortion goes apeshit so I lost all interest at that point.

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