CDC: High Covid Vaccination Rate In Older Adults Reduced Cases, Death

During the White House Covid response team briefing, Director Walensky said that the CDC published an MMWR that demonstrates how high vaccination coverage in older adults has served to reduce Covid-19 cases and severe outcomes.
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27 Responses

  1. Rachel Conradie says:

    Demonic liar. Be gone Satan!

  2. kodakk Beatzzz says:

    Just eat your veggies and keep your mask on lol vaccines is pointless they still dieing

  3. Alex333 says:

    Satan's minions.

  4. suisgentil BBl says:

    Maddie de Garay, 12 ans, s'est portée volontaire pour l'étude du « vaccin » COVID-19 et est maintenant en fauteuil roulant, pour ceux qui veulent voir vous taper maddie de garay 12 ans sur google..

  5. zulema sanchez says:

    Don't believe the CDC, WHO or Fauchi. All a Gates agenda for world control, using fear mongering and Big Pharma payoffs. It is working in those that don't do research and just blindly trust the media.

  6. Inquirer 101 says:

    More lies and cover up spread by mainstream media like NBC.

  7. Cathleen O'Connor says:

    Stop pushing the wrong rates of teens!!! Your putting fear into parents that it’s an up tick of cases!!!! America doesn’t trust the CDC or MSM propaganda machines!!

  8. Insignificant Other says:

    One you take the vaccine, you can't untake it!

  9. Motion Screen says:

    Evil Tucán

  10. Marcus K says:

    lol LIARS!

  11. Aj9640 W says:

    These verify people are either lying or simply do not know how to use the VAERS WONDER TOOL. I have done several searches and their are indeed thousands who have died, most within 3 days of taking the first dose. For all other forms of negative side effects in medicine and health…causation does lead to correlation. Why is it pharmaceutical companies cannot be held liable in a court of law for covid vaccines, but for any other drug they produce they can be held liable? Mainly because , Emergency Use Authorization essentially means " use at your own risk". Sadly, these parents and researchers are ignoring children's rights to not partake in an ongoing clinical trial. The CDC VAERS website has already reported almost 5,000 deaths after receiving these experimental drugs. Even though they add a disclaimer, that they have not determined that all the deaths were caused by the drugs alone, if only a third or a half of them were , they should not be giving them to anyone, much less children…who have less than a 1% chance of dying from covid. The Swine flu vaccine was cancelled after only 25 deaths, and it was FDA approved.

  12. World News says:

    I am here to dislike fauci and the gank.

  13. Bruno Weight says:

    Crimes against humanity that's what these chemical injections are!!! I wonder what they're going to stay next year when people have all kinds of brain problems..

  14. Tamara Spillis says:


  15. Neta 562 says:

    Mainstream media cartels are State sponsored propaganda machines

  16. Cathleen says:

    From the Nuremberg trial 1945.
    Hermann Goering to the question, "how did you convince the German people to accept all this?" He replied: it was easy and nothing to do with Nazism. The only thing a government needs to turn people into slaves is fear. If you can find something to scare them you can make them do anything you want".

  17. Jordan Kahele says:

    I guess she heard about Faucis leaked email and tried "desperately" to cover this thing's up…by the way the flag behind you means you should be in court marshall..

  18. Jordan Kahele says:

    I guess she heard about Faucis leaked email and tried "desperately" to cover this thing's up…by the way the flag behind you means you should be in court marshall..

  19. America Was Founded By Cop Killers says:

    No it didn't, the CDC just started counting the deaths more honestly. No more motorcycle accident victims counted as COVID deaths.

  20. Raw Bacon says:

    You already killed off all the weakest old folks so of course cases and deaths for that population segment has been going down…….Maybe Cuomo can find some more nursing homes to infect though.

  21. Lula says:

    Thank You President Trump for getting the vaccines available at warp speed. God bless you President Trump 2024

  22. Some Dude says:

    At this point if the cdc or who sold bandaids I would choose a different brand.

  23. High Pockets says:

    Gill Bates makes operating systems and Gates family has supported eugenics & planned parenthood for well over 100 years. US uses eletro-magnetic energy to alter weather among other things they also dont tell you about. Fe is iron and is in every jab and accumulates in the brain, ovaries, spleen and other organs. If jab lotterys and free beer doesnt scare you, atleast opt for J&J jab, comes with free baby powder, just in case.

  24. Kyle Hackett says:


  25. Some Dude says:

    So explain then why over 100 fully vaccinated people near all got it again in an elder care center. Double vaccination on faculty and patience’s and they still got it. Not just a few but near all. ? Hmmmmm

  26. gary quarty says:

    This women told congress 40% of CDC workers are not vaccinated. What to they know?

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