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  1. Mary Clark says:

    No, the Laundries took sign down and picked up laundry baskets.last night.

  2. KR says:

    You will never win.

  3. Valerie Hamilton says:

    Doug the Brian hunter lol cute

  4. Laura Kistner says:


  5. Laura Kistner says:

    Omgosh I.had the worst headache last week

  6. stacie haney says:

    By the way, everyone that has a white van isn't creepy…we own one and we transport disabled people, nothing weird about that! Don't judge…

  7. Ken Sullivan says:

    I would rather see shitty diapers(laundry)on the lawn of Brian's folks than baskets!

  8. Sam W says:

    They need to go back and check that”spot in field” where Brian was seen digging in another travelers photo. Could the phones be there???? What about the “garden box”? Are the feds going to check it out? They did NOT have those garden boxes in the original drone footage from when this first started. I also think they need to really check again before clearing him from the newlywed murders. The lawyer says the parents won’t make a public plea because Brian”has no access to TV or internet”.How would his lawyer know this unless he knows EXACTLY where Brian’s parents stashed him!Last thing is why have they not summonsed those parents yet?

  9. bruce davis says:

    Jay don't go to interview room seen case Michael Crow that was lie boy never did that

  10. bruce davis says:

    Jay I didn't known guy interview room that so mess up I respect you so much you do amazing work

  11. tiffany young says:

    Gabbys car was registered to the laundries address and Brian most likley would have been on the insurance which is why there hands were tied with the van. Gabby said on video she rarely drives the van. Gabbys van was parked at the house address she lives at and the address the car is registered to. It would be different legally if they lived at seperate address. Regaurdless of what they saw theirs no excuse why the parent's would ignore the calls from gabbys family unlesa they were trying to delay time to cover stuff up. Regaurdles of any situation theirs no reason the family would of ignored gabbys parent's calls. Doesn't matter if its drug related or. any reason other than delay and deception to avoid gabbys family calls even if brian refused to speak to the police no reason not to speak to gabbys family.

  12. Ken Sullivan says:

    Now we see the true interest is not…justice for Gabby…more like click gathering….Gabby is old news now….this is our america

  13. Paulette Franks says:

    Hope airlines dont give in people should take the vaccine!!! Florida got a idoit for a governor just as Tn does. Was glad to get able to see the Interview room tonight!

  14. Linda Collins says:

    The bags for flys put penny's in water sun shins on it

  15. Janice Brocke says:

    Hi Jay!! GTCYA!!

  16. Min Ji says:

    I thought lawyers can only practice law where they are license, else what is the point of the STATE bar? I assume the out of state lawyers would need to work with a local lawyer if this was the customer's preference? In regards to Brian Dirty Laundrie, he's hiding in someone's basement. No way he can survive in the wild this long without his mama.

  17. K JD says:

    Yes I watched that show

  18. Just Robyn says:

    I had withdrawals from you too, such a boring Sunday in lockdown! xo

  19. Mindy Taylor says:

    They should have a warrant , saying he is wanted for questioning in a homicide .

  20. I'm L84AD8 says:

    Duty Ron only talked about how the reporter saw her remains from the helicopter. She wasnt under the canopy she was in the trees. I didn't hear anything about "sitting up".

  21. at says:

    Point of Information:
    You have it wrong about Gabby’s friend Rose Davis if Digger’s arrest info has her birthday as October. If you revisit her interviews you’ll find that her birthday was August 29 or 30. It was to celebrate her birthday that she planned to visit Gabby in Yellowstone. She is asked about it in more than one interview, both the planned meeting & whether not hearing from Gabby on the day was concerning. I believe her last contact w Gabby via text or Snapchat was about this meet-up & she was waiting to hear from Gabby to confirm. It appears there’s more than one Rose Davis in Sarasota. Eg I found a Rose Davis there who’s 91 years old.

  22. Alma says:

    I'd say anything is possible at this point.

  23. Jack says:

    Big mistake! Chris is back tonight as you all must know. Careful who you get your news from followers.

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