CAR DEALERSHIPS blast your AUTO LOAN to banks – Excessive CREDIT INQUIRIES? Auto Expert 2021

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The Homework Guy Team publishes videos to help Car Buyers. We don’t hate Car Dealerships. Instead, we represent Car Buyers, a goal that’s often in direct conflict with Car Dealer goals.
1. SELL every car for the Highest Possible Price.
2. CONVINCE Car Buyers to use Dealer affiliated Lenders / Banks.
3. LOAD every Car Deal full of Fees and Finance Products.
4. OFFER Lowball numbers on every Trade Vehicle.

1. BUY a Car from Dealers or Private Party Sellers at the Lowest Price.
2. PAY Cash or Finance with their own Bank or Credit Union.
3. DECLINE Dealer Fees and Finance Products.
4. TRADE / SELL their current vehicle for the Best Value.

THG didn’t give Car Dealers their Bad Reputation. For more than 40 years, dealerships have EARNED it by being the masters of predatory selling. They stalk victims relentlessly, often ruthlessly treating the most vulnerable car buyers (like seniors, for example) with little or no conscience. Car Dealers and their Finance Officers have no problem creating financial devastation for their customers with over bloated car loans, and often do. While the business has had record setting profits, Dealers never stop telling Car Buyers “We’re losing money!” That’s the bed Car Dealers custom built for themselves. We point out the traps and the flaws of the process, and help car buyers get by all the nonsense without being ripped off. We promote fairness, honesty, and transparency, and we’d love to see a few dealers join our mission!

The Homework Guy Team provides car buying consumers with information, automotive news and updates, industry outlook, buying and selling advice, and other help to level the tables. The public face of THG is Kevin Hunter and the master negotiator, Elizabeth. Tons of time and research goes into every show, planning for weeks, several projects always on the table, all with the goal of getting it exactly right. From Automotive News Updates to vehicle shopping advice and assistance, The Homework Guy Team is the best there is.

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How can The Homework Guy Videos help Car Buyers?
1. What you need to know before buying a car.
2. Information you need when buying a car at a dealership.
3. Benefits of Buying a Car from a Dealership or Private Party.
4. How to Buy and Sell Cars
5. Learn the process of buying a car from start to finish
6. Questions to ask at a Dealership
7. Car buying tips and tricks from the experts
8. How to Buy a Car with Cash
9. How to Pay for a Car with Cash.
10. Using Carmax, Edmunds, TrueCar, Autolist, or Kelley Blue Book.
11. Buying a Car out of state.
12. Taking Control of the Car Buying Process.
13. What to do if Scammed.
14. Illegal things Car Dealers can do.
15. Understanding Dealer Financing Tricks
16. How to Avoid Dealer Scams.
17. Reactions to Sales Training by Car Trainers.

Will The Homework Guy Team become the #MrBeast of the Auto Industry? Time will tell! We’ve seen amazing growth, and over 327,000 Subscribers and counting. Meanwhile, if you prefer to fix your current car, check out channels like Chris Fix or Scotty Kilmer! If you wonder where we get such brilliant financial ideas, watch the Dave Ramsey Show! But, if you just need to get lucky and be handed a wad of cash, well… see Mr Beast!

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how to dispute a hard inquiry on credit

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15 Responses

  1. Michael Sams says:

    Just b4 you came on, there was an You Tube ad for my local Nissan Dealer 🙂

  2. K says:

    I got shotgunned today because they all kept telling me it wouldn't affect anything and I mentioned everytime I had been to dealerships and approved already, will be stopping at my bank on Friday and getting approved there before I continue my search thank you for this info!

  3. David Mastrogiovanni says:

    Hi Kevin and team, I'm not 100% sure how my credit score affects a lease payment, given I'm paying for depreciation. My credit score is ~800.Is there anything I can/should do prior the hard pull in the finance office?

  4. Kendrick Mauricio says:

    I got help from expeditetools,com financially .They got a transfer of $35,000 directly to my bank account .

  5. Sean _ says:

    Can dealers pull your credit report without your SSN?

  6. Zakia Rollins says:

    Can you ask the dealership to stop trying to finds loans for you? My score is going down because of it and it’s becoming frustrating.

  7. Peter says:

    What do I do if a dealer sent out apps to different banks on a car I wasn’t interested in without my permission?

  8. Richard Bills says:

    Markoffice. Org really the best credit score agency.

  9. Richard Bills says:

    Markoffice. Org really the best credit score agency.

  10. Eddy Edwards says:

    So is it better to get use the dealership for a loan or my local bank? I usually always go with my bank as it’s a better rate.

  11. Michonne Okoye says:

    One car dealer sent it to 10 banks and all of them showed up. I have 10 new inquiries now. Fortunately it didn't hurt me when I went to a credit union and applied for a loan. I won't be going back to that dealer

  12. NativNoiz says:

    Another point to make future shoppers aware of: follow up on checking your personal information a month or two after a purchase! I bought a car late 2017, had pre-approved finance deal which dealer accepted, did not fill out a finance request or make verbal request. Further, signed refusal of all back end add ons. Almost every option that could be was added to the contract anyway. I refused to sign, contract was redone with purchase price going up almost $5000. Purchase was mid November, contract finally returned to bank mid January. The real surprise? The returned contract was a copy, and suddenly had my "signature" on it. Received strange letters from various finance places, and after checking found out that I had 58 total hard pulls across 3 bureaus Nov. – Jan. Bureaus and banks require the originator of request to make removal of Inquiry, two month delay in paperwork expired the "return" clause, refinance impossible due to inquiries and legal fees have cost twice the car value so far. Long gone are the days when integrity and honesty meant something – $$ are king regardless of how you get them!

  13. Frank Loar says:

    You could just ask the dealer to send the aplication to only one or two banks….

  14. Frances Owens says:

    Let me ask you a question what if you bring a current credit report that you have attained yourself can I use that to get your loan on the car

  15. Kevin Hunter The Homework Guy says:

    Hello viewers. I've done you a big favor here, one I'm sure will upset a few car dealers, dealer employees, and a few finance guys. Not to worry. I already know the car business has a lot of good people in it and I enjoy hearing from them on a regular basis. I also know the car business has it's fair share of "not so great people," and it's this latter type that I fully expect to be upset about this video. I'm sure they'll have a few choice names for me. However, let's get down to business…

    You want to WIN in the Car Dealer Finance Office, don't you? Well, this video helps you learn how you do it! You'll be surprised at how may things you'll be offered to buy in a typical car dealer finance office, and you'll be pleased to know you can say NO to all of them. This is where you learn how to buy a new or used car at the dealer and not get ripped off. Thank me with a LIKE, a COMMENT, and SHARE the video with your friends on social media.

    Perhaps you're wondering how to buy a car from a dealer with cash, with no credit, with bad credit, with your own bank financing, or with dealer financing. The bottom line? You need to know how to buy a car from a dealership. The honest truth is that there is some much to cover, it is literally impossible to do in any ONE video. Don't expect it to happen. So, I've taken the time to publish a series of "How to Buy a Car from a Dealer" videos. You'll find titles like "13 Car Buying Mistakes" and "Car Scam of the Decade." Take the time to search this channel for others. This video in particular deals with challenges in the car dealership's finance office. It shouldn't surprise you that car dealers make most of their profits in finance. Not convinced? DealerTrack, the most popular car dealer software provider in the country, outlines in their own software that in a full service dealership with Parts, Service, Sales, and Finance… that the Finance Office produces a full 40% or more of the ENTIRE DEALERSHIP PROFITS. That's why this video on Dealer Finance is such a big deal. This is the office that will clean out your pockets for you. We took the time to lay out the products, strategies, and tricks the finance officers pull every day on unsuspecting car buyers, and many of them get away with what they do. Because you are here today, you don't have to be one of the people they succeed in deceiving.
    The F&I Manager, finance man, loan officer, business manager, or whatever the car dealer wants to call him or her… just remember this is the most skilled salesperson the dealership employs. They make more money than any other person in the dealership for a very good reason. They are sharks, and they are NOT looking out for you. They are looking out for themselves and the interests of their dealership. When they "shop" your car deal to many different banks, they are looking for the bank that allows them to pack the most product into your car deal. When you start seeing bank names like Santander, Capital One, Chase, Wells Fargo, Space Coast Credit Union, Regional Acceptance Corporation, Ally… just to name a few, you know you're sitting in a car dealers finance office and they just "Shotgunned" your loan application around the country.

    On our other videos, we cover everything from extended warranties, GAP insurance, theft protection… otherwise known as window etching, paint sealers, carpet and fabric protection. All the details on HOW TO BUY A CAR, TRUCK, or SUV. We wish you the best of luck!

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