Can You Return a Car (This is How)

Can you return a car? Speaking from my experience as a former Mercedes Benz car salesman, yes you can. A car I once sold was returned for a full refund. But there are several ways a return can go wrong and you’ll be stuck with the vehicle. In this video I’ll cover what doesn’t work and how you can actually return a car. I’ll also explain what your options are if the car dealership refuses to accept your return.

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41 Responses

  1. Niceday80 says:

    I actually refunded two new vehicles last year. Once from Honda and once from Toyota.

  2. Mark smith says:

    Great video, I have an honest question. Oct 13th I purchased a used 2018 Jeep renegade trailhawk from a jeep dealer. It needed to be gone through as it was a recent purchase and they had to put new brakes, rotors and replace the side passenger mirror (previous owner broke it and replaced with non oem
    And it has the blind spot detector) and the power seat wasn’t working. The parts were ordered and I was told I would have the car in a week. They took my trade ins and cash deposit and registered it…. But as of today 11/5/2021 I still have not taken ownership. They had to have the handles painted as they came in black and they are grey on car, and the mirror also came unpainted so they painted both body color (they are supposed to be flat black plastic on that model). They finally fixed the seat last week and this week got the painted parts back and installed but the mirror isn’t working as the sensor is not clearing and so now it’s been almost a month and I have no car and a payment due nov 12th….
    Is there any way to cancel the deal?

  3. MKgaming says:

    I got the car from a dealer and the car have a lot of problems brake disk headlight broken under the hood at turbo the car have duct tape window broken not close properly after two weeks I got an error in dasboard divetrain when I tell the dealer about the issues he told that this is normal for an old car I tell him the car brakes disk is gone headlight broken under the hood duct tape at turbo and window from driver not work properly and the dealer told me this is normal for an old car

  4. Theo Ruiz says:

    I got a car at a dealership and after a month driving the check engine light came on and change oil light too..?

  5. Sadit says:

    Can you have your contact information please, I need help

  6. Zenlok :1 says:

    I just want to return mine and get an older and cheap car, im paying 10% interest on this toyota yaris 2020

  7. Tommy Stoner says:

    What if I just bought the car a hour ago from a trade and wanted to cancel

  8. juan670967 says:

    the finance company cannot confirm my employment do I get my down deposit back? I stayed under 250 mi and returned it within 3 days The return policy is 5 days but they wanted to keep checking the finance company to see if I get approved do I get my money back because of that If they don't approve me?


    I went to the dealer and because they toll me they have vehicles available
    This was 09/22/21 and they toll me it was going to arrive 10/02/21
    And is 10/04/21
    And they wrote on the contract that it was sold on the 10/02/21 what do you think

  10. Ilecriscil says:

    Hi and thanks for your video. My question is can I return a car that I found out I paid way over market value for. I financed 34k then found out the car may only be worth 25k 2018 Buick Enclave. Haven’t made the first payment yet. Had the car foe like 20 days. What are my chances and how should I return it. Thanks

  11. Timothy Scott says:

    I bought a brand new car 3 weeks ago. 11 days later some electrical issues happened and all my warning lights came on. I took it back to the dealership and they said it will take 3 to 4 weeks for them to figure out and possibly fix the issue. I've been given a loaner vehicle but no one can answer anything but they still will want that first payment and sure enough cashed in on the deposit. What options do I have?

  12. Aden Abdi says:

    I hate interest xaram How can I return I was not aware it’s interest they lie to me I don’t understand the rate the credit score Extended deposit All this words confused me I,m new to this country I,m islam they don’t want take back this xaram car what can I do please help me .

  13. L L says:

    Have 2021 Toyota chip paint on door and after having flat tire went to get fix and found out leaking air around rim.
    What u think I should do

  14. R Rubio says:

    Hi, this is the first time I have seen your video and I wonder if you have a "checklist/ cheat sheet" for what paperwork a new/used FIRST TIME car buyer needs to fill out post-purchase.

  15. Ram 43x says:

    Thank u

  16. Ram 43x says:

    Ok ok but how long b4 u cannot take it back? 30 days? Less? More?

  17. Vicky's Empire says:

    Hey manny, I am so happy that I found your channel. Please I need your help and advice on what to do here. Here is the situation, I have two cars that I’m really interested of getting one of them. I went to the first dealership to see and test drive the vehicle, I kind of like it then I went ahead and contact my bank/loan officer, we agree on the vehicle and I signed a purchase contract. Now, I have not given the dealership any money yet but my bank promised to send a check to the dealership within 2 days. The problem is here are the things I realized I don’t like about the vehicle. #1 it does not come with any warranty not even 30 days. #2. It is sold as is. #3 I am not really comfortable with a bucket seat, the vehicle isn’t big enough, and I really don’t like the style and shape of the vehicle and this is Dodge Journey Limited.

    So the very next day I decided to go to the other dealership to test drive the second car I also like which is a Jeep Cherokee Limited, it was so comfortable, I like the height of the jeep Cherokee, it also looks classy and stylish but I have already signed a contract with the first dealership but they have not receive the money yet from my bank. Here is the question…Can I cancel my contract with the first dealership and what is your advice? Thanks

  18. D Hawk says:

    hey buddy thank you for the info! quick question, i bought a used audi 2015 s4 2 days ago and so far ive had a flat tire and now having problems with the transmission, i got the car back to the dealership and they gave me a loaner for the meantime, my question is, do you think they will or can charge me for the service, or am i gonna have to give the car back? im stressed and sad about it, i wont know till tomorrow sometime. thank you.

  19. DIRGES in the DARK says:

    The EMF coming off the CRV I just bought is making me sick. I can't breathe and getting heart palpitations. Why is there no danger warning?

  20. vermont Vermont says:

    Signed papers 10 days ago. Still waiting for my car. Apparently it needs a VVT solenoid. However I have found that part in stock at every auto parts store locally. Including on line. Took them 4 days just to give me a loaner. Was told car would be ready Monday. End of the day now Tuesday and no calls, nothing. Car is still sitting there.

  21. Margarita Ramos says:

    Hello, I have a question. Recently brought a 2020 Equinox LT, but would like to upgrade to the 2020 Equinox Premier. Haven't made the first payment.

  22. kinza afridi says:

    Hi! I just bought a car and it’s only been two days but I want to return it. I traded in my old car but I still had to pay it off and had a negative equity on it so it was transferred into the new car. Will the dealership still return my new car and give me my old car back? The monthly payment is just too high and I won’t be able to afford it. Please reply back really needs help. Thank you!

  23. Nikki says:

    Hi thanks for your great video I just saw your channel I have a 2012 Nissan Versa I had the car over a year now the car has problems dealership didn't give me no Carfax to see any problems with the vehicle now that I received it I'm very shocked I am leasing the car and I don't want the car anymore there's a lot of mechanical issues that I can't afford what can I do knowing that this car I have you been giving me problems from day one if I knew or some kind of issues other car I wouldn't purchase the car and now I'm stuck with a lease monthly payment but I am not willing to spend over $4,000 of car repair when this car had so many problems in the first place the financing manager is well aware but I need to find a way how I can get out of the lease and to make him understand that this car is been a problem and I don't want to end up paying for something. To be honest I feel like I got a lemon car and they haven't been honest with me when I did ask before I got the car is a car in good condition all these questions before I purchase and then I took their word for it but after when I took it it's been problems ever since what can I do and what options do I have?

  24. Sh Mane says:

    I hope you get back to me ASAP ! we purchased a car (custom order) me and my wife financed about 80% with a credit union ( she is main borrower, I'm the co borrower ), the dealer cashed the check and we made a wire transfer for the rest + $1000 paid in deposit, the check isn't cleared yet and expected to be cleared by tomorrow, only my wife signed the contract and the DNV papers but they didn't submit it yet and said I will need to sign once the check clears … the sales person installed some extra options in the car that requires modifications and they missed the interior actually without asking me ! .. I refused to pay for the extra options and they agreed, but they dented the interior and just did an awful job ! .. can I back off the deal if only my wife has signed and the car isn't titled yet … of course we didn't take delivery or anything.

  25. Henry T says:

    So, my parents bought a bmw 228i gran coupe 2021 new paid in full like 1 week and a half ago and I realized this car is kinda too small for me and my friends bc they can’t fit in the back do u think they’ll let me return it or trade it in for a 330i for a full price refund?

  26. Caramel Coldbrew says:

    Hey sir .. I bought a car about 3 months ago .. I had finance it … but now I think I may not be able to make a payment.. can I still return it ???

  27. Matthew Cortes says:

    Hey I just brought a car three weeks ago. In the first week my car was ok. Then beginning of the second week. My car almost killed me cause the breaks failed. It's been at the dealership mechanic for a whole week now and the car still isn't fix. Do u think I would be able to return the car?

  28. Chris Ruiz says:

    I just purchased a used car with trade in. Transmission went out after a week. It's a 2016 Tahoe. The dealership will not help with a loaner they basically told me to go with my extended warranty I purchased. They did offer me $500 In a check to help with a rental. But I'm worried that if I take the $500 that my warranty is going to give me issues or not help with my claim since I settled for $500 with dealership. Just in case the warranty people decide they think the dealership needs to pay half for transmission costs. Can you give me some advice asap. Thank you

  29. Christina Gardea says:

    Hi I bought a used vehicle and the transmission went out after two weeks I bought the extended warranty. What’s the best approach….. My original tradein is still on the lot I was thinking maybe asking for my car back to “undue” everything and just stay with the new financing company because the interest rate was a little better if possible. I spoke with a lawyer it made Everything feels worse when asked I for loner/rental car from the dealership and no one help get a loner it’s been two weeks and they haven’t even touched my car. Any advice

  30. Yanet Wright says:

    My husband lost his job bcuz of covid can he return the car to the dealer?? With both of our name on it??

  31. Pezz says:

    I bought a used mini van on a friday and when I was about to drive off with it the sales manager said they found an issue with the van and asked to keep it the weekend so they could check it out. On Monday they delivered the van to my apartment and told me they didn't find any problem with the van. As soon as I drove it on the highway I felt shuddering on the car (violent shaking on the car) could I return the car? It didn't do that when I test drove it the day I bought it.

  32. sidharth chand says:

    Best thing to do is do a prepurchase inspection. The worst thing you could do is rush and buy a buy here pay here car and find out it’s a lemon and you got ripped off on the interest rate

  33. VaN NyC says:

    If I bought a used car and sign the paperwork and didn't pick up the car until the next day but I decided to cancel it and get a brand new car at the same dealership can I use the same deposit for the new car? Or I lost some of the deposit money?

  34. Trupal Patel says:

    I leased 2021 sienna and i dnt like it m i eble to return sienna to dealershipits been 2 days today

  35. Zaicorx says:

    Is there a way for me to renegotiate my monthly payment? I literally just bought the vehicle less than 6 hours ago, I added an extended warranty and something else I believe it was a service thing. I would like to remove those extra added things.

    The vehicle I purchased is a Honda Civic Sport 2021, brand new. The Interest rate is 2.9 and the monthly payment was $465 with the added stuff and about $428 without the extra stuff. Will this be possible to renegotiate or at least to lower the my monthly payment???

    I even thought about returning the vehicle but I haven’t checked the return policy, in my humble opinion $465 a month for a civic sport is outrageous I could pay that same amount for an accord or perhaps something even better.

  36. Dragalia Lost says:

    Hi, bought the car today i live in quebec, can i return the car? its not 24hrs yet. i wanna return because the guy trick me i want the advance protection which is cover all inside the car and i showed the picture to the Sale agent and he gave me different. the car is 0 interest and no down payment its a brand new car. please advise

  37. Rai Galope says:

    What if the dealer service department messed up my transmission due to wrong transmission flush?

  38. Lon Tho says:

    I was able to return a car after a week. The dealership was shady. We contacted finance department and reported them. So they denied the loan and never received paperwork either

  39. Marsha Manning says:

    Just bought a new Honda Civic 2021 and on the day of purchase before getting home the car making bad noise from the inside contacted the dealership. they say take it to the service you have warranty you don’t have to call us. So I did and they couldn’t find out what was wrong. Then on my way home it started making sounds again so I recorded it and sent it to the manager of service department. And know their telling me the car they gave me is the wrong car wrong vend number. And I’am saying to my self I got my insurance and my tag paper have the right ven number on it the tag paper too but the other intended warranty paper doesn’t. So I ask could they come get the car and gave me my money back because I been riding around in a lemon and a car I don’t own with no insurance but I purchased the insurance with the car ven number that’s on the car and paper I have. So their returning my money and I have some papers to sign. And my question is what should these paper I have to sign should have on it when they come pick the car up and refund me

  40. Robert Daniel Polanco says:

    Hey I just bought a car 2 days ago and the interest rate is tu high because I don’t have credit history, I made a 9,500 down payment and the rest is financing what I still return and get the money back ?

  41. Lenga M91 says:

    Hi Manny, so my husband and I got a new car 3 years ago and last week at 37k miles we found out that the car was built with the wrong pistons after it started shaking terribly. They fixed it under warranty but now I don’t feel safe driving it with my child in the car most of the time too.
    What can we possibly do? We’re open to an exchange for a different car but not another financing. Please help, thank you

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