Can I Keep Medicaid after Inheritance or Injury Settlement

If a Medicaid recipient receives money from an inheritance or personal injury settlement, this video explains some of the options available to maintain their Medicaid eligibility.

Article re: How to Keep Medicaid after Receiving an Inheritance:

Article re: How to Keep Medicaid after a Personal Injury Settlement:

More Info re: Personal Services Contract:

More Info re: Medicaid Special Needs Trust:


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24 Responses


    Hi Thanks for your information can I open a special need trust account in my son & daughter name & keep my compensation to keep my Medicaid. My son and daughter has to operate the account or I can also. Will Medicaid check how much money I have in a special need trust account. Thank you

  2. American Patriot says:

    Oh I forgot to mention that I live in Florida, if that makes a difference.

  3. American Patriot says:

    First off I'd like to thank you for helping to educate the public on these important matters. So anyway, I'm going to receive an inheritance for close to 300K. it's already gone through probate. I'm over the age of 65 and I'm on Medicaid. Now I had cancer approximately 7 years ago and Medicaid covered all the bills and I'm talking about two operations six weeks of radiation 6 months of chemotherapy many CT scans MRIS and on and on. Needless to say that added up to a whole lot of money. I would like to get my inheritance and invest most of it, maybe spend a little. I would like to free myself from Medicaid and SSI. Now my question is can Medicaid try to get reimbursed for all the medical expenses I racked up, if I proceed with just accepting the money and cutting my ties with Medicaid and just continuing on with Medicare. Would appreciate any information you could give me.

  4. Earthwisdom says:

    I cashed a settlement check for 18,000 (non personal injury) at the bank of the person who issued me the check. They asked for my ID, SS, where I worked before. I asked the teller why she had to input all that, she said there has been a lot of money laundering. Does medicare find out about this through the government?

  5. GunsAndPoker says:

    Do Medicaid recipients have to payback all the money that was spent during their time on Medicaid? Lets say someone was on Medicaid for 5 years, later get's a job and gets off Medicaid. Do they have to pay it all back? Thanks for a reply.

  6. Warren Alston says:

    Just take your money in cash and hide it.

  7. Be Strong & Courageous says:

    Good information. My brother is on Medicaid. Thus won an injury settlement money is not in his hands but that of the lawyers. He wants his check. Should he cancel Medicaid before depositing his check? Could he request for his check and not cash and wait for treatment to be over, cancel Medicaid, and cash it?
    He’s considered me as his trustee. When opening a bank account under Medicaid conditions: how is the banked money disbursement work? He needs a car, house, other day to day necessities. Can I transfer money to his account? Do I give him a check? Could I have a debit card?

  8. Andrea Breton says:

    Oh man i have a question that needs serious answers are u still here im super late to all this

  9. Jonathon Ryback says:

    what about spending the money in the stock market?

  10. lisa whitt says:

    Will i lose my ssdi and medicare

  11. lisa whitt says:

    I draw ssdi and i have medicare and medicaid. I have inherited 40000

  12. Loraine Nunez says:

    I receive a settlement for injury that I got it's about $15,000 so before I even received the money Medicaid send me a letter stating I owe you or what's $148,900.80. So I call my lawyer and he tells me to ignore it. so once I get this money he sent me a note I signed everything and then he says yes. Then he took his 15,000 he pay my physical therapy 10,000 I am alright 1500 he paid 9:40 for himself and then he paid the other bills and then he says this is what's left for you and then he said if you don't own Medicaid and Medicare. So my lien I know I used to Medicaid and Medicare Part B three times so I say about $4,000 but I don't trust him after he did that to me I felt so hurt so I need to know what to do friend of mine told me to put a truck but I know nothing about it I don't know who to trust how do I go about it I appreciate your help thank you very much

  13. Георгій Коломієць says:

    As I understand there are 2 aspects of eligibility: income part and asset part. Why do you talk only about asset part, e.g. money being in my account, and say nothing about the income part? I know that personal injury settlement money may be nottaxable, doest it automatically solves income part problem? There is a limit of income to receive Medicaid, it's set monthly, why is it not a problem?

  14. dick castle says:

    the only country in the world where receiving money gets you kicked off healthcare, that makes sense

  15. Holger Briones says:

    Thank you for the informative video! I had a quick question- when you say “received” a personal injury settlement would that be the date of the settlement check or date it arrived by mail to my home or the date I deposit it in my bank account?
    Separately, would I have the option of gifting that money to a relative or multiple relatives?

  16. Ricky D says:

    So if im getting 20k what should i do ? I am overweight and have health issues. I been out of work. Im on certain medicine that i need. What should i do? I cant afford to lose my medicaid, but i need that money to survive because i dont work.

  17. Cau Nguyen says:

    My dad is going to receive $6,500 for his personal injury due to an auto accident. Will he be able to use the money to purchase a used car right away without losing his Medicaid and SSI? (He has never owned a vehicle). Thank you in advance!

  18. Dameon Jones says:

    Im getting a million dollars in inheritance how do i spend that up??

  19. Anthony Nicholson says:

    You said figure out how to spend the 40k… Would buying a house with a mortgage(obviously) if you are not already a homeowner work?

  20. Sherrod Henderson says:

    Will it affect a person food stamps to ? Or not

  21. Sherrod Henderson says:

    What is your email address?

  22. Pack Attack says:

    What if i dont let medicaid know of the settlement? Will they find out and how?

  23. Judgment Proof says:

    No way would I ever give my money away to someone else especially when I need it! That's defeating the purpose of getting the money in the first place: no one gets it!

    I'd never decline an amount of money that's more than what I'm getting, especially in the day of able accounts where was the by law we're now allowed to have it under the new able act law

    One thing to remember is you never want to let anyone manage your money if you set everything up just right. Set up online auto bill pay only from your end and have multiple accounts where you can have automatic transfers each month and the rest goes into you're able to help automatically each month if this is a multiple payment thing. I personally would want one lump sum to make sure I get everything I'm entitled to

  24. sam anderson says:

    My mother is 75 year old and she received supplement security income ssi, will supplement security income will affect with pain and suffering settle if she get paid? Please

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