"Can I Get A Mortgage with Late Payments on My Credit Report?"

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Late Payments are credit score killers, but it doesn’t have to be the end of your Home Buying efforts. Here, I detail steps to take to Claim the Keys to your New Home if Late Payments are reporting on your credit reports :).

Resources Mentioned:

Personal Credit Coaching:

Credit On Fire – Credit Building Academy:

Claim My Keys Home Buying Intensive:

12-Week Rent 2 Home Challenge:

FB LIve on Student Loans & Mortgage Approval:

FB Live on Collections & Mortgage Approval:

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how to dispute missed payments on credit report

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17 Responses

  1. Mkay says:

    So got a conditional approval from underwriting and has given them everything they requested I’m looking to close on July 30th and today I got a 30 late payment reported and dropped my score 34 points. Will this affect their decision??? The payment has since been made

  2. Lola says:

    I’m on processing with my lender, my credit card company did not request payment for June. It was set up ACH /IVR and reported to bureaus 30 days. My account is brought up to date. How will this effect my credit score and chances of getting a loan?

  3. Meet The Moore’s says:

    What about conventional loans? I have seen people say the lenders look back at lates 2 years. Is it 2 years or 12 months?

  4. Candice N says:

    If you have 2 or more late payments but it was 10 months ago would that be ok. Or does it have to be 12 months on the dot

  5. Jorrell Davis says:

    If I had a few late payments within the year, but payed them all off and the accounts are now closed will it still show the late payments when the mortgage company pull my credit?

  6. Onthatile Sekano says:

    This video really helped. I’ve been looking for this question. I want to apply for a car and I have late payments from a clothing account (I didn’t know that affects my credit score ) , am I at risk for buying a car ? Or will they allow me to still buy a car

  7. Sandra Price BOSSLADY says:

    What if one 30 days late payment within 12 months because was selling current home. Had a contraction it, but found out had to wait to sell and close o.n the current home for 30 days due to a lien on it. Paid the mortgage all payments are up to date now. All scores are in 700s.
    No car note, only 1 credit card bill which is under 30%.

  8. carlo locicero says:

    Question trying to refi my existing fha but have a late payment back in March and one in November what are my possibilities

  9. david bashay says:

    thanks for the info. already have a house (fha) but looking to sell by Dec 2020 and get another one. Last late payment on current home was a 30 day back in 2017. however there were several 60 and 90 day payments back in 2015. I'm anticipating a 700-725 credit score by Dec 2020 with hopes of buying the next house after selling the first one. Does this sound doable considering all factors mentioned?

  10. Real Vessel Gem says:

    Do most lenders excuse late payments that happened over 12 months?

  11. Real Vessel Gem says:

    Do they count charge offs that are still reporting as late as late payment or things such as Carnote, credit card and etc?

  12. Real Vessel Gem says:

    What if I was 90 days late on a credit card that is now closed but I’m about to pay it anyway and the last late payment reported september 2018 and that’s the only late payment I have, never missed on my car or student loan?

  13. v h says:

    Great videos .. new sub here ♡

  14. Stephanie Chandler says:

    My friend was told to wait until 2020 for a miss car payment 30days and 615 credit score. Is this accurate for a USDA loan!?

  15. Royal Jai says:

    I'm on a car loan with someone who is always late how do i remove my name off of car so i can move on with my home loan.

  16. Latrina Haynie says:

    Hello! If I have a closed account, and its still showing im still late on my credit report. Do I still pay the balance I owe? This is whats

  17. Kandychelle's Korner says:

    Thank you so much for this helpful information. I was 30 days Sept, Oct, and Nov last year. Do I need to wait until Dec of this year to try for a new home loan. I have a FHA loan.

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