Can I Get a Free Credit Report? | How to Check My Credit For Free? | Free Annual Credit Report Steps

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But did you know! Once every 12 months, you are allowed to file a request with all 3 major credit bureau’s such as, Equifax, Transunion, and Experian, to complete a quick profile inquiry against your own social security number so that you can determine if you need to make any adjustments to your credit score based off what everyone else (entities, car dealerships/manufacturers, mortgage banks, credit unions, credit card company’s, etc.) report for you to these three main bureaus. is a legitimate government backed FTC website that allows any U.S. citizen the RIGHT to “purchase” a FREE report using your debit card as a method of verification towards pulling said report. I mean, they still have to verify your identity somehow, but yes, compared to the monthly fees involved with the nowadays common process of paying a third party vendor to “display your credit score” which is nothing more than a “soft pull” as they call it . . . I have later found during my years as a real estate agent helping clients purchase over 35 homes so far, that big box credit reporting websites such as,, USAA’s credit reporting tool which was later sold to a third party company, don’t really provide a VERY ACCURATE depiction of what your credit score actually is . . . therefore, I have provided the steps necessary for you to take your own initiative to pull your own FREE CREDIT REPORT straight from the source of each big bureau here in this tutorial.

Nowadays, you need a credit score for everything! Including groceries. Just kidding. But really, I mean, what DON’T you need to have a good credit score for any more? It’s 2022! Bad credit is as bad as smoking cigarettes nowadays. It’s like you know it’s not good for you to walk around with bad credit, (puffing smoke) but sometimes, your spending habits and your lack of discipline are the perfect storm for credit disaster, then you end up frustrated and mad at the system. Don’t let the system run you! You have to stand up and learn how to adapt your new self to the system so that you can make credit work for you!

Thankfully at our firm, Limitless Realty Group, we provide a legitimate and PROVEN (not to mention cost effective in terms of taking action now), method to helping people get back on track to fix their credit scores IMMEDIATELY! Watch my short video for the steps covered in order to create a better understanding of what your current credit scores are so that you can purchase or lease whatever it is your heart desires. Life was meant to be lived limitlessly! Not confined by a number.

Know someone who needs credit repair? Enroll in our unique program for only $99 (normally $500 minimum down!)

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