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44 Responses

  1. Zach Small says:

    I like the round 100 that doesn’t exist and this game blows

  2. Kareena Williams says:

    I stand by infinite warfare having the best zombies. It was different and actually creative

  3. Jay Moore says:

    So this zombies is making this game…. Call of Doodie.

  4. dont tripbot says:

    Noah j's Character looks like chaning tatum

  5. Electro_Statyk says:

    Yeah if Xbox and PlayStation can get there consoles in stores were people can actually buy one next get gams would be amazing

  6. Ed Bizzle says:

    When you get to them mid 20's, everybody dyin' frfr

  7. Devin Hogan says:

    This is literally just Cold War again by the looks of it

  8. Roger Klarvin says:

    I couldn’t get past 4 minutes of this because of the commentary

  9. dont trip says:

    Garbage ass Cod stop bringing new installment each year it’s making it worse

  10. LukeFromNY says:

    Excuse me while I redownload bo3 and go play it’s zombies and chronicles

  11. Gronco23 says:

    The base map is gorod krovi

  12. The Jersey Ninja says:

    Honestly Activision should be smart and give Treyarch their own game JUST for zombies. Then they could release the regular cod by infinity ward with campaign and multiplayer, then give Treyarch the zombies game allowing them the ability to solely focus on zombies for a full year. And they wouldn’t even have to release a new game of it each year, they could do every other year and just release new maps and updates through the year gap

  13. GodKu says:

    Ik what peps are saying there is no EE, but im sorry if you really listen to all the quotes it tells you places on the map to goto fr check in on them better

  14. The Real Moonman says:

    Gonna wait till it goes on sale. Love playing zombies with my bros, but im not paying $60 just for a zombie mode that has dissapointed players

  15. T.Y. says:

    Bought the game for the zombies and refunded shortly after lol even the multiplayer is bad

  16. Dylan Ruff says:

    This feels like Cold War with bo4 zombies I like Cold War but hated bo4 zombies it was so bad

  17. love2rogue says:

    poop of the dead with the boys, make a statement for these guys to sort out their SHIT l0l.

  18. zellcell says:

    In zombies does ur weapons at least level up fast?

  19. Yella Munga says:


  20. Devil red 7 says:

    Ww2 zombies by far the best zombies for a long time

  21. Buddy Underwood says:

    the lines the gods say in zombies are so out of context lol

  22. Tasha Chaney says:

    yes sir my boy is playing that game i just got done playing that game

  23. TheFroggames189 says:

    Vanguard is piss in a bucket compared to bo3 they’re trying to ease the pain and disappointment with the throwback maps which are cut up into small sections but it isnt working

  24. Smitty Werbenjaegermanjensen says:

    This zombies is way to easy and kinda garbage

  25. RxTt5904 says:

    Zombies sucks now!

  26. Danny Richards says:

    Keep making more

  27. Danny Richards says:

    Thx 4 sharing

  28. Jake Capi says:

    I personally absolutely love the zombies for this game. I've been a zombies player since WAW and completed every easter egg since.

  29. Richie Bebb says:

    Jesus Christ I don't like to leave negative comments but this video give me the biggest headache.

  30. Jared White says:

    Why you yelling? Turn your mic down

  31. Bobby Boswell says:

    dear god my ears zey are bleeding

  32. 2High2Care says:

    also find me on leadereboards ive solod to 23

  33. Jay Dietz says:

    Game sucks

  34. Jay Dietz says:

    It sucks I don't blame ya for ranting your opinion on the game

  35. meric curlis says:

    can you not photoshop ray gun when its not available yet?

  36. Dorothy Cordell says:

    That was wonderful to listen to

  37. Djabouty47 says:

    good gameplay i will give liek

  38. Chase Mccauley says:

    Why do I feel like he is yelling at me

  39. Darius Vonrossum says:

    Why does is there a golden deagle on your screen tag???

  40. Joevonie Delarosa says:

    Mans didn’t even know what he was playing lol

  41. Jack Collins says:

    Honestly, the community is so toxic now, that even shi no as a round based map, people would complain

  42. Baboon Kief says:

    POV:people complaining like get a life bro

  43. Brady Vang’s channel says:

    I like cod vanguard multiplayer and zombies on PlayStation 4

  44. Justin Santos says:

    Yeaaaah booooi

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