California’s Julie Harper case: Husband shot dead in disputed story of self-defense

High school teacher Jason Harper was shot dead in the master bedroom of his Southern California home on August 7, 2012. And there’s no question who did it: his wife Julie, a Harvard alumna turned stay-at-home mom. But Julie claims Jason’s abuse reached a deadly new level one morning during a fierce argument in their bedroom, and she says she feared for her life. UPDATES:


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23 Responses

  1. Lisa Bloemers says:

    Her husband looks a lot like the guy that was with Britny Murphy too and it makes me wonder if it was the guy that was with Britny Murphy but she looks similar to someone else too.

  2. NIKITA KHRUSHCHEV 2.0 says:

    Andrea Isom, from the first time I heard her voice, l fall in love with her.

  3. Nicole Lee says:

    Damn straight nobody would believe her if she claimed abuse to the police

  4. C.L.R.M. says:

    That's terrible. This is why domestic abuse victims don't speak up. No one believes you.
    Poor woman.
    Not fair that one jury found her not guilty and they prosecuted again.
    Not fair at all.
    Our justice system sux

  5. Talibe cheikh says:

    No emotion at all on this womans eyes

  6. Lindsey Kovalik says:

    It's hard to watch this lady lie so much. The evidence completely contradicts her attempts to make herself sound like an angel. How do you get asked if you'd do it over again and say that nothing would change if she accidentally fired the gun??

  7. Drone Strike says:

    Uh huh. This was calculated. She has sociopath all over her face.

  8. Jonathan Smith says:

    Her last name is KillPack so savage

  9. Ana Oviedo says:

    What a selfish woman.

  10. Sandy Brown says:

    In my opinion..she's a liar & a murderer! When accidents happen, 911 is the first reflex. She ran to daddy as if this catastrophe would go away. I can't help but wonder what she did all day. She certainly didn't clean. Children don't take up every second of a day.

  11. tallblonde1976 says:

    Nasty hoarder house, bad liar, trying to live above her means, she's not very likable or believable.

  12. Bruno M. Alonzo Jr. says:

    Oh no that narrator’s voice – could be better. Not further watching

  13. Jenna G. says:

    This is why if you are being abused you need to document & record everything. She obviously didn’t have the evidence to back up her claims. She’s a bad liar. Notice how she said “the right outcome would come out”, not the TRUTH would come out… guilty AF.

  14. Fatma Suleiman says:


  15. Arshly James says:

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  16. Claude Echols says:

    If I had any money I know my wife would shoot me, I keep mine spent , I got a lot of stuff but I ain't got no money, I try to spend it before I make it. Playing safe you know.

  17. Sonia Rican says:

    Damn This is the second re-uploaded video I’ve seen where they didn’t blur out the deceased, he was so purple, like damn how long did she take til she called 911

  18. Deborah Lowe says:

    Yeah she planned this evil lady and to get pregnant during trial come on now what about the kids? She don’t care about them kids people like her a just all for self nasty and sue where she belongs

  19. Sailorforlife BESTTI says:

    I was with her until she killed him and got pregnant right after.

  20. M Tio says:

    She’s getting out next year. She is (as of today) at a community reentry program

  21. M Tio says:

    So much plastic surgery she can’t even show emotion

  22. C 546799 says:

    A. What a sick person to get pregnant in the middle of this, she was trying to get sympathy points. Good on the judge for rescheduling.
    B. I bet if she recorded all of the times her husband asked her to stop spending so much money in a calmer way, she'd have a lot more footage. On a teachers salary in one of the MOST expensive cities in the country, he had to be struggling.

  23. Mark H says:

    My first xwife accused me of raping her and she taunted me to hit her which I never did. She married a retired cop who took a part time job as a sheriff boat patrol in a popular lake. Fourteen years later they were fighting and the cop pulled a gun on her, she ran to her bed and got her 9mm and when he followed her and threatened to kill her she shot him dead with three rounds to the chest. She called 911 after it happened and the cops found his gun on the floor at the foot of the bed. Grand Jury said not guilty of murder, it was a clear case of self defense. I wonder if I dodged a bullet or two.

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