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20 Responses

  1. Riding With Rocky says:

    Don’t listen to this government agent

  2. Roth Trader says:

    guy in the video is a confirmed NPC

  3. Church ave Dan says:

    Is it true that our debt from credit cards are actually paid by the gov and that’s why our (bills) say statement instead of (bill) ?????

  4. Louisa Whyte says:

    All corrupt entities

  5. jorge lopez says:

    To the admin. Define payment

  6. Bandana S. Singh says:

    Lmao … boy … you need to do more research.

  7. Mark Vylonis says:

    Yes people make mistakes and go to jail. This guy is not telling the truth because he does not fully understand the debt/credit system. Anna Von Reitz ,look her up and you can learn the truth.

  8. Jay Roland says:

    Mine is in philly

  9. Jay Roland says:

    A through m and those letters with the number behind it will tell you which federal reserve your account is located

  10. Jay Roland says:

    It's the registration number written in red on the back of your birth certificate

  11. DaquariusIsDaScariest says:

    Anyone stupid enough to fall for this nonsense deserves the jail time that comes with it. A tiny amount of research is all it takes to debunk this scam. Yet people still fall for it, which means they are idiots.

  12. Jessica King says:

    You are missing the fact that federal reserve notes are just that IOU not real money so take the money owed to us that's where the money is. Good try though

  13. Anthony Griffin says:

    look it up for yourself instead of taking someone else’s advice (BEST ADVICE I CAN GIVE )

  14. KLMahone says:

    In order to bust a myth you need proof … That is what you're lacking. Don't tell me about what the Fed says … Their whole existence is a lie. PROOF = credibility!

  15. Joe Schmoe says:

    I guess im on a "list" but its unusual that I pay ALL my taxes by A4V and NEVER have a problem.
    Another attempt by big brother to enslave us!
    If theres no money of accouint then why are we "insured" and why is it necessary to be REGISTERED ?

  16. k m says:

    And aliens are not real ..

  17. M CII says:

    You're absolutely correct. There is no account with the fed res and your ssn has nothing to do with what's real because you didn't get an ssn until way after your birth certificate was issued.
    I stayed up one night til about 3 am and found my certificate in the "stocks" system and I know when my account was opened and how much money is there…

  18. Alpha & Omega says:

    People whom still think that Gold, Silver, Minerals, Gems, all these are in fact – are all Worthless… Since 1666…

    As also Clearly stated, in the 1920 England, and then America in 1933 every country was made BANKRUPT that had a BANK, why? Because everything was Brought Under the Bill of exchange…. which all you can do is Discharge … by tendering the bill with your own powers of attorney, thereby acting as the executor, and is also securitising the instrument known as the Promissory Note which is what all BANK Notes are… only the man and woman holds substance and value, why else would they want your signature…? this is when what is known as the Great Depression… this is all facts…

    'i, can tell you now, there is no such things as a Loan, or any types of financial loans or mortgages including all TAXES and all types of so called Bill… this is not a true bill…

  19. tim barkin says:

    No Free Lunch….if you are in all caps or blue ink or if you consent…or any other damn fool thing that you have come to believe.
    You have to pay your bills, pay your taxes, pay your car insurance, pay your driver's license, etc. or you go to jail. So simple, really.

  20. Iain Bambury says:

    How do I go abought clameing. My. Birth certificate

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