Business Report: How good are the Sears liquidation sales?

The Sears liquidation sales are underway. 680 NEWS business editor Richard Southern with just how good the deals are.


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9 Responses

  1. don684 says:

    Okay I went into Sears today .What a waste of time . Everything was 20% off ,tools 10% . The prices pre liquidation were better . Store was empty and no one was buying or very little .

  2. Fliprap says:

    Liquidation sale looks cheap but Sears put higher prices on some Products then other stores in North America and All Fragrences /Perfume are not being put on sale o
    Instead Regular price

  3. L. Jane Robb says:

    It's a Toronto location what do you expect from shoppers from the rudest most arrogant city in Ontario if not Canada!  As for the prices, the liquidation will be running until January and the prices will not be dropping much until closer to then!

  4. writerpatrick says:

    I was able to be at the last hour of two Zellers stores during their closing and most of the stuff left was selling for ridiculously low. At one everything was a quarter and at the other it was like 95% off. Not much left in stock by that time though. It was definitely a little crazy. People were just grabbing stuff they didn't even need because it was so cheap.

    However, I'll be surprised if they're still open a week after boxing day.

  5. meacomefeyou says:

    The packy and Muslim bed sales representative con artist at SEARS On Shepard are rood scammers and liars.

  6. JÖYの貓 says:

    I feel bad for sears…not

  7. don684 says:

    Wow 20% to 50% off .That's not a liquidation price . Must be the same people that did the Target and Zellers liquidation . The prices were way too high for a liquidation . If consumers just stay away the prices will drop . You can get better prices and selection at other stores right now . I won't waste my time going into Sears right now .

  8. Simon Chow says:

    I trust the Indians

  9. Bobby Bobby says:

    Sears has become a shameful retail store. Shame on people buying sears' products.

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