BUSINESS CREDIT REPORTING: How I built a high score with Experian in 3 months! #businesscredit

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Hello All! I checked my Experian Business Credit Report today for the first time since opening my new LLC. And wow! Building business credit really does help!

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Hello! I am a physical therapist/small business owner on a credit journey from what I have learned from Youtube! Not knowing about personal and business credit has cost me millions! Having owned 3 clinics generating 6 figures annually in the past and not building business credit: not knowing the POWER that my business would have had, had I known how to leverage the company’s borrowing power.
Will be sharing my experiences as I learn more about how to make videos LOL! Knowledge applied is really powerful and I am grateful for how it is changing my life. Still on a journey and would like to learn from you as well by sharing experiences here! Credit Plug, Radikal Marketer, Josh of GBC, Credit Suite, Designer Soapbox, and the rest, I appreciate you all!
For you out there who are like me, slowly applying what we learned, I welcome your thoughts and would love to hear your journey as well!
*** DISCLAIMER: This video is meant to be for entertainment and information. Please consult a professional for sound legal and financial advice.***
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how to dispute credit report with experian

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