Business Credit for Trucking

How Over the Road Truckers Can Get Business Credit Linked to

Their EINDuring this webinar, you’ll discover …

How to separate your business and personal credit – and why that helps both scores

Why you want to separate your business and personal credit and how not separating business and personal credit can hurt you

How business credit can help you get more credit without inquiring on your personal credit – and why that matters

How business credit can help you fund your over the road trucking business, and how it can get you fleet and gas cards to help your over the road trucking business grow

Just how high the approval limits are for business credit and how you can get business credit with no collateral or credit check and even a startup can get business credit

How lenders determine if your business is credible – and why it matters for them to feel your over the road trucking business is legit

How you can help build credibility by making sure your business name is identical everywhere you file it and so is your EIN

Why a corporation or an LLC tells lenders your company is truly a business

How to get a credible brick and mortar business address without renting a suite in a building and why your business licensing – including your commercial driver’s license – needs to be under the same name and business address

How to enhance your over the road trucking business’s credibility with an 800 number, a 411 listing, a fax number, and a professional website complete with professional email

Why keeping a high balance in your business bank account will help you get loan approval in the future

How to get a D-U-N-S number to get your D&B reports and how to get your Experian and Equifax reports

How to correctly build business credit from trade accounts to store accounts, and then revolving and fleet credit

11/14/2017 by Ty Crandall, Credit Suite

Business Credit For Trucking, Part 1


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26 Responses

  1. Richard Noggin says:

    EIN-for-truckers leads to 404 page.

  2. Bob Marley says:

    And lender told me that ALL BANKS WANT AND PG with no exceptions.

  3. Patrick says:

    guy talks more about nothing. incredible. Get to the point. says the same things 15 times. jeez.

  4. Laura Baden says:

    I don't owe anybody anything now with the help of f u n l a p t o p w o r k .c o m

  5. Eric St says:

    Can I get the virtual office first and then use that address for my llc

  6. Eric St says:

    Thank you I'm a trucker

  7. Big Rig Texas Trucking says:

    My husband and I plan to get a truck around August, I have 5 years and he has about 20. My problem is, I was a single mom of four and my dad and his side of the family were big on paying cash instead of using credit so when I was younger I would rip up credit card offers. I finally decided to start trying to build credit so I started with one secured card and built up but then I met my husband now lets just say he wasn't responsible and I ended up messing things up when we first met but now I handle the finances and he is inderstanding because he knows I'm better at it lol. So, my question is since right now I'm still a company driver and I don't have 10,000 to put in a business bank account can I start small and start building up still because I want to have something established before we get our truck? My email is if I can set up something I could afford right now for you guys to start helping me get going, thank you and God Bless all of you for everything you do.

  8. lamfilipos says:

    Many thanks, I have been researching "how do i get business credit" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you heard people talk about – Vansaiah Meylijah Domination – (just google it ) ? Ive heard some awesome things about it and my friend got excellent success with it.

  9. S & M Professional Trucking Service says:

    Hi, I know you said that home phone service and mobile phone are not recommend to used for business purposes. My question is can used Magicjack service and registered to the address of my business address that is a office in town but really run the business from home.

  10. Wayne Hobson says:

    as lease driver or a owner operator that has a truck leased onto a company the license and plates are done by the company you are leased too so it would have there address

  11. Bernie Sands says:

    So when you get your trucking insurance do you put it in your name or can u put it in your business's name? If u have to put the insurance in your name how does an L.L.C protect u then? I mean it's obviously your company if the insurance is in your name. I'm also starting my business alone with no employees so when I do my articles of organizing I'll be the only one on the board C.E.O only nobody else but me what can I do about that?

  12. First Klass87 says:

    I filed threw incfile and with the wrong name, changed it the next day still waiting for the documentation

  13. EddieDrotar says:

    The problem, I’ve ran into with a virtual office as a trucking company is that when you try to register for plates, they will deny your business address because you can’t provide utility bills or lease for the virtual office. So now I’m forced to use home address.

  14. chrismassoc says:

    Great information . . . with no real sales pitch. Thank you.

  15. vin says:

    Thanks for sharing I appreciate it

  16. blackmagic6011 says:

    What are good unsecured credit cards that report to D&B? Only one I've been able to find is a Wells Fargo card.

  17. Eleric Castellano says:

    1st, time at this. probably asking for to much. I understand most of the information is concrete and awesome very informative than you for sharing. my question, is there a chart or list from start/finish?

  18. Nino Texas says:

    Some of the best most thorough info. I’ve had a bit of this stuff down. But this guy cemented thevvorrectvplan. Can’t wait to call and use this company.

  19. Edward Lawler says:

    Good info are you still up and running for further consultation?

  20. Larry Walker says:

    Thanks a lot

  21. ReBORN TIME LORD Ramirez says:

    Do you use the virtual address for the ein and llc?

  22. jhnsls978 says:

    You say otr trucking this goes for local or regional trucking as well yes

  23. Edy kay says:

    Nice video. One thing I would like to point out. When you get a virtual phone number through Ring central or such set ups. That doesn't point to your business since that number is owned by Ring central. So creditors will still be able to know its a ring central or whoever you got it from. I may have missed it in the video but one of the most important things to get approved is to show your bank statements that you are actually making money. To me thats more important than having a perceived office. I think everyone knows that not all business are brick and mortal. my 2c

  24. Corey Garrison says:

    You can’t get a Dunn’s number with virtual office

  25. D. Moody says:


  26. Wil Ra says:

    Ive been a owner operator for the last 6 yrs with a credit score of 730ish. I have the basic set up sole p with no business bank acct. How long would it take me to set up and get approved with you all assistance?

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