Bullet Proof Dispute Letter Strategy Credit Repair Training

Today’s video gives you the Bullet Proof Dispute Letter Strategy Credit Repair Training, which teaches you how to take your confusing credit report and turn it into dispute letters to the credit bureaus that get RESULTS. If you would like some help, schedule your free Discovery Call at and I will see if I can help.

In this dispute letter training, you will learn the 2 questions your dispute letter must answer, the 5-part dispute reason formula that can be used to remove ANY negative account, and the exact wording that should be in the letter itself to write for results.

This will work for removing charge-offs, collections, foreclosures, late payments, bankruptcies, inquiries, and anything else that you would like to see removed from a credit report!

Here is the other video on the AJERO formula that was referenced in this video:


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Let’s jump on a call and see if I can help!

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  1. Derek Crews says:

    So what happens if they just update the account and don't delete the account?

  2. Life of candy 31 says:

    This is great wow great job

  3. The Banks Homestead says:

    How do you write a dispute letters for medical collections?

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