Brother Polight & The Scammed Victims

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7 Responses


    He been with raet since 12 yrs old, maybe 13, I think it's 12


    I've been beefing with, Dick Butkiss, for 10 yrs…. GET EM!

  3. Ralph G says:

    Polight thinks he's smart, but he's an idiot. A loan for a house is still a house worth money the bank can take back if you don't pay. A credit card with 50k credit is something the bank can't ger back if you spend it and don't pay the bill. They're forced to sell to collections at a fraction of what they should have earned. Only a fool can't understand something so simple.

  4. Swift Junk says:

    What a goody argument. People wrongfully killed by police receive multimillion dollar lawsuit pay outs all the time and it doesn't matter. Having a life insurance policy with a million dollar payment will not change the behavior of the murderous cops.

  5. Tyree Mondesir says:

    Brother Pedolight is complete goofball bc he doesn't have no idea what he's talking about.

  6. Sweet Talk Butterfly says:

    But he wants someone to pay him 2k to fix their credit. He is right don't fall for the set-up, because he will set you up and rob anyone like he did the man in his hotel robbery video.

  7. Raven Speaks says:

    That's what scammers do Baby, stop being a mark and you won't get taken- the real problem is desperate, insecure, lazy minded, delusional, and maybe a little greedy, folks (marks) looking for a savior to prosper them. You can only get that from yourself if meant to be, not a smiling, fast talking familiar face who makes you feel good with his hype.

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