Brother Polight on live speaking FACTZ on credit.

Y’all probably don’t know how hard it is to give this man credit for ANYTHING because I see him as a sca!mer and someone who takes advantage of just about ANYBODY BUT I gota admit he said some things on this live that are super helpful and I know a lot about money&credit but I heard things that I’ve never heard before. The video was cut about 5 min short due to me not wanting my notifications to continue to disturb the content

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6 Responses

  1. JennyGang crime and horror stories says:

    Please follow and support

  2. Mikey A1 says: everything if u know u know…

  3. Markel Maxwell says:

    This man lied to the world and said he didn’t know who crypto roots was …that young man died and Polight scammed him out of all that money SMH this guy is a Professional scammer

  4. Sweet Talk Butterfly says:

    Until he starts to living the life he speaks about, he will always be a scammer. He probably watched someone else's video and came up with this. He is not smart at all, criminal, yes. Why does anyone need to give him $2000, for something they can do for themselves. SCAMMER!!!!!

  5. Mama Vette says:

    I believed n em until YP exposed his true heart n what he's been doin 2 us. He ain't no different from a deceiving pastor. Sad thing is he has no conscience 2 change he won't confess his evil he is encouraged 2 believe in it by black wombmen.

  6. Mama Vette says:

    Alot of folk speak tha truth n most of us know we don't need someone 2 trach us we have Spirit we just choose not 2 listen. His intentions of why he shares is evil. He deceives black wombmen n children 4 gain. Hell look at pastors prophets etc. 2 tim 3:6 not a christian anymore sometimes the bible make since. We kill true prophets n honor black men like this. Wow black wombman we have 2 rise above our enemies lil leaven leavens the whole. We encourage our men 2 have a corrupt heart. We reward good for evil n vice versa. I have eyes i have ears

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