Bronx Shooting Suspect Mistakenly Released From Rikers

An inmate has been mistakenly released from Rikers Island for the second time in a week.


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27 Responses

  1. Algo Real - English says:

    2nd time in a week a suspect has been mistakenly released? …Lol yall doing this shit on purpose

  2. Joy Sinceno says:

    This is. A lie they know excally what doing it was not no mistake they have already like two peopl go saying it mistake which is a lie wake up see what really going on but not worry they will not get away for so long god see every thing they will be punish by almighty in his time

  3. Jon Revere says:

    This has been happening frequently since last week in different states.

  4. Chris Kelly says:

    Nice now he can go get that much needed bread AOC has been saying is the issue. Right, bread. No other common denominator. Just, bread.

  5. NyCashOne says:

    Wtf happening at rikers. These CO'S in on it

  6. No Sleep says:

    Clerical error? Hope these clerks have been fired.

  7. Phil Jerome says:

    Well, DeBalsio did say that he wanted to empty out Rikers Island.

  8. Michael Caz says:

    Great Job NYPD . . . 2x's in 1 week. Between the Bail Reform, & Letting Violent offenders go-free = NYC is rapidly Deteriorating. Forget about the: Economy recovering or Broadway, Tourism, Hotels or Restaurants – if people are Afraid to: live, work, shop & visit. Defend & Protect law-abiding citizens. We have Idiots running NYC. It's shameful and a Disgrace. Our government has Failed-us.

  9. bigearedmouse17 says:

    No White people included in these errors then ?

  10. Bionic Cambo says:

    He probably didn’t do anything wrong and was having a bad day that’s why he was released

  11. Ahhad Ali says:

    Y’all know they fled New York

  12. Ronny Cary says:

    Maybe they can catch him at the Mets game that assuming he got his free tickets when released

  13. Lance Stone says:

    Another one!

  14. SCRUMS 1738 says:

    Shit free Bobby he ain’t kill nobody

  15. Wally B says:

    Liberal Clerk needs to find a new job.

  16. Rehyeam Brown says:

    I starting to laugh at these folks picks harmless

  17. Rehyeam Brown says:


  18. Pizza Hut says:

    Well better find him before he breaks someone skull.

  19. explore page says:


  20. John Rodriguez says:


  21. Yaasmiyn Alleyne says:

    Your Own a kind a Menace to Our Communities.

  22. Visor Overwatch says:

    New York again? lol.

  23. Jack Rainwater says:

    Mayor Murder strikes again..

  24. F- You says:

    Mistake my ass, they were probably released to do a job by job I mean kill someone

  25. Yuri Bezmenov says:

    Wow. They need to hire qualified people. Wtf

  26. ᏕᏂᏗᎥᏁ says:

    lol how you mistakenly let two killers out of the rock smh

  27. Deroxan Li says:

    They won’t find him

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