Brian Laundrie's Family Speaks Out After Gabby Petito Death Confirmed | E! News

The parents of Brian Laundrie, fiance of late influencer Gabby Petito, who authorities named a person of interest have broken their silence. Read their statement here.

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Brian Laundrie’s Family Speaks Out After Gabby Petito Death Confirmed | E! News


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28 Responses

  1. An American says:

    "Blood is thicker." Neither now nor ever ought we expect nor desire Brian's parents to do anything other than to protect their son. No matter what Brian has or has not done–his parents are hard-wired to barter their own lives for the life of their son. That is unconditional love and it is honorable in its own right.

  2. BilllieJo Mccombs says:


  3. Frank White says:

    dont break a law someone will shoot you into a coffin epecially with florida laws these people are dead bodies walking . lol go to a home depot and get shot to death

  4. Mama Say says:

    It's funny how his parents are not concerned about where their missing son is or even how the search for him is going.
    No, " my son was a good person who loved Gabby and would never do anything to harm her or any one else?" Really?? Give me a break. Their silence speaks the loudest about his and their own guilt.

  5. stankodl1 says:

    Despicable parents to a baby boo boo boy. Definitely not a man. Shame on those parents. Skirting him away. Disgusting!

  6. G S says:

    So sorry Gabbs, friends and family. Your loss is so tragic. Talk to her always, she will be listening.

  7. Better Health for Women and Men says:

    Is that all they have to say. May she rest in peace oh wow

  8. Pwincess Farkas says:

    I’m seriously surprised nobody has broken into that house and u know his parents

  9. KellyGirl83 says:

    Of course the Park Ranger gave “A story” while, I believe her, I have a ? For her and the Officers on the scene. Did you in fact, leave Gabby with her van for the night and take Brian to a hotel? Did you get paid for your story? They made mistakes and discounted the other 911 calls of people saying they witnessed a man (Brian) slapping a girl on side of the road! Didn’t you think it odd Gabby was visibly upset yet Brian seems calm. I believe you chalked it up to a mental health issue of the female but never dug further. She was obviously protecting him. You missed signs. Why was she slapping him? Because he was at one point trying to put her out which he did and was trying to take her phone and leave her. I can only imagine how terrified Gabby must have been. This could have been handled so much differently. These are my opinions. We want Justice for Gabby.

  10. Billy H says:

    I think after watching the encounter with police, we see a young girl that many of us can imagine Gabby being our sister or daughter, thus the reason so many of us want justice in her case.

  11. Tina Davis says:

    Wow that's all they have to say that's a shame that's so freaking sad I feel like that would be a smack in the face to the family no answers and you know they know

  12. James Copple says:

    Imagine that this was your child. Really. Your child. Now…act accordingly and stop posturing and deluding yourself. Nobody knows what you’d do till you are there. Judge not lest you be judged.

  13. RYAN F GRANT, Jr says:

    All they said was "May Gabby RIP." I would hardly call that, Brian's parents finally speaking out…not with that tiny 3 worded message. I understand the Laundrie lawyer there won't let them speak on the situation …but when they are allowed, then I would've posted a vid saying Brian's family finally speaks out , nor noq

  14. Diana Agudelo says:

    Nicer if they said " May Gabby rest in peace and our son must not get away with it.

  15. Julie says:

    She can’t rest until her killer is arrested and brought to justice. Too little too late. Where’s your son?

  16. Show Bread says:

    I think he’s innocent

  17. Angel Zamora says:

    I wonder how many times Brian's family witnessed him abusing Gabby in they're house and simply turned a blind eye. They're reaction shows they had knowledge of what was happening and thought he was right in doing it.

  18. Dosflamingos says:

    This is why we need camera at every corner of US. Justice for Gabby

  19. S Chao says:

    I wonder what was the Motive for gabby's Death?

  20. Karen Merryman says:

    I have to wonder if his mom was a helicopter parent who never held him accountable for anything he did and bailed him out of every situation.

  21. cynthiaxy li says:

    something went wrong with his upbringing… even if he didn't kill her, he should never have come home with her van.. basically leaving her there to be vulnerable to other people and animals at night.. so if she was alive when he left her.. then he would still be responsible bc he left her in a very weakened state with no defense. im not assuming that he killed her until the autopsy comes up and confirms that he is the suspect but at this point, its not looking good for him. he should come out and do what is right.. if not for himself, for his fiance and for the question of his soul in eternity. strength of character and courage is truly revealed by doing the right thing even when the odds are against and at this point, there are alot of people who are against him.. but i hope if he is still alive, he takes solace in the fact that as long as he has breath in him, it is never too late to do the right thing.

  22. NatsV Sam says:

    Oh no it's one strike and I'm out. Because that is exactly what happened to me ex bunched me right on the nose I fell right into a ironing board and the iron was still out because I had used it that morning and didn't have time to put everything away I picked it up and as he came toward me again I hid him with it and told him to get because he sure ain't gonna take his frikkin frustration out on me no sir did a lot of begging and pleading I did not look back no way wasn't prepared to live with someone doing that.

  23. Am rose says:

    So cold and wrong. They go on a cross country trip in her van registered too her things and he was so controlling and narristic of her abusive that he wanted to take everything from her and make claims she was the agressor when maybe she was trying to take her things back from her. He use that control on her to push her down do what he wanted, if she rebeled he killed her, left her in the wilderness took all her things away drove home and his family acted like life is normal oh she not with you then after 10 days report her missing her family does, she lived in there home but did not seem to care about her rights at all as victim of there sons abuse, now they lead fbi on goose chase pretty sick.

  24. Marcus Holmes says:


  25. Nadia Anastasia says:

    Hate is such a strong word but I HATE THIS MAN AND HIS PARENTS!!! They’re soulless, sad excuses of human beings.

  26. Dan Conner says:

    Just imagine if the same person that is killing hikers in that area also killed Gabby. All of you keyboard geniuses who have already thrown him and his parents under the bus may learn a lesson. Probably not, the stupidity in this country is mind boggling. IE J.B. being elected.

  27. Mary says:

    Did cops found him?

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