Brian Laundrie's Backpack/Notebook Found at Myakkahatchee Park -Human Remains Found -FBI Presser

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BREAKING -ARTICLES BELONGING TO BRIAN LAUNDRIE FOUND IN Myakkahatchee Park BY CHRIS AND ROBERTA LAUNDRIE. Partial Human Remains were found, is it Brian Laundrie??? The FBI Gives a Presser On Site.

Chris and Roberta Laundrie left their North Port home at around 7:15 am this morning to search for their son Brian Laundrie in the Myakkahatchee Creek Environmental Park. Shortly after arriving the Laundries found a bag that had things that belonged to Brian Laundrie. Partial human remains were found near that bag.

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19 Responses

  1. kahlo says:

    Is it possible that there were no human remains found and FBI are actually provoking BL parents to observe their reactions and subsequent actions. As FBI suspect RL and BL planted the items. I honestly feel anything is possible in this case

  2. Crystal Dawn says:

    Those ARE bags of evidence. You cannot use a paper bag for something that is wet for one and for two you can see that there is something inside of that bag

  3. Muppets-n-Manilow says:

    Thank you for great coverage as always @MommyRamblingsBlog. I was able to catch up after work today. I too am finding this way too convenient. Not buying it.

  4. denise renee says:

    I'd like to know what is in HER back pack and why was she allowed to have it on the search. Anything could have been in it. What a mess.

  5. Jelly-ranch says:

    This sounds fishy to me

  6. Jennifer Ray says:

    Parents don't look at all distraught after just finding their potentially dead son …just a tear was probably just sweat

  7. Jennifer Ray says:

    Parents didn't volunteer to search the day he went missing, massive manhunt and search has been going on by 100's of FBI and police in this SWAMP for a month with high tech equipment, 2 weeks ago the dad decides to show FBI Brian's favorite trails, today both parents decide to just get up and go search and suddenly articles are found and a body found and whole case is solved. The lawyer knew what the parents were doing and had his publicity stunt statement all set to go . Very suspect!!! This parents are LIARS

  8. Jeannette says:

    off topic…. Nikolas Cruz has pleaded guilty to murdering 17 ppl @ mass shooting @ high school campus in Florida. ‼‼❗❗❗‼‼

  9. Debbie Breit says:

    Chris and Roberta did nothing for how many days? Then they go this morning to search and all of a sudden articles are found, wow, all I can think of is C & R planted the articles. If the park was opened last night, they could have planted it through the night.
    I don’t trust them for a second.
    It’s a farce and a waste of time to even listen to the news regarding this, and all the money spent by the FBI etc.

  10. Irene F. says:

    I am not believing any of this. The lawyer calls attention to what the parents find then the big fuss ensues. Why didn't the lawyer tell the parents to NOT touch anything they come across but to immediately call the police to handle it?? I would NOT know every single little article/item my adult son would have from either camping or hiking. I would only be able to recognize familiar items I've seen. I can't help but wonder WHY did the parents leave the park? What is the real agenda here? Was this a ploy to divert atention/resources to give Brian time to relocate/run from where he is?

  11. Jeannette says:

    Trust me if Roberta and Chris Laundrie are behind this then the FBI knows this.

  12. Virginia Byrne says:

    Coincidences? Roberta Laundrie found the location of the car over a month ago just like that, no bother….and now, the possible belongings of her son and journal and human remains, just randomly, would imply she outperformed a month of search crews, high tech surveillance equipment and cadaver dogs in one morning.

  13. Cathy says:

    They are trying to distract from wherever BL.

  14. Janet Webb says:

    FBI Sarasota also tweeted a notebook and backpack has been found?????…. Idk

  15. Janet Webb says:


  16. Cathy says:

    Very suspect that all of a sudden they “find” backpack belonging to Brian!

  17. Linda Uribe says:

    It's very suspicious

  18. Cathy says:

    I think they planted the backpack!

  19. Klove 5343 says:

    I would expect that the Petitos to not settle for ANYONE'S word for Brian being found deceased without them hiring an independent ME

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