Brian Laundrie 'grieving' before Gabby Petito's body was even found

CNBC’s Valerie Castro joins The News with Shepard Smith to report the focus of the Gabby Petito/Brian Laundrie investigation is turning to Laundrie’s parents. For access to live and exclusive video from CNBC subscribe to CNBC PRO:

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21 Responses

  1. Jenny With Love says:

    There’s a place in hell for these people…

  2. Renee Pervaiz says:

    In this video, the Attorney said that Brian was Very UPSET, not grieving, but with other interviews he had, The Attorney used the words, BRIAN IS GRIEVING. I am going to address the Very Upset statement first. I think he was terrified, of getting caught, and what could happen to him. WYOMING is a Death Penalty State. Second, Grieving to me is losing someone, like death.
    To me that is an admission of guilt. He killed Gabby with his own 2 hands and watched her slowly die. Right now, I know Dental Records matched, but with NO DNA, as of yet, you all might think I am crazy, I think Brian is still alive. Until I hear otherwise, that is my Opinion.

  3. Danii Niila says:

    He killed her maybe for jealously then he tried to run and get rid of it but her spirit didn't leave him alone and torment him forcing him to commit suicide , that's obvious , he killed himself tormented by her

  4. justme yo says:

    The parents need the book thrown at them. Theyre not innocent

  5. Rustin Peace says:

    Probably he killed himself of guilt.

  6. Virginia Bodie says:

    Where is the van now?

  7. Sunchy Lopez says:

    Why was Brian upset? He knew he will be caught? This all are bunch of lies, even the attorney should be investigated for tell them to remain silent, he knew it was a murder case. He should have a criminalist attorney to handle this case, as the family friend we know he will not do anything to make him pay for the crimes. Sorry this is my humble opinion.

  8. Stephanie Renee says:

    He wasn’t grieving! He was running away from authorities because he killed her!

  9. King Kat says:

    Please. This family is a joke

  10. 0906blue says:

    I cant imagine harrassing someones parents because their son more than likely murdered his girlfriend. Anyone with a brain would hire an attorney and take the advise they are given. I'm sure it was a call they never thought they would get.

  11. M-zeamanuel says:

    Bertolino, a realstate lawyer should have stayed away!!!

  12. main malmika says:

    Yeah right! Grieving! If he was grieving he could've be a man and did the right thing by going to the police. He wasn't grieving he was upset because he was being close to getting caught. He took the easy way out. A grieving man wouldn't take the easy way but will do thw right thing

  13. drooresist says:

    Whiteness killed both Gabby Petito and Brian Laundrie

  14. Arina Kulakov says:

    No disrespect but 'common! Seriously?! I understand that people are different and each one has his/her way to cope but 'common!!!!!!
    We don't need those stories about him and his family grieving now, they could have been grieving with the Petitos and the Schmidts, now it's too late for sympathy.
    Sorry, that's my opinion.

  15. Teresa Luck says:

    Lawyer Bert needs to get his rubber ducky and stop being a liar

  16. Ashley says:

    For the family to say Brian was “grieving” is a very odd statement considering this was before she was even found deceased… They damn well knew he killed her and their actions clearly prove it.

  17. Jasmine Mayo says:

    I am going to say again, Brian was jealous of Gabby and her spending time on her blog. He snapped. This guy, Brian was not going to live on this earth without, Gabby. Jealousy is what killed Gabby. She did nothing wrong. She picked the wrong man. So sad. #RIP

  18. David Jones says:

    If anyone knows advanced body language you can see clearly they are all actors

  19. Kim Denude says:

    Gabby’s family I feel for

  20. Kelli Gant says:

    I don't know how many people realize this but the Laundrie's law is a real estate law not a homaside law.

  21. Rachel S says:

    If they had nothing to hide they wouldn't be silent.

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