Breaking News!!!! Travis Scott AstroWorld Multiple People K!lled Over Houston Festival

Travis Scott AstroWorld Multiple People K!lled Over Houston Festival #TravisScott #AstroWorld Multiple People K!lled Over Houston Festival Fetty Wap Arrested By FBI Over 100 K!los & OBlock Kenny Mac Goes to Court Moved Pending Trial Lil Durk Artist Doodie Lo Goes Live W Lawyer Over Accusations “Clout Chasing” Muwop, BossTop, YNW Melly & King Von Manager 100k Track Sold Them Out Feds Using Podcast Interview Lil Durk Deletes Instagram After Finding Out Muwop Co Defendant is Entering Protective THF Bayzoo Speaks on Muwop O Block Fed Case Again, 600Breezy Responds to King Von Comments Lil Durk Artist OTF Timo Arrested Muwop Brother Speaks on Charges for K!lling of FBG Duck Muwop Co Defendant Los Munna Bond Court Audio on K!lling Fbg Duck Lil Durk Mud Brother THF Bayzoo on Muwop, CMurda, Los Munna & Kenny Mac K!lling FBG Duck “SnitchK” Muwop Co Defendant Denied Bond in Bail Hearing One 2 Cars Involved in K!lling of FBG Duck “SBA Loan” Muwop & CThang Arrested on K!lling FBG Duck in Gold Coast Feds Raid O Block
Nolimit Wet Sends a Message to FBG Cash & G Herbo Club Situation “Get Drenched”
Lil Durk Mud Brother OTF Boona 300 Arrested in Atlanta Over Mall Shooting Outside Mall

Lil Durk & Muwop Reaction to Chicago Paperwork on Opps “THF Bayzoo Being Snitched On”

#LilDurk & #Muwop Reaction to Chicago Paperwork on Opps “#THFBayzoo Being Snitched On”

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17 Responses

  1. Anne* 411 says:

    You already know my conspiracy theory antennas are up

  2. dariyal says:

    Dont get me started, that shit look crazy

  3. cluniliny says:


  4. cluniliny says:

    Wonder if the dead all took the same gene juice shot. Only jabbed zombies allowed

  5. Tennillie Smith says:

    They say Kylie escape from great harm whatever
    Condolence to the victims families

  6. Sneaker junky says:

    Basically over shoes

  7. toronto canada says:

    Damn the lawsuits are gonna finish him off

  8. Same Kat From Yesterday says:

    Dude you ain’t say shit in this

  9. Jay says:

    I live in Houston, bro it’s crazy down here. That’s why 6 flags got permanently closed. People get killed left and right at parties

  10. ChRiStiAn SAvAgE says:

    Last year they sacrifice king von for number 6

  11. ChRiStiAn SAvAgE says:

    Number 6 that’s why it’s the 6th day , it was a sacrifice , I already figured something was gonna happen and I said it on the 5th that they were gonna do a number 6 ritual because man was Made on the 6 th day so they sacrifice people for number 6 ritual

  12. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) says:

    I still dont get it. So basically like 7 or 9 people got trampled to death? Man I be looking at videos of these large festivals, and they all just seem like a train wreck waiting to happen. Sooooo many people in heated temperatures, little to no, security, rest rooms, employes certified to handle emergency situations, etc. The restroom and dehydration from not having enough water for being out there in that kind of weather so long, alone seems like a recipe for disaster .

  13. Elene Barnhill says:

    Lovely E. Prayers for the family

  14. Elene Barnhill says:

    Lovely E. I wonder who was passing out the drugs.

  15. Elene Barnhill says:

    Lovely E. I've been up and I didn't get a notification. I'm glad I checked. I knew you would be up on the news

  16. Elene Barnhill says:

    Lovely E. This is so unfortunate. Prayers go out to the people who lost their lives. You have to be careful. You never know when you may be leaving this world

  17. MBK MOOK says:

    Sad smh

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