#BREAKING: Laundrie's Mother was Mistaken for Brian by Investigators, Police Say #WFLANow #HeyJB

POLICE MISTOOK LAUNDRIE’S MOTHER FOR BRIAN: North Port Police tell WFLA’s JB Biunno that law enforcement saw the Laundrie’s Ford Mustang return home on Wednesday September 15 and thought the driver appeared to be Brian Laundrie, when in fact, it was his mother Roberta Laundrie. JB is live with Justin Schecker on #WFLANow where we can feature your comments with #HeyJB or #HeyJustin.


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21 Responses

  1. Robbin Glenn says:


  2. Tricia F. says:

    Certainly there's something suspicious about the laundries not wanting to talk to anyone ever and hiding their son as much as possible, then hiding behind their lawyer, how convenient.

  3. Altagracia Roman says:

    Hola soy altagracia roman y vivo muy confuse con este caso porque yo si veo que esos Padres se siguen vurlando de la policia y plis le pido que vean ese video donde vi al padre caminando con un policia que estoy muy Segura de que es su hijo waoooo se le vez su Tatu del brazo como tapado no se como pero yo cuando lo vi my alma se frizo porque es el no se que hicieron pero es el londrie okey y como hablan padre y hijo waooo parece que planiaron eso deque ello se fueran al bozque dike a buscarlo y said lo encuentran lique son unos macabre y estan dike al que lo dejen q8e estan sufriendo por el descarado del londrie plis vean el video si le Quitman la ropa esa lo uniforme no se como le quitarian ese y el se lo puso waoooo y luego se vio el padre ir hacia su Roja camioneta y que el dejaria al londrie caminando pero el se escapade dike como policia es el investiguenlo lleven al padre a la Corte era el su Fisichella y su cara y se veia Mello le sacarian li diente y lo fueron toda la cosas aparecida lo fueron aponer aya el hueso ello pusieron todo Claro plis vean por my my video plis esa gentes son ipocrita y perdon pero es eso loque el Mundo estas sintiendo rabid ya que lo Padres de gabby petito sufren londrie vive y andara como policia pusieron a un policia o alguien pero le consiguieron un uniforme de policia son sus Brazos su Tatu lo tapan su cello su valvas y su nariz

  4. Robyn Daniels says:

    Come on! How naive are you? FBI makes people disappear, gives them new identities all of the time.

  5. Jane S says:

    I don’t understand how this was a mistake. A video was posted on Youtube Sept. 23, 2021 showing Brian’s mom coming back to her house in the mustang and she is not wearing a baseball cap. Investigators just flat out lied and didn’t realize there was already a video out there showing Roberta driving the mustang. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=22hYSkWx4_8&t=1s

  6. Jay Koo says:

    I couldn't understand this, his Mom butt looks much wider than her son, Her body isn't slim like her son either, he is much taller than his Mom. ……………………next time please assigned somebody who has better training…………Oh My GOD

  7. Nice Try says:

    It amazes me what newscasters are willing to put out there to go along get along. They don’t care how ignorant they look they don’t care how much it looks like they’re pandering to the masses they just do it.
    It’s hideous

  8. ZodiacKillerIdentified says:

    Pretending to be him to throw them off.

  9. Renea Tucker says:

    #Hey, JB: Is it possible that the FBI intentionally lied to The Laundries at the reserve to watch their actions and body lanuuage as events developed?

  10. 122allyson says:

    How can a woman be mistaken for a thin almost bald young man ?

  11. SkyTimer says:

    Did anyone recognize the news caster cannot even report accurately? He is reversing it, Justin is saying "Brian is being mistaken for Roberta"???? it's Roberta being mistaken for Brian?!!!!

  12. Curious George says:


  13. Rich Bender says:

    #HEYJB: Since it appears the officials are getting closer to the end of the search for Brian's remains, why does it seem like all the sittings & discoveries are sketchy?

  14. Eileen Tedrow says:

    They are idiots he does it look like his mother

  15. Sheila Draper says:

    When Brian was in that house he was hyper aware of what was happening in that neighborhood! Bet he knew exactly when those cameras went up, his parents too

  16. genie karoo says:

    Hate to say it but BL could be a cereal. Taking what he needed or wanted from who ever he encountered. His girfriend may have not been the first and she may have witnessed something horrible. She was just so upset and afraid. Someone said he was off his medication. That may or may not be true. This family desperately wants to escape notoriety…..too late.

  17. genie karoo says:

    Hey JB, WHY did the Laundries feel they needed an attorney if they did not know their son killed his girlfriend? They knew.

  18. Judith Campbell says:

    #HEYJB how the hell could the cops mistake Brian for his mother? Brian has facial hair! That beard!

  19. Carmen Gutierrez says:

    Seems that the parents have LOTS of evidences telling us they are involved in this case, with the criminal, with covering the truth against Justice

  20. Carmen Gutierrez says:

    Why nobody talk about Brian's cloth ? He wasn't naked! Where is his cloth ? Where is his hat ? Where are his shoes? Where is his belt? Where is his wallet? Where is his pen ? Where is his cellphone? Where is his charger ???

  21. Alice Tyler says:

    More lies.

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