Boston Marathon bombing survivor on reinstating the death penalty

“I think we need to send a message.” Boston Marathon bombing survivor Marc Fucarile discusses the possibility of reinstating the death penalty for convicted bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev.

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38 Responses

  1. Marta Akh says:

    It is clear that he is innocent, defamed whistleblower, political prisoner. The same guy, who is called Aaron Schwartz. He should be pardoned, apologized and freed ✌️

  2. ICLite3 says:

    I hope not! God has been giving us warnings starting on 9/11/01, that it's time to turn away from sin, origimal at that, (book of genesis), and turn to God. Since 9/11, this earth has been spiraling into a climate crisis because u will not bow to the creator of things and their request. The boston marathon is an unnecessary competitive event, that is destroying our vital needs, and worse, the animals vital needs and habit. We are in the worst drought on this earth ever, because of your actions. Guess what? NO WATER, NO ELECTRIC, NO BATHING, NO DRINKING WATER, NO FOOD. California is in serious drought, with mega fires that is destroying the trees that are VITAL FOR CLEAN AIR, And chasing the animals out of their homes, and I actually watched a clown from ca have the audacity to complain about the animals in town, as tho it isnt partly his own fault. SHOULD U IGNORANT PEOPLE WHO WONT SACRIFICE YOUR INDULGING WORTHLESS GREEDY LUSTFUL WAYS THAT IS HURTING ALL LIFEFORMS ON THIS EARTH, OUR HOME, RECIEVE THE DEATH PENALTY? YES, MORE SO THAN THIS YOUNG MAN! JUST SAYING! GOD IS WAITING, AND YOUR TIME IS RUNNING OUT! SEEK GOD!

  3. Bruce Gelman says:

    Liberal morons say it would be cruel to kill him.Thanks for blowing my leg off…

  4. Bruce Gelman says:

    Good for him!!!!!

  5. told iam says:

    Reinstating the death penalty, what could possibly go wrong? Quite a bit.

  6. Kat Pima says:

    Are these the same people that are "pro life" ?

  7. RESONANCE says:

    What is this? Fox News?

  8. Sky Barhi says:

    Biden sucks

  9. Sonya Gomez says:

    Who can blame him?

  10. Angela says:

    He needs to run for office in his state. Very intelligent and speaks nothing but the truth!

  11. Janet Walter says:

    Death penalty period

  12. Janet Walter says:

    DeAth penalty

  13. Kaye Dahmer says:

    I agree, we are paying our tax dollars for these Terrace to live. when they should be executed within the first week of being found guilty without a doubt.

  14. Darin Ruddock says:

    So, let’s not call it the death penalty. Let’s call it “taking out the garbage”, we all do that regularly. It certainly doesn’t make sense to continue to feed and house this guy. Those survivors tax dollars are also paying to keep this nut fed? Take out the garbage already.

  15. Desert Dweller says:

    He speaks the truth‼ Couldn't agree more‼

  16. shiningbearable says:

    Its nice to see a good human being still exists.. <3

  17. John Lee says:


  18. David Hennessey says:

    Marc Fucarile is very well-spoken, kind, and brave. He should run for president. The Boston Marathon is one of the greatest American celebrations of living in a free society, peace, completion, and cheering for people who are competing against others and themselves to be better. The sleazeball terrorists who were defrauding the American welfare system, and leeching on American goodwill don't deserve to breathe the same air.

  19. taut Indicative Conditional says:

    He survived so he probably didn't earn 72 virgins and surah At-Tur hidden pearl servants

  20. neg 0 plus 0 says:

    Send a message to the rest of the world that we don’t tolerate this behavior and ask, how is keeping Dzhokhar alive improving the world? Is his brain and genes being studied for scientific progress which will prevent these things from happening in the future? Is he in any way improving the world?

  21. xAle Jones lnformation war, war info for your mind says:

    Emergency, the story behind the virus. There is a mass genocide going on. Police state being set up world wide to enforce subjection to Church and State. The virus has a two week incubation period. After two weeks isolated you are good to go according to prior information. There was 12000000 exterminated by Roman Catholic Adolf Hitler during WW2. Why did the so called British Royal who just died take the last name of the so called Queen? To try to further the fraud that the British are the continuation of the Biblical line of King David. That is one of the reasons WW2 started. To distract you from the fraud. Women inherit men's last names, not the other way around. Philip was a German, then he became a Greek citizen and then a British Royal. He wasn't even a British citizen. (Search Queen Elizabeth wedding!) People don't realize that Britain is part of the Roman Empire. Prince Charles was just hugging the Pope recently, and congratulating him on his war. 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  22. Duncan Idaho says:

    That sterile concrete hell he is currently in is far worse than death. ADX Colorado is true horror.

  23. Helga Formo says:

    people are angrier at Brian Laundrie than this ass clown lol

  24. Cesar Abraham says:

    Being locked up in a cell 24-7 is more harsh than getting the man Lethal injection

  25. C Boucher says:

    Boston accents sound like regular people speaking baby talk.

  26. Gloria Terry says:

    I get you, where’s the HOME GROWN TERRORISTS WHO BROKE INTO THE CAPITAL AND KILLED AND Threatened people and Congress!

  27. Gloria Terry says:

    Hold criminals accountable to the USA, arrest Trump the hard of our burdens, also arrest all people harboring criminals and arrest all who participated in THE INSURRECTION.

  28. Divine says:

    Someone make sure he wasn’t part of the capitol riots. Jeeze your trump is showing.

  29. Tom Dunbar says:

    I AGREE with this man 100% it definitely is disgusting

  30. rias says:

    That's stupid. Terrorists are not afraid of the death penalty, they are not afraid of dying. That's actually preferrable to them to spending life in prison. In general, the death penalty is a merciful way out for criminals. That's not real punishment.

  31. EVIL QTip says:

    No keep him alive….
    Find out why he felt he needed to do this…. !!!
    Learn where he was trained !!! why would these people bring their boy's into America thinking this was something they needed to do instead of having a family and enjoying the freedom and comfort of the USA living style?
    Why would they attack the innocent..

  32. Steven Kroeger says:

    People are getting away with Murder
    Yep the USA is soft

  33. Michael Joyce says:

    When I was in ICU. I have seen Satan's Domain. It is the most horrible place. I do not want to see anyone go to that place. Must give every evil doer ever chance to make thing right with God.

  34. Auggie says:

    Love this GUY!!!!!!!

  35. Terry Trent says:

    From experience its far more of a punishment to keep him locked down 23/7 a day (with an hour by self in a little ball court or room by self for exercise) in a basic solitary like confinement. Asking for death is actually having pity on him. But put him on death row he automatically gets s like TV radio books etc. In solitaire like lock down you get one book if you're lucky. Lol this guy obviously will never get released and if did would be dead within days anyways.

  36. Auggie says:

    Let's go Brandon!

  37. Haya Glamazon says:

    I was with him before he went off a tangent about Guantanamo Bay, President Biden and Obama. He should be focused on what he was supposed to be interviewed about. I'm glad she pressed him on that. It's horrible what happened to him and this man will never leave prison but conflating this with Afghanistan is wrong.

  38. the guy 420 says:

    I mean to be honest the guy would probably suffer more being locked up in jail for the rest of his life I highly doubt they would allow him to be free

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