Boost Your Credit Score 100 points? Fintech Credit Builder Stacking!

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In this video I cover what I am calling Fintech stacking, where you use complimentary products to get best possible outcomes with your credit. This is geared towards those building/rebuilding credit.

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Create Your Own Game Day Strategy:
Complete List of Credit Profile & Banking Resources:
Master Credit Card Lender List:
Master Lender List For Store Credit Cards:
Complete List of Pre-qual Offers:

🚨Free Money & Stocks:🚨
💰 We both get $50 if you’re approved for a Discover Card:
💰 We both get $100 if you’re approved for CapitalOne Card:
💸 Get 1 Free Stock on Robinhood w/ any deposit:
💰 Get $10 in free BTC on Coinbase w/ $100 deposit:
💸 Earn 70,000 Bonus miles after spending $2,000 in purchases on your new Card in first 3 months of Card Membership If approved:

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how to dispute accounts on your credit report

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    SOFI and Silvergate Bank SI seem to have great potential being in crypto and regular markets.

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