Bill Gates Warns The "Next Pandemic" Is Coming After Covid-19 – And How To Stop It | MSNBC

Bill Gates famously warned about the risk of a pandemic in 2015, and in 2021 he offers ideas on vaccines and preparing for the next pandemic. Gates stresses that spending in advance is actually quite a “bargain” compared to the cost of reacting to a pandemic once it ravages the world and cripples the economy. Gates also discusses tech regulations, attacks on him and Dr. Fauci, systemic racism, tax policy and his reaction to being cited in so many rap songs, in this debut of The Summit Series, a collection of in-depth interviews with leaders at the summit of their fields by MSNBC’s Ari Melber. Aired on 01/28/2021.
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Bill Gates Warns The “Next Pandemic” Is Coming After Covid-19 – And How To Stop It | MSNBC


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33 Responses

  1. Christina Arter says:

    He’s already planning more..

  2. American Wolf says:

    Sick dude tellings of killing on mass scale

  3. Eserhaudin says:

    Hes like a real life Blofeld from James Bond. Bilderbergers are SPECTER!

  4. Breathe says:

    Gates states he's now a champion for health. Well for 1 I have never heard him mention anything to do with a natural healthy lifestyle a elite way of eating etc. Plus he doesn't look healthy so I have no clue about what he's talking about.

  5. Richard Lechis says:

    So print Bill these dollars, because Poscy Bailiffs are going for theirs, you should pay 500 trillion dollar for stress and lack of alcohol in the country to rub and body and soul as everyone knows, it's cold here and it's time to drink before going to sleep!

  6. Richard Lechis says:

    tu na świecie spać nie dają,zmarł na raka,zawał,zapalenie płuc,cukrzyce czy grypę status covidowy dają,stypy od razu nie ma co te durnie wyprawiają? strata spora jest bo ucieka Wódka i Podatek a to dochód budżetowy jest!!
    here in the world they do not sleep, he died of cancer, heart attack, pneumonia, diabetes or flu give covid status, wake up right now, what are these fools doing? the loss is considerable because Vodka and Tax are running away and this is the budget income !!

  7. Will Carryu says:

    Would somebody arrest this man already? This guy is pure evil.

  8. Dillon Cady says:

    How to stop it – GET HEALTHY AMERICA, address our severe obesity issue, EAT HEALTHY, EXERCISE & TAKE PROPER VITAMINS.

  9. josephine acolicol says:

    Rich people are acting like God they decide who will die & live.They treat hard working ordinary & poor people like virus but they benefited from them.

  10. josephine acolicol says:

    Bill gates is one of the most greedy people in the world. I think COVID-19 has been copied like how he makes virus in our computers so, we keep on buying anti-virus!!! Gosh!!!! God will punished you for sure!!!

  11. Angel Celis says:

    Why do we listen to this man who is not a doctor or a scientist on a pandemic. He warns us about it because they release it from their labs. Then they sell you the cure. Money in the bank!

  12. Breathe says:

    Just watched Lucifer himself….His voice alone irritates my soul let alone his lying wicked agenda.

  13. Patrick Arky says:

    'We've been funding (and most likely investing in) MRNA technology ten years before the pandemic', (hidden in plain sight) comment!!!!
    This is a dress rehersal for the 'Mark of the Beast'!!!!!

  14. 9erfanatic1 says:

    This guy is a criminal

  15. Trio Ray says:

    The next plandemic will be his doing as well, it will be MARBURG. They already have that vaccine started. The death rate will be way worse so people will gladly comply with the next vaccine. This freak isn't a doctor, never graduated college, and no amount of money or power will ever satiate him. He is not elected or appointed, he just buys his way thru life. Without his money, he is nobody, and knows it. He created common core education. That says it all.

  16. HascleAvrahm BenYoseph says:

    Follow the money. The sad part is that big 'drug' business gives us the illness then forces us to pay for the cure through our taxes whether we want the cure or not. This is another example of solid proof that capitalism started out being a benefit to us, but has now become criminal. I'm also concerned that these pandemics are an effort to reduce human overpopulation at a time when the food chain is vanishing ever more quickly.

  17. polly6004 says:

    "There will be another epidemic…"

  18. U 812 says:

    He’s not a doctor, never had patients. Never mentions preventive care: VitD, K2, Zinc, Ivermectin, sunshine, exercise, stopping obesity. Also, building up immunity, especially for young children. Natural herd immunity. The masks n lockdowns prevent this. Unmasked Children need to socialize n play in person, not over a monitor.

  19. GuntherL1 says:

    Is that the pandemic of former friends of Epstein trying to destroy the lives of ordinary people?

  20. Tabo Bwalya says:

    I used to blame the dear Doctors for locking themselves in their practice office and using the phone to diagnose and prescribe medicines. It is politicians, the presidents and people like him who have interfered with the Doctor's work. I got a wrong diagnosis on the phone, I lost my job because of the virus, I got prescribed the wrong medication because of the phone. I lost my health because of the vaccine or the virus. He says there is going to to be another pandemic after Covid19, Covid19 is not going to end but we are going to to have ANOTHER one. Everything is going to be wrecked, I wonder how they are going to start their new WORLD.

  21. Hmong Muas says:

    It’s all a monopoly to him. All planed out. He’s a crook. How does a Microsoft know anything on med.

  22. Vic Chavez says:

    Does he have a simulation like event 201? He did t warn us about that one

  23. Is2fiftyslow Fsport says:

    Of course he knows about when the next plandemic is coming because he's behind it, lock him up

  24. Vince Flewell says:

    Is he in Jail yet.

  25. John Cottingham says:

    Most likely funding this. The communist/Marxist that became a billionaire thanks to capitalism and now some sort of expert based on nothing. Can we send him to Mercury to study population control there? I swear, we will make humans extinct to save the planet.

  26. Nico Puracchio says:

    Why does he always dress like Mr. Rogers? We didn't trust him and we don't trust you bill

  27. M HGN says:

    He has one goal and just like his father before him and it depopulation he evil is beyond imagine.

  28. Nice Person says:

    Disease soup.

  29. Paulo Bastos says:

    Can someone tell this gentleman to go back to the crappy computer system that he created… and stay busy there? 🙂

  30. Alexandra Nunez says:

    That smile on his face makes me sick.

  31. Alexandra Larisa says:

    Why you are laughing mr lier?
    What is funny?
    Your poison???

  32. KW says:

    Ok Bill, if your so hellbent on ending this pandemic why don’t you rant about the open border Biden allowing over a million third world and unvaccinated migrants to pour into another nation while most countries have done the opposite.

  33. LiteCoin Moses says:

    Look at the World Economic Forum. Klaus Schwab… Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030.
    These people will "Man"ufacture crisis after crisis to implement their agendas!

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