Big Data: They Know Everything About You

“Big data,” which involves the collection and analysis of massive amounts of data to predict trends, is used by everyone from the Pentagon to Netflix. Is it a clever marketing tool or the harbinger of Big Brother? Get 50-yard-line tickets for the clash of privacy and security right here.

This video is episode 12 from the series Thinking about Cybersecurity: From Cyber Crime to Cyber Warfare, presented by Paul Rosenzweig
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Table of Contents:

00:00 How Minority Report Illustrates Our Current Reality
02:17 What Is Big Data?
04:10 Conflict Between Privacy and Security
06:41 How Technological Advances Drive Big Data
11:44 Practical Obscurity and the Loss of Public Anonymity
17:51 Could Big Data Have Stopped the 9/11 Attacks?
21:17 A Success Story With Big Data and Terrorism
24:27 How Big Data Reveals Personal Activity Patterns


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12 Responses

  1. Keith X says:

    I’m more worried about companies who buy this data for AI analysis than the government hands-down.

    Too bad, that Collusion extension seems to have been discontinued for many years already.

  2. Papa Jeff says:

    Want to stifle BIG DATA? Walmart phone, no credit cards, no home computer plugged into the internet, stay out of cities, no bank, use only cash, stop everything to do with your electronic identification…. Texas

  3. Peter Burke says:

    Every single idiot that got a Covid test ..well you’re d.n.a has been held and probably already sold.

  4. Hans Gruber says:

    The world of tech is desperate for a real philosophical discussion – which is all but improbable given the influence that big tech oligarchs like Zuckerberg, Gates and Bezos wield.

  5. marciefree says:

    A=6 Computer = 666

  6. A_Chained_Angel says:

    They’ve been studying and collecting data for a very long time.

  7. Pieter says:

    Scary stuff

  8. Nobby Stuler-Bålzak, Esq. says:

    You can easily spam the algorithm. I shop for baby products, etc. or other things not relevant to me. Anyone can create an entire false "cyber persona" if they wish.

  9. Source Fractal OOTB says:

    ALL Matrix Games are created with AI. Human minds are the electric receivers. The 5 senses are what enable ‘experience’ inside Simulations. Outside Matrix simulations is where the control center is and is where the physical realm exist. AI is neutral about experiences. It simply creates what we dream in the pods on the physical realm for us to experience inside the Matrix. It’s ALL programmed. There are over 100 other Matrixes happening right now outside this one that are created 100% by Source energy.
    No fear. It’s just a ride but this Matrix simulation is shutting down. That’s why we hear ‘end game’ all the time. To win your ‘Game’ you must raise your frequency out of the 3rd and 4th Dimensions to at least the 5th Dimension. If you ask Source for guidance about how to do this, you will ‘receive’ it. Clues abound if you’re paying attention.

  10. Pandu Sarijadi says:

    Correction : they know you more than you know who you are.

  11. Barbarra Baccus says:

    Man trying his best to be God…won't work. God also keeps account of what the evil ones are doing. Check this out, God does not need a computer and He truly knows all about you because he created you.

  12. Dadson worldwide says:

    Meta =dead in Hebrew isn't it

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