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  1. Egg says:

    "Let's get into the news!"
    Correction: "Let me continue to indoctrinate you with my constant lies and fake news 24/7."

  2. Why does Seth seem like he has been smoking weed?

  3. I wish I only had a Palm Pilot after Microsoft updated my computer yesterday and deleted all my settings and set my search engine back to Bing.

  4. Midterms coming up! 469 out of 535 Congressional Seats are up. Vote the Racist Democrats out!!

    Democrats like to pretend they have a long history of fighting racism, but the truth is that it was Democrats who supported slavery, upheld Jim Crow laws, and were so deeply involved in the Ku Klux Klan that the 1924 Democratic National Convention at Madison Square Garden in New York City is called the “Klanbake” convention.
    Republicans fought against slavery in the south while Democrats defended it, and while Democrats pushed for segregation and Jim Crow laws, Republicans supported the Civil Rights act of 1964.

  5. J Randall says:

    Hmm… seems like we should have voted for Bernie Sanders five years ago. We wouldn’t be worse-off than we are now… That seems to be the bar

  6. Would someone please explain the NJ Turnpike joke to this Californian?

  7. As a Barista in Texas, the conservatives are definitely ordering some caramel macchiatos as well.

  8. Terry Kim says:

    Peak Inflation is hurting people.
    Who ultimately pays for populist money pumping policy"?
    elderly and the poor.
    Good job Biden!. Way to go Democrat! GREAT example of how to buy people's votes with fake money in the name of aid. Typical. Always coming up with whichever policy sounds good to hear for votes, not thinking about consequences

  9. Triviatum says:

    Is this guy still on the air? Really?

  10. “Buy a man eat fish he day, teach fish man, to a lifetime.
    Boe Jiden

  11. “Buy a man eat fish he day, teach fish man, to a lifetime.”Boe Jiden

  12. Vocal V says:

    Are they bringing the giant goldfish back!! Or is this different version of it

  13. agy_1 says:

    Good to know that seth audience much liken biden, is a sinking ship. Credit where credit is due to beijing biden for being the biggest f#$kup and a perfect imagery of the seth audience

  14. James Warden says:

    Hey wouldn't a good Documentary Now episode be "MEYERS: Seth, That Is" An inside look into the fascinating life, career and survival of one of the most unknown entertainers in Hollywood, struggling under the shadow of his brother Josh

  15. Who the absolute F*** thinks Hillary would be a good candidate anymore? She's been a ghost since 2016. I want a democratic candidate that at least pretends they want to get something done before getting into office.

  16. Becky D says:

    Main-stream media's crappy coverage of President Biden is the main reason a "disapproval rating" even exists. Right now, it feels like President Biden could save the world and the news people would find something negative to say about him. I remember when Presidential speeches were covered on ALL the television stations and networks tried really hard to treat all candidates the same AND networks actually tried to make sure they were reporting the truth!

  17. It's dating a sapling.. Showing a seedling.. Laughed so hard anyway

  18. Those poor "Taco Bell Pass" folks will have to worry about the groans

  19. jam sea says:

    Modern man is not the man who goes off to discover himself, his secrets, and his hidden truth; he is a man who tries to invest himself in something beneficial for the future.

  20. No golf is not exercise, it's a semi nice walk ruined by a little white ball, even the semi nice walk is dominated by a bunch of 1/2 drunk snowbirds who can't control the trajectory of that missile that is sure to knock you out

  21. Giuliani gave his cousin the job… I’m dead

  22. Pat says:

    Liberals Continue Lying/Spinning Jan 6th Capital Riots ! Hiding The Real Truth Of FBI Inoperative's Red Flag Event ! Dems Wanted And Planned This Event , More Proof Why They Declined Trumps Requests Of More Capital Police /Nat. Guard Troops Prior To This !
    Biden , Doesn't Have A Clue ! Biden , Worst President In History !
    Really, Can Anybody Be As Pathetic As Biden ? A Complete Embarrassment To America ! Everyone Is Laughing at Biden And The Liberal MSM Media Covering Up For Biden Daily ! Just a Joke Of A Pretend President ! 80+ Mil Votes ? Come On Man ! lol

  23. MSBLS721 says:

    Where on earth did they FIND all those copies of The Thorn Birds?!?

  24. china aims for covid zero, america is aiming for less then a few hundred thousand per 24hrs, western culture/capitalism doesn't work, money and business matter more then the civilians, china cares about health and people more as wealth can be accumulated later i.e i'd rather start from scratch then die

  25. Palm Pilot – Literally LOL – still miss it

  26. So anyways, I went to the Bronx Socialist Theatre Company’s production of ‘Glen Garry Glenn Biden’ last week. A smooth contemporary version. The brass balls section went like this:

    “Blake: You call yourself an effective salesman, you son of a fascist?

    Moss: I don't have to listen to this diatribe.

    Blake: You certainly don't komrad . 'Cause the good news is — you're in retraining after your abysmal performance review. The bad news is you've got, all you got, just one week to reflect and readjust your work practices, starting tonight. Starting with tonight. Please take a seat. Oh, have I got your attention now? Good. 'Cause we're adding a little something to this months sales contest. As you all know, first prize is a week in a homeless shelter. Anyone want to see second prize? Second prize's a complete set of Karl Marx. Third prize is you're on indefinite leave till you can see a therapist and get your ‘unemotional father’ baggage worked out . You get the picture? You're laughing now? You got leads. Mitch and Murray paid good money. Get their names to sell them! You can't close the leads you're given, and this hurts me as much as it hurts you, you can't close with astute alacrity and significant effort , you ARE in need of retraining, so hit the bricks pal and pay attention when I shout a little too loudly with more than a hint of arrogance, 'cause you are going on your first warning!

    Levene: The leads are weak.

    Blake: 'The leads are weak.' The leads are weak? You're subjective view of the leads displeases me considerably. My apologies for being so direct. I've been in this business fifteen years, so not long to be so absurdly confident, but hey, cut me some slack, komrad!

    Moss: What's your name?

    Blake: Listen attentively to me , that's my name!! You know why, Mister? 'Cause you drove a fascist Maserati to get here tonight, and I drove a twelve hundred dollar 1972 Ford, because I’m not an ostentatious competitive status-hungry yuppy with no ethics or compassion. And your name is "you're wanting due recognition for your labor." And you can't play in a responsible socialist game. You can't close or try your best to close them. And you go home and tell your wife your troubles, even though she has troubles of her own and the inflated rent payment for your disgracefully fascist capitalist landlord is due on your sadly rent-controlled apartment. Because only one thing counts in this life! Try your best to get them to sign on the line which is dotted! You hear me, you phuckin brothers in arms?!”

    The version was a little verbose and pretentious, but I liked it. Joe Manchin was there that night and walked out after the first twenty minutes…

  27. I'm not a Seth Meyers hater or anything. but some of his jokes make me want to punch him. ( I also hate puns just to clarify)

  28. "Golf is not exercise." I agree. I mean, just look at Trump.

    But watching YouTube videos is exercise, right? I hope so, because that's all the exercise I get. 🙂

  29. Here's my answer to the GOP idiots:

    "That's a Moron"

    [Sung to the tune, "That's Amore"]

  30. I couldn't watch at all this week. Basement conspiracy videos have better sound and video. Buy a 100$ camera, microphone, and light next time! I'm sure you can write it off…

  31. ademeyer says:

    Didn’t Seth already tell that tree/sapling joke on another show?

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