Biden Speaks On Afghanistan Crisis As Taliban Regains Control | NBC News

Watch live coverage as President Biden returns to the White House to deliver remarks on the state of Afghanistan and the Taliban takeover.

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LIVE: Biden Speaks On Afghanistan Crisis As Taliban Regains Control | NBC News


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32 Responses

  1. steven hays says:

    When your output exceeds your input than your upkeep becomes your downfall

  2. trailblazer King says:

    This Biden President has given the TALIBAN BILLIONS Of hi grade weapons and TANKS and wepons….and hes a COMPULSIVE liar too….

  3. trailblazer King says:

    BIDEN is not in Control he's Not even AWARE of what's happening he's just a puppet and killing America people with the inconvenience hes a ""COMPULSIVE LIAR ""…!!! AND AS FOR THIS $3.5 TRILLION DOLLARS BILL WILL NEVER GO AHEAD BECAUSE HE'S AN INCOMPETENT PERSON AND WORSENED AS PRESIDENT

  4. CHAPPIE - 130 says:

    This is all on Joe Biden

  5. CHAPPIE - 130 says:

    There will be another attack open your eyes America and that's what Joe Biden wants that was his plan all along

  6. CHAPPIE - 130 says:

    And there he's goes again turning his back and taking no questions wow

  7. CHAPPIE - 130 says:

    Joe Biden you are not our president, Trump would've done better than you

  8. CHAPPIE - 130 says:

    I can't believe that President Joe Biden is working for the Taliban and Afghanistan he should be in jail for life till he dies no food no water

  9. agusta bernaulli says:

    Terrorist detemines by the winner and losser is the terrorist. In this case America and other groups are the terrorist. Economic & Military Terrorist if you lose at the end. While Red and Blue Pil (democracy & human right) just a promotional tools. Even the reason is created. Poor American, they at where rhey are now while they have “American Idea”.

  10. C.D.C.- P.S.A. says:

    The most incompetent withdrawal in American history. You can tell due to the lack of fires from incendiary grenades that were supposed to be used to destroy American Equipment.

  11. Joela Boteng says:

    Maybe someday i show an ID with an account number and the name of the company

  12. Damir Akhmetov says:

    Dutchsinse on YouTube forcasts them. Energy travels, they are not random. He says southern California be on watch for the next 5 days. |

  13. Me says:

    I Know Joe is probably for the most part a good person. Just like all of us he has done a lot of good for his family and friends. He is not a leader…he does not have the qualities of a leader nor the speech nor the body language. He seems to be in a constant state of confusion. I seriously could do better and I don’t have a clue on how to run a country.

  14. Rungun Ruuemau says:

    Full of knowledge and wisdom. May God bless him.

  15. alec cap says:

    Poor old boy being dragged out of the old people's home. He looks confused enough let alone understanding where Afghanistan is

  16. Nathan Gred says:

    First Afghanistan
    Then Haiti
    Sleepy Joe is really good at “taking full responsibility”!!

  17. Susan Wilson says:

    The Taliban doesn’t understand “diplomacy,” Joe.

  18. R U S S I A says:

    The worst American president ever!!!!

  19. Victor Basta says:

    Looks like they figured out how to manipulate the likes/dislikes to make it look like Joe has some support. Took them a lot longer than I thought it would.

  20. vu duongtb says:

    They support eachother like criminals do.

  21. davide porcu says:

    Joe callous pinocchio biden and his imbecilic political slogan about ending ‘the forever wars’ is expaning the war making jihadist thugs stronger, afghan women and men suffering.. usa an untrusted ally..

  22. Allyson Noble says:

    Of course you will support funds for Afghanistan people but what about the American people will you stand up for them and give them funds when they needed in time of Crisis that time is now mr. President

  23. Aaron Bell says:

    Hey Dummy, it is not that we left, it's the lousy way your incompetent administration went about it. One thing is for sure, you're just another raunchy politician.

  24. Pamela Armas says:

    How many wars he got.going ? Open borders….etc…huh.

  25. Pamela Armas says:

    Who can believe all that? HaHa HA..

  26. Pamela Armas says:

    Yah….he remembers alit in this video…you notice that,? He doesn't have dimentia…only when he wants to..

  27. Cipher TheDemonLord says:

    Illegitimate administration

  28. Godie Fackyouguy says:

    Impeach Biden

  29. Driftless 1 says:

    Afghanistan would not allow access to its rare earth mineral resources, wanted desperately by China, Russia and the US. The Taliban would, but couldn't take them without more resources. THAT is why the administration left so many weapons and are now in negotiations with the Taliban (for THOSE resources). This is the real story. Follow the money.

  30. janie krig says:

    That's Jo for ya' doing what he does best, lie.

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