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In this video, we discuss Social Security, SSDI and SSI benefits Including a Raise/Increase to Monthly Benefits. This is something very important right now as millions of Americans are receiving Social Security, SSDI, SSI and VA benefits and proposals and bills on the table right now for Congress to raise these benefits up to 100% of the federal poverty line or even higher. This is something that is so incredibly Portland during this time while prices continue to rise in the purchasing power of the dollars received by these millions of beneficiaries continues to deplete. We need to raise Social Security, raise SSDI, Raise Ssi Benefits for tens of millions of beneficiaries who are receiving below the poverty line. In this video, we discuss a document that we are sending to Congress requesting them to move forward immediately with two proposals that are currently on the table, Social Security 2100 and the SSI Restoration Ave to Raise Benefits for tens of millions of beneficiaries to a minimum of 100% of the federal poverty line. We need to increase Social Security benefits, increase SSDI benefits, increase SSI benefits.

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23 Responses

  1. Steve G says:

    Nov 15 all ready went by no stimulus.

  2. Steve G says:

    Biden needs to resign.

  3. Steve G says:

    No stimulus money for

  4. Steve G says:

    No stimulus money for

  5. Vickie Purk says:

    If the money's in the bank who's getting it sure isn't the people that need it

  6. David Nichol says:

    They give tax breaks to people who have thousands of dollars, even hundreds of thousands of dollar's… They have houses, extra cars, boats, jewlery, art, fine furniture… They have many thing's they can sell… The seniors have paid into the system the longest, this is our money they are throwing around to people who don't need it… We only need a small ammount of it compared to what they are throwing around… They are trying to break social security, that's why biden and pelosi are faking dementia..
    To try and not be held accountable for doing a bill clinton on the nation.
    To disgrace the office and blame it on the democrats…. These are not democrats in the whitehouse.

  7. Jackie Fidld says:

    Another lie

  8. Rosemary Parker says:


  9. DENNIS HIGHT says:


  10. Sharon Walker says:

    We seniors elderly need $2,000 dollar a month stimulus plus $279.00 dollar extra ssi ssdi rrb rsdi ssa va disability insurance fixincome

  11. Charles Rogers says:

    The government of America have a very serious human rights issue.

  12. Frank Shaw says:

    No Pennsylvania should

  13. Jay Lee says:

    What About Us Seniors 55 Year's And Older. We Built This Country Not These Lazy Ass Millennials. The Government Payed Them To Stay Home. What About The People That Are On SSI SSDI, Disability, ECT. They Were Getting Paid To Stay Home. What About The Seniors That Want To Work But Can't. We Should Be Getting Some Stimulus Checks Ourselves. Theses Are Younger People That Can Work. There Just Lazy Asses. Give The Seniors A Break. Give Us Stimulus Checks For A Year So We Don't Have To Struggle To Buy Food, Medicine, Doctor Co-pays And People We Have To Pay To Look After Us Because A Life Changing Event Happened In Our Lives.

  14. Sue Collums says:

    Not all seniors can get the flex card they should help us all

  15. Julie Render says:

    all states need stimulas checks!!!!!!!!!!!!! no we need checks

  16. Earl Arnold says:

    Family's dont need all that money we raised our kids with out it

  17. Wolfster Descalo says:

    FIRE EVERY ELECTED OFFICIAL ON THE HILL. Two Term Limits… End All Lifetime Self Awarded Benefits. Justify Wealth before and after Serving the public.

  18. Michelle Alford says:

    Lol there's no $$ in any account

  19. Sharon Day says:

    Talk again no go!!!!!!!!!

  20. Brenda Passmore says:

    Is Oregon getting stimulus checks for SS, etc?

  21. Jackie Stevenson says:

    What about the ones that have direct Express card

  22. Irma Garza says:

    How about Texas-are we getting one

  23. Linda Nelson says:

    We need the money now

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