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13 Responses

  1. Nay Watkins says:

    This guy is too funny but he surely is a genius. I love his energy!

  2. libra queen says:

    I love Brandon’s information but his energy is even better!

  3. Dark Magician says:

    1:491:59 Lol that's hilarious

  4. Ryan Nelson says:

    haha aaayeee yeahh boiii

  5. James Golden says:

    “I saveess” lol that was funny

  6. CallMe ChickenBee says:

    I literally just found your channel and I'm so addicted to your videos. I seriously love your energy Brandon!! This is awesome. I'm going to share your videos with some other people. <3 Stay blessed by the best.

  7. Coach Mandy Amelia says:

    Credit repair church!! Lol.

  8. Andre McCollough says:

    What if they complete the investigation prior to 30 days. Do I have to wait to 30 day mark

  9. AngieB says:

    Can you at least be a little more excited about what you do! Lmbo!!!

  10. Nia Ashley says:

    Lol yes Brandon they trying to lock up us .Its stressful!!! Locked up they won't let me out lol

  11. Nia Ashley says:

    Lol i was sad today but this is making me laugh lol credit repair o clock

  12. Kayana Sutherland says:

    Brandon, I am getting ready to send out my first round of letters but my drivers license have my old address on it should I change my address on my license before I send out my letters? PLEASE HELP


  13. Shanika Turnbull says:

    Such great energy he’s awesome

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