Best Dispute Letter Formula to Remove Accounts From Credit Reports

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This video breaks down the BulletProof Dispute Letter Strategy to show you the formula that I use to remove all kinds of negative accounts from a credit report including collections, charge-offs, late payments, bankruptcies, judgments, tax liens, etc. Head to to learn to do factual based disputes or to to schedule a call to see if a credit sweep would be the best for you.


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Video notes:
Hey guys, so welcome to another
Whiteboard Video, this one’s going to be a short one, but
very, very important. All right, so I actually created a
whiteboard version of a generator that we’re going to go
over in a second. But I did this to show you the formula, I don’t
care what you plug into it, you are always going to get the same
result because it is the same formula. Alright, you’re going
to get an action, a justifier, and a reason. And then there is
your creditor account number and dispute reason very simply put
it onto your dispute letter. Okay. It’s exactly like the
dispute reason generator that she would just be using
generator that I made. Alright, so I actually gave you a, a
couple different things that you could do with a student loan,
right? This is based off the fact that there are so many
people in the comments in on texting, email and everywhere
saying that they have student loan issues. Okay. So basically,
we’re going with the payment history first. So you have to
know what you’re looking for, obviously, to be able to dispute
it, right. So let’s say that you have everything paid on time,
except for a 90 day late payment. So let me ask you this,
what are you going to do to remove this 90 day late payment,
we’re not removing the account, just the late payment? Well, you
could start with the fact that there are no late payments prior
to this. So obviously, if there are no late payments prior to
this, and that means that this 90 day late payment is
inaccurate. Okay? So your very simple dispute reason could say,
remove this 90 day late payment, because there are no prior late
payments, which means that that count cannot be 90 days late
without 30 or 60 days. Right. Now, unfortunately, the truth
behind it is that they update every 90 days, and therefore, it
can show that you were on time on time, late 90 days. All
right. But for credit reporting purposes, it just doesn’t work
out because it shows that you were paid on time when you in
fact we’re not if that’s a 90 day late payment, right? So all
you have to do is just think about that logically, and it’s
going to give you a dispute reason. Now, let’s look at this
differently. What if more remove the same account, but it’s
charged off were transferred. Okay. So this is the late
payment history that we are looking at in this scenario.
Okay. So it’s no issue it was charged off, charge off, charge
off, charge off 180 days, 120 days. 9090 9060 30. Okay, okay.
30. So in this one, we are wanting to remove that count,
because there’s nothing that you could do with the chart, if you
can’t update it. It’s done. It’s finito.

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