Best credit sweep dispute method: 609, VOD or factual?

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Head to for more info! What dispute method’s the best to use for a credit sweep? A 609? VOD (validation of debt)? Or factual dispute? I’ve simply explained the differences between them and their uses for your credit sweep or credit repair, as well as why you wouldn’t want to use them.

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11 Responses

  1. Expert Credit Sweeps says:

    View the most recent videos at – I've shared over 350 of them with you! Get faster results, higher credit scores and an overall shorter dispute duration simply by following my formulas. If you need help with your dispute letters, you can also submit your letter for help with the new series at

  2. Venture with Bela Mystics & Crafts says:

    hi!!! i just started watching your videos your so amazing!!! I need help. Im working on a dispute that's in collections i received the correspondence letters and the status on transunion saying that its been verified and account status is open the date opened 02/08/2017. mean while it got deleted in experian and the account status for equifax is closed due to consumer dispute and the open date stating its 02/01/2017 there's no Date of last activity showing on the reports either. the balance owed and high balance are the only thing that matches. what do you suggest would be the next move. This is the first time I have come across this

  3. Holloway Jrock says:

    What to use on verizon

  4. MIKE says:

    WHERE CAN I find a example of a validation of debt letter that I could use to start my repair of my credit ? you say on some of your videos NOT to hand write a letter well it would seem to me that whats what any normal person would do .are you telling us we MUST USE A PRINTER to type up these letters because they wont be taken seriously ,I may be wrong but I don't think everyone has a printer in their home my wife  works from home and we don't have one …can u clarify which method I need to use to get my letters looked at and not just discarded ..thank u for all the great videos they help but don't answer all my questions,,, mike shelton

  5. Taron says:

    I sent a validation letter to a collection agency (AFNI) and they removed the account from my report. Months later they sent me the validation in the mail but the collection is still off my reports. Should I call them to pay it so it doesn’t reappear on my credit report

  6. Azalee Walker says:

    Thanks for sharing. Please keep the information coming; everyone needs to hear this information.

  7. Azalee Walker says:

    Also why do some people think Thant credit repair is a scam?

  8. Azalee Walker says:

    If one was interested in becoming a certified;where would they get the education?

  9. Taron says:

    What about child support that is reporting as a trade line and does not have the delinquency/last payment date on two bureaus? It was reporting on TransUnion and it fell off, but the other two do not show a delinquency/last payment date, only the open date. I have prof of the last payment date which is April 201

  10. Taylor says:

    great info. thanks Kristin. i basically did everything you said not to do lol. craziness

  11. MelaninKay*GirlBoss says:

    Would 609 be used if the credit card company sold the account to a collection company and now they are trying to get you to pay them

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