Best Business Credit Cards – Business Credit 2019

Looking for the best business credit cards for your business? In this video you will learn how to get business credit cards with the highest credit limits possible that only report to the business credit reporting agencies.

This dividing line between personal and business credit cards must be established at the credit reporting level in order to legitimize true personal and business credit separation. The best business credit cards should only report to the business credit agencies.

Although there are over 500 business credit cards in the marketplace less than 100 report to the business credit reporting agencies. The best type of business credit card is one that enables you to separate your personal and business credit. This not only helps you establish a credit identity for your business but also protects your personal credit.

In order to obtain business credit cards, it’s important to structure your business as a corporation or limited liability company if your aim is to establish a business credit file. Your company’s EIN will be used to identify your business and create your business credit report.

While there are many types of business credit cards that may be best for your business whether your goal is for cash back rewards, sign-up bonuses, travel rewards, etc. Our funding program is designed to get you 4-5 of the best business credit cards that carry the highest credit limits with 0% APR on purchases for 6-15 months and report only to business credit agencies such as Experian Commercial.

The best part of applying for business credit cards is requirements. No collateral, no income docs, no financials, no tax returns, no business age requirement, no location requirements and no restriction on the use of funds.

Business credit cards are the best and easiest type of funding to acquire as a startup and existing business. The banks under this program do require a personal credit check and factors that play a major role in qualifying are personal credit scores, payment history, primary accounts, credit utilization and inquiries to name a few.

For more details on how to start the pre-qualification process for business credit card funding check out the following websites below.


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  1. Sharee Hendrix says:


  2. Loo capa says:

    I have one rental property. What type of business should I be labeled as…..and how can I start this system

  3. Contemporary Living says:

    Can my wife and I apply for a personal line of credit together and get pre-qualified?

  4. All in One Consulting says:

    Thank you for informative video. I recently applied for 2 personal CCs. Will it affect my approval odds for business CCs?

  5. Sunny Miami says:

    I have a question for you what would you recommend for me I just started a eBay vintage reselling business 7 months ago and have it as a sole proprietor as of now. I’m really wanting to scale up for Q4 of 2019 for buying inventory. Can you get me business credit card funding as a sole proprietor? Also the business credit cards that require a PG, when I use them the utilization on those cards do not affect my personal credit utilization do they?

  6. Charles Williams says:

    Are credit karma scores the correct score for my credit scores? Or are they higher or lower than my actual score…? Are you able to use them for your program…?Also what is my fico score used for….?

  7. MadeInUSA Reviews says:

    I am really wanting to start a business but I don’t know where to start. I am also thinking about going through LegalZoom to get setup. Any advice?
    Thank you

  8. TBMamba24 says:

    Would a store card count as a credit card? I have a $20,000 store card but it is not a visa.

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