Beatrix Is Back From Rehab | Kingdom S1 Ep1 | Dead Parrot

In the quaint Norfolk town of Market Shipborough, Peter Kingdom runs a law practice with his reliable secretary, Gloria, and an apprentice from London, Lyle. His life is slowly returning to normal following the disappearance of his brother at sea six months earlier, but then his sister returns to town, fresh from rehab.

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21 Responses

  1. Carolle Enkelmann says:

    Oh, what a sacrifice. Cleaning out the model train setup. – for his sister. That shows a truly noble spirit and a kind heart.

  2. fringedweller mccatintyre says:

    3:13 – My heart, my heart.

  3. Caroline Barnes says:

    The one thing that spoils this for me is the horrid sister. I don't believe anyone would put up with such psychopathic behaviour.

  4. Sunshine says:

    Kingdom: Meanwhile, you were the one who is left to pick up the pieces, eh?
    Mark: That's what I do. There's one like me in every family, eh Mr. Kingdom?
    So sweet. I love the fact that the main character is simply nice and wishes to help other people through life – because he can. Would that we had more people like this in the world.

  5. Debra Winchell says:

    This is one of my favorite series!

  6. Doris Whittemoore says:

    My kind of intertainment,thank you

  7. Nick Wyatt says:

    Lovely seeing this again, many thanks for the posting. It's a shame I can't bear Hermione Norris (Beatrice). But I hear she speaks very highly of me…

  8. Rebecca MA says:

    I think the biggest shame is they stopped commissioning this show before the story could come to an end. The whole thing finished on a rather cliffhanger type ending and it's such a shame not to be able to know the end of the story. I guess that's how life is, you overhead a conversation on the bus but have to get off at your stop before the conversation ended, and you wonder what you've missed. This show always evoke a sense of regret for me

  9. Hook Beak says:

    Nice to find some intelligently written drama. Anything starring Stephen Fry (also Executive Producer) will never disappoint the appropriate viewer. "Damien Larson" (brother) played by actor Neil Stuke also played the reclusive landlord in Game On in 1995. "Gloria Millington" is "Peter Kingdoms" legal sectary played by actress Celia Imrie known to so many tv/film characters, but especially her role in Calendar Girls in 2003. She still has a beautiful figure.

  10. Hook Beak says:

    Peter Kingdom: "Pop quiz order of distribution of estates: MORTGAGES FIRST; THEN FUNERAL & SOLICITOR EXPENSES; THEN INLAND REVENUE/CUSTOMERS & EXCISE; OTHER BILLS & SERVICES CAN BE PRESENTED; SPECIFIC LEGACIES WITH THE WILL; THEN FINALLY THE TWO BROTHERS" in the story would receive their share. Worth remembering in the future to anyone reading this comment.

  11. VAngie says:

    So enjoyed this! Thank you. Just frustrated as i can't find anymore season 1s??
    If i subscribe will i have access???

  12. General Public says:

    Watched this before and enjoyed it, a while ago now. I think I recognize Swaffham. Anyone know what make of car that is?

  13. grin says:

    Oh, I loved this show! Never thought I'd see it again. Thanks for this!

  14. BillieJolene1 says:

    I just found this channel. And I SO SUBSCRIBED!!!!! Now could I ask a favor? Could you upload Absolute Power with Stephen Fry AND Class Act starring Joanna Lumley? PLEASE!!!!! Seriously, those were great shows!!!! Can't find them anywhere!

  15. carol King says:


  16. Patrick Mcelligott says:


  17. ian_outis says:

    Did his brother disappear yesterday coz that's the only way that phone still had charge.

  18. Ann Irvine Taylor says:

    Thank you loved it first time round

  19. Beth Le poidevin says:

    Is there anymore of this series to come

  20. catsinhouse says:

    What a shame it ended so abruptly. This was an excellent series.

  21. Mike Mann says:

    FANTASTIC. Thank you SO much for this. Sensational cast, writing, acting and production. Who could not be in love with Hermione, Celia & the ever brilliant Stephen. PLEASE tell us you will upload the entire three series?

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