bankruptcy removal from credit report/how long did it take #creditrepairresults #gizzycredit

bankruptcy removal from credit report/how long did it take #creditrepairresults #gizzycredit
Take a look at these credit repair results for this customer in Chicago IL, who started back July 2020 and we are finally done with removing her last negative which is her #bankruptcy. I know many of you have seen our other video: FAST CREDIT REPAIR RESULTS

Bankruptcy Removed 2020, Repo Removed 2020, Student Loan Removals in 2020, IN 1ST ROUND #gizzycredit

784 Credit Scores in 30 days/Bankruptcy Removal in 30 days from Equifax Report #gizzycredit

Hawaii FAST Credit Repair results, Bankruptcy Removal in 30 days from Equifax report #gizzycredit

Just to name a few videos, you can take a look at my channel and scroll down for some more fast credit repair results on all 3 bureaus.

I always tell people who want fast results that credit repair is a process service and yes, while one bureau may remove everything fast, the other 2 may take time to remove. Remember, equifax and transunion and experian work similarly but at the same time give you different results. I’ve never seen all 3 bureaus done in 1 time, it’s always 1 gets done 1st, then the 2nd and then the 3rd and it’s all a process for everything to be removed. So please, be patient with the process if you are thinking of starting with us or with any other credit repair company.

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We have been giving credit repair results since 2009, we are celebrating 12yrs of doing credit repair and helping people with their credit life helping them obtain Car Loans, Credit Cards, Mortgage Loans and Business Loans, if you need any help with anything having to do with your credit, we may be able to assist. We are a source for a lot of people who are looking for real estate services like Realtor, Hard Money Loan, Short Sales/Loan Modifications or Business Loans!


I always tell people, you never know what results you will get. We never know if we will be able to remove everything or a couple of negatives but sometimes, we are able to remove everything and get these awesome results. This may happen to not only Experian but Also Equifax and Transunion. You dont actually know until you dispute the negatives.

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