Awesome Hardware #0139-A: Coffee Lake H, Sketchy NVIDIA "Ampere" Rumors & Twitch Bans Hate

Awesome Hardware #0139-A: Coffee Lake H, Sketchy NVIDIA “Ampere” Rumors & Twitch Bans Hate
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1.) NEWS
Leaked Intel Core i7 Coffee Lake H CPU Benchmark – 35% Uplift Over Previous Gen

Huawei got people to write fake reviews for an unreleased phone
RUMOR: NVIDIA Ampere GA104 GPU Powering ‘GeForce GTX 2080’ and ‘GeForce GTX 2070’ Launching In April

Turns out the Equifax hack was even worse than we thought

Twitch to ban users for ‘hate’ on other platforms

Early 2400G Review by Son of a Tech

Was it OK for Son of a Tech to post pre-embargo content about the Ryzen 5 2400G?

YouTube will remove ads and downgrade discoverability of channels posting offensive videos

What profession should Paul & Kyle study up on to fall back on when their channels are downgraded?


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49 Responses

  1. rabooey says:

    LOL advertisers have a problem with tits? Really? Since when? They've been using them to sell us every goddamn thing under the sun since television was invented. I'm getting to tired of this very thinly veiled control mechanism that now not only exists on every single platform, but is threading them all together one by one. What a fucking ridiculous world we live in.

  2. Troy Hensley says:

    “The Butt Police.” -Kyle, 2018

  3. Joel Robe says:

    Additional Timestamp
    20:32 WifySauce turns off monitor

  4. HR Leaders says:

    Can you guys please let me know what software you use to produce and push out the Livestream? Is is Xsplit, OBS or something else? Thanks in advance.

  5. RighteousBruce says:

    Assistant to the regional Manager LOL just after i think of that Office Reference below lolol

  6. RighteousBruce says:

    its all very tasteful. like car dealership opening. Michael Scott.

  7. Matti Mulari says:

    Good man Paul. You actually put the link in the description.

  8. XLionHeartUKX says:

    27:00 No this is not good. this is censoring of freedom of speech !!!!!!!!!

  9. Harles Bently says:

    Lol i love how paul said his stuff. Very obvious he has no issue with this review done. He tries very hard to be sarcastic but he just cant do it right but its so charming and cute.

  10. SB SB says:

    You know if it's 2080 the next year there will be a 2160 😉

  11. Simon Spencer says:

    1) Geforce 2070/2080 sounds like Total Recall to me – a nice dream, until you wake up and realise how much trouble you're in. I think Geforce T70/T80 might be better if they go with "Turing" as its architecture name.

    2) Changes to Twitch etiquette rules = about time.

    3) I would be really angry if another user had told me I couldn't post a review about a product, after buying the item with my own money. When a manufacturer sends you a sample for free, you have most likely signed a written agreement… but if you have bought it yourself, you are under no obligation to stay quiet. That's why its called freedom of speech.

  12. musician445 says:

    I like the sample Bitwit shirt Kyle. I would buy.

  13. Adam Dickinson says:

    Hey Paul and Kyle with these industry prices if they stay so high you're going to probably have to change the name of the show from awesome Hardware to not so awesome Hardware

  14. Alpha Artax says:

    paul you are so ugly

  15. taipeitaiwan10 says:

    If he didn't sign an embargo and got a sample…he can do as he pleases. Stop hating on people that don't advertise like u.

  16. taipeitaiwan10 says:

    @20:33 Wifey got Sauce.

  17. Josh Hust says:

    3:07 it smooths out. you're welcome

  18. Killacamfoo O.G. says:

    26:20 Twitch bans hate
    You mean Twitch goes full SJW and bans anyone on the right. Get the fuck out.

  19. Shintaru17 Oue says:

    Son of a tech missed a golden opportunity, he could start a good relationship with amd or exchange the cpu for a favor. IE: get shipped with a review sample of ryzen 2 later in exchange for not publishing the apu review video ahead of the embargo.

  20. MrCrazyLovingGuy says:

    Volta = Volts Ampere = Amps…this is all a big troll

  21. fallshimjager1 says:

    I'm sorry but I can't agree with Paul here, you are saying that someome who pays for a product should respect the person who gets it for free with all the gear and drivers to test?
    It's like saying that I can not post a good overclocking guide of the new APUs until all the "community" post their guides.
    He got it early, he paid for it, he can do whatever he wants with it.

  22. Buff Barnaby says:

    Amped for Ampere

  23. gr33nbits says:

    You guys can't bash someone from buying something and posting content, he is a reviewer and youtuber and that is a different thing cause of the embargos but he didn't got a free sample or a review sample, i think Amazon and AMD need to figure this stuff out before hand, saying like Paul did "you should respect the people that get's free stuff" lol that's a joke right? i mean imagine you go buy something and then have to wait cause the "Reviewers" have embargo on their free stuff, you guys are a joke even to mention him i mean could be me or you reading this lines that bought something and made content for youtube and then the "Community" is mad at you. PS: To be honest i don't even like his content but that's a different story.

  24. lordtartarsauce b says:

    See my other comment befpre you try to make ypurself look smart.

  25. FriedEgg says:

    You can tell you've fractured your ribs by the time it takes for them to heal. If you get a sharp pain while laughing, coughing, sneezing, twisting for more than about 3 weeks then you have a fracture. I've broken bones by elbowing myself in the ribs while snowboarding 3 times. Also it can cause costochondritis which is pain in the rib cartilage, in this case casued by the broken ribs getting slightly longer when they heal. Also my shoulder keeps dislocating so I gave up snowboarding 🙁

  26. inthere2it says:

    I liked wifeysauce's intervention there, very attractive lol.

  27. Mihail-Dragos Craciun says:

    They should call it Geforce 2160!

  28. NSTY Sledge Gaming says:

    You had me checking my task manager

  29. theoldone22 says:

    If there is an "Ampere" it's likely just Volta without Tensor cores

  30. ClayDog says:

    Kyle has a pot card…smoke up

  31. a36538 says:

    lol i just sub'd to Son of Tech! thanks for the info! you guys are shills and are in it for yourselves. Like you said he bought it with his own money, and isn't getting this for free. Don't hate the player, hate the game.

  32. Tanner Clark says:

    confirmed. kyle is immortal

  33. lordtartarsauce b says:

    If Paul you were for the sake of argument taking the opposite position of what you believe I admire and encourage your enthusiasm and commitment to the discussion

  34. lordtartarsauce b says:

    It's just a bunch of bigger channels getting butt hurt about someone being able to take advantage of a situation. Every single one of these people would have done the same damn thing if they were in his shoes. I would definitely have gone out with my content early. Speaking of the community you'll want to get the content out as fast as possible for the consumers of the devices and the content consumers. Argument to the contrary are loads of bullshit Paul. You got beat. Let It Go.

  35. Hugsy Malone says:

    I love how one random German site makes up a gpu name and people are like, Yep amper is coming. What I like even more is that someone else thought they would have a go and made up Turing GPUs. Let's just remember that the only thing Nvidia has said so far is Volta, whether that pans out or not, that's all we've actually got.

  36. TheBerserkHealer says:

    hardcore pawn?

  37. attack says:

    If you buy something, you should have no problems using it however you want. If you pay 2000$ for a cpy, you can stick it up your ass for all I care. It is wrong for companies to try and tell you what to do…

  38. MarcasswellbMD says:

    I don't believe Kyle's story at all!!! He was drunk more than Likely and got F'ed up trying to make his Girl friend laugh.. AND she probably did.. Bones protruding out of your skin don't just auto correct themselves, Like auto over clocking, dude you had a bruise… LOL.. and SMFH… Is it Nitwit or Bitwit??

  39. MarcasswellbMD says:

    I would love to see the Video of Drunkin Kyle Face Planting.. That would be awesome to see his facial expressions as he's face planting..

  40. NahXirok says:

    I agree on the Son of a Tech subject that he can do as he pleases without a contract and that Amazon is essentially to blame. BUT… It may be a good idea not to as he may not always get those products early. And to be in the know, it would be in his best interest to keep the companies that make them happy.

  41. lostinthefogofwar says:

    Assassins need accounts to.

  42. CannedLife says:

    lol mando windows update.

  43. King Zombiemon says:

    It's not stutter, it's a "cinematic experience"

  44. wing0zero says:

    Like a XMan with them bone healing powers!!

  45. l0unny says:

    YOU ARE WRONG PAUL "Yes! He paid for the CPU, he can do what he wants with it"

  46. Georg F says:

    After 980 and 1080 the next logical step is 1180. Just go away with 2080. It's a dumb name.

  47. Igor Neumann says:

    The move towards political correctness on social media is a potential threat to free speech and democracy. Nobody would find it acceptable to be discriminated based on political views IRL as long as one abide to the law. The political establishment and the judicial system must understand that the interest for society of preserving a neutral internet is of a far greater concern than the interest of some particular advertisers.

  48. Bloodstainer says:

    But he bought those stuff, he wasn't included in your circle of stuff. Why should he respect it if he want included?

  49. rzkruspe says:


    6:48 Store
    8:49 Coffe Lake H leaks
    12:52 Huawei fake Mate 10 Pro reviews
    15:45 Nvidia Ampere GPUs rumor
    22:33 Equifax deserve their #1 most hated company award
    26:20 Twitch bans hate
    32:12 Swordsfight – Are we cool with this R5 2400G review posted pre-embargo ?
    44:00 Youtube reinforce their ToS
    45:52 Kyle & Paul are therefore screwed – Strawpoll
    52:48 Q&A and Johnsons !

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