Avoid these 5 Mistakes when Fixing your Credit ⛔️ (Those Traps can Hurt your Score!)

If you want to have credit repair success this year, you’ve got to be careful. But don’t worry. I’ve got your back!

In this video, I share 5 things to avoid with fixing your credit that a lot of people tend to make that hurt their Credit Repair Success.

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Jason White provides information on credit repair, credit building, and financial betterment.

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7 Responses

  1. Keeya Thomas says:

    Just spend 30 minutes on the phone with capital One with money in hand ready to pay. They came to the phone and the department I needed to speak to was closed! You saved me. Just paid for my trial!

  2. always A.World says:

    How do I get a paid collection off my credit?

  3. Nathan Evans says:

    Great video as usual

  4. Justice Terry says:

    Is it possible to negotiate with a company to “pay and delete” after you’ve already settled the account by paying less of the balance?

  5. Nate J says:

    check email Mr Jay

  6. The heart hugger says:

    Best news I have heard this 2020. Thank you!!!

  7. Jason White says:

    Join my Free Credit Masterclass here: https://pxlme.me/0t_qdp4H
    Get full access for to my courses for $1 14-day trial here: https://pxlme.me/O-TF4O8-

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