ARMY OF THE DEAD Ending Explained & Details You Missed!

In this video we explain, review, and breakdown the ending to Zack Snyder and Netflix’s ARMY OF THE DEAD including connections to the Snyderverse.

Home Alone and the Heroes Journey:
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32 Responses

  1. Sonny Chavez says:

    Chambers should have mentioned to Guzman about Martin before she was killed instead of saying go

  2. FBI.437 says:

    I noticed that some of the alpha zombies that died (In the casino raid) spewed out robotic and blue parts.

  3. Blank Space says:

    She was NOT his daughter….the movie was pretty explicit about that plot point.

  4. Mason Hughes says:

    What about the robot zombie with glowing blue eyes?

  5. Michael Villanueva says:

    i already watch rnow and I'm so confused in the story it's so crazy HHAHAHAAHA

  6. Joseph Blazo says:

    Wait were they in Atlantic City new jeresy? Edit: THEY WERE IN F**KING JERESY

  7. Pinoy Tunes says:

    I hate it that despite the limited time, they still managed to put a lot of drama in the middle of a heist.
    I mean, yeah, they have issues or whatever, but can they just hurry up and talk all about it AFTER when they are outside and not in danger of dying any moment?

  8. Pinoy Tunes says:

    The smartest person was Guzman's friend who backed out right from the start/ LOL

  9. Oretha Witcher says:

    Kate really got on my nerves throughout the entire movie causing people to get killed always running off

  10. Samuel Lewis says:

    I was glad that he survived the nuke as well and gutted to see the bite wound.

  11. The Kingdom says:

    Is no one gonna ask about the two zombies with glowing blue eyes and the cyborg zombie that got shot by guzman as he dies?

  12. Michael Stoyles says:

    Hahaha just ice league hahahah

  13. Umi ZoomR says:

    What about the weird exo-skeleton when a few zombies get shot in their head? Bulletsparks and all

  14. Vanyr says:

    I think this is the worst movie I've ever seen in my entire life

  15. deselis says:

    Did anyone else notice how the one girl hanging out with Guzman at the beginning was dressed up like Vasquez from Aliens? And tried to act like her, and died to a mob while exploding like her…. during a hibernating zombie scene that was surprisingly similar to the nurse scene in the first Silent Hill movie….. Just saying, this movie is full of rip offs. Plus I kept hoping the zombies would eat Kate. That would have been fantastic, she's really irritating.

  16. Marlene Chavez says:

    I loved this movie .. it was very entertaining!! Although Kate dying instead of Scott would've made the movie better!!

  17. Aaron Humbert says:

    What I thought was interesting was when he was talking about that time loop if you look at those people who have failed one had a key on their necklace the same as the lady

  18. Crash Tv says:

    Actual the vault music is from the 1981 Excalibur

  19. Thomas Schuster says:

    Such an underrated zomb movie

  20. cards676 says:

    This movie was not good. Unfortunately

  21. Mexie Mex says:

    I was really interested in this until I found out Tig Notaro was in it. from the reviewes I've seen, good job I didn't bother with it LOL

  22. xero xtreme says:

    the guy who left the team made the smart move. i thought his car will explode or tanaka's men shot him by sniper

  23. Murdermagictricks says:

    So a few comments. The comment made about Las Vegas not being apart of the United States anymore was basically to suggest that it was a Border Town at the point of no return and because it's beyond the control of the United States the United States government isn't responsible for what happens to the people in that area because they are not US citizens if you note everyone it seemed within that help wear white Hispanics. I would assume white Hispanics from Mexico or further south into South America. I assume they made the coyote a woman to avoid a stereotype but they obviously were hinting at the fact that these people are not English-speaking or American per se. Another huge pothole that I didn't or couldn't get around was the fact that so if the alphas are zombies do they actually eat people we never actually feed them eat people per se in the movie they just kind of running around being menacing but if there were no living human beings left within the quarantine Zone then how are they all alive? I mean technically they are all dead but isn't the whole point is zombies to eat people? So I did find it weird that they allowed people to come into their territory and then leave without eating them unless you offered an offering which we see in the film that they actually don't eat the offering they just turn them into more Alphas so I'm still not certain what exactly that means I guess technically they're just a different species but it does appear that they are all still dead because if that was the case wouldn't they all be able to procreate procreate? I also think that it was weird that the alpha kept three women and it didn't seem like he was going to eat them it seemed like he was going to turn them as well and I'm assuming use them as I guess wet nurses or possible other mates. Cuz that part also like didn't necessarily make sense as to why he kept those women alive so. And also my biggest pet peeves is when the alpha leaves and takes his entire horde to go find the crew at the casino he literally leaves those women unprotected and in a room that's not even locked so they easily could have just escaped on their own and then the characters in the end wouldn't have had to die because they wouldn't have had to go back for them. I feel like the number one rule of being kidnapped is if you are left alone the first thing you do is try to run for safety and these women just sat in the room until the alpha came back and then he ended up I guess killing them

  24. Gary Ugarek says:

    Why has no one pointed out Zeus being a direct connection to 300???

    The helmet, the cape.

    Come on people.!!

  25. G J says:

    The mask really reminds me of Lotr, with the helmet that orks and other creators use to perfect themselves

  26. some random guy says:

    The movie was Ok imo. Nothing outstanding besides the cinematography, action scenes, the zombie kingdom concept and the gore.

  27. Ονειροπόλος says:

    There's nothing to be explained in this movie. It's sucks in a lot of ways.

  28. Santiago Rodriguez Guillen says:

    I like the touch of the border. Politics are always good to dislike any shitty movie democrats are traying to move forward lol

  29. Irene Low says:

    I wanted to do a thumbs up and down. The daughter should’ve died damnit!! Zombie flicks are never what you think it’s gonna be. There’s always some BS twist at the end to leave you wondering if there’s a part 2

  30. Cosmo Kramer says:

    While I didn't like the Kate character at all, Martin was the one responsible for getting most of the team killed because of his ulterior motive.

  31. Will Rueb says:

    "I liked it more than dawn of the dead" & "recasting a lesbian to give a random comedian the f you" convinced me to unsub. I'm not here for that dimwitted or political shit.

  32. Xarren Gorre says:

    So Vanderhoe is the new alpha zombie?awww…imdb why you rated it 5.8/10. I knew it ,cause you killed Chambers too early.Sucks

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